UNDER THE DOME Series Creator Brian K. Vaughan Exits to Return to Graphic Novel Roots

     June 10, 2014


The residents of Chester’s Mill may still be trapped Under the Dome in season two, but creator Brian K. Vaughan has managed to escape.  That news is a bit surprising given that Vaughan was originally handpicked by Steven Spielberg to adapt Stephen King’s novel for the show back when it was being set up for Showtime; when CBS picked it up, Neal Baer came on board as showrunner.  Vaughan’s decision to exit is reported as being an amicable one, with his reasons being to spend more time with his family and to focus on his passion for graphic novels.  Under the Dome fans need not worry about continuity however, as he went through the second season’s arc with Baer before departing.  (Via THR)

  • SombreroMacReady

    Thanks be to the old gods and the new. What a waste of his talents.

  • Dan

    Good, Saga is still far too short.

  • Mary

    Well, it kind of squandered its premise with bad child acting, ridiculous citizens, a villain that is one note, mythology that is convoluted and boring as fuck, and the fact that CBS forced the showrunners to make it a series versus miniseries, so they had to pull plotlines out of their asses.

    The show is just plain bad, so I watched it as a guilty pleasure.

    • Guy

      I couldn’t agree more. It was a struggle to get through but I managed it, just barely. I found the book enjoyable enough but personally found the ending to be a little flawed. I won’t be watching season 2 although I’m curious about how they’ll end it. I don’t expect they’ll have a better explanation or plan than King.

    • the king of comedy

      Agreed I found the premise really intriguing and it could have been a great show but it just didn`t live up to my expectations, gave up on the show after some episodes.

  • LEM

    The show is awful and the ratings will most likely plummet in season 2. They should’ve stuck to the mini series format and crafted a well done show but instead they got greedy and couldn’t break out of the network TV bullshit.

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