UNDER THE DOME Debuts to Impressive 13.1 Million Viewers for Most Watched Summer Debut Since 2007

     June 25, 2013


CBS’ TV series adaptation of the Stephen King novel Under the Dome scored some impressive ratings for its series debut last night (read Allison’s recap here).  The show garnered a 3.2 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, bringing in a whopping 13.1 million total viewers.  That makes it the most watched summer debut since 2007’s The Singing Bee, and CBS’ most watched summer debut since 2000’s Big Brother, which scored a now-rare 22.3 million viewers.  Despite some corniness here and there, the pilot episode proved rather promising by teasing fascinating characters and a very intriguing mythology angle.

Though many disappointing Lost copycats have come and gone over the years, Under the Dome has Y: The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan spearheading the ship alongside showrunner Neal Baer, which bodes well for the future of the series.  We’ll see how much of the first-look audience is retained for the show’s second episode next week, but Under the Dome has certainly gotten off to a solid start.  If you missed our recent interview with Vaughan and Baer about the future of the series going forward, click here.

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    dont know if this is a local issue or what, but last night’s pilot seemed to have been plagued with more and longer commercial breaks than usual. Seemed like it was 5 mins of show and then 10 mins of commercials. It got so bad I would loose track of what had happened after each long break. I guess I will start to look for the show on-line, like I did with Falling Skies.

  • Joseph M

    I can’t take this (no doubt great) show seriously because of the Simpson’s Movie.

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