Kate Beckinsale Talks TOTAL RECALL, THE TRIALS OF CATE MCCALL and UNDERWORLD 5; Says It’s Unlikely She’ll Do Another UNDERWOLD Sequel

     August 1, 2012


Opening this Friday is director Len Wiseman‘s remake of Total Recall.  Based on the short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick, Total Recall stars Colin Farrell in the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In the film, Farrell stars as Douglas Quaid, a man who is bored with his life (even though he’s married to Kate Beckinsale) and seeks to have adventurous memories implanted in his brain.  However, after visiting Recall, both friends and family are after him for different reasons.  But the big problem is he doesn’t know what’s real.  The film also stars Jessica Biel, John Cho, Bill Nighy, and Bryan Cranston.

The other day I got to speak with Kate Beckinsale here in Los Angeles.  We talked about how the film is non-stop action, what she did to prepare for the role, how the film compared to what she thought going in, and more.  In addition, after the success of Underworld 4 (Underworld: Awakening), I asked the status of Underworld 5.  She said, “I think it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do one but they may do one without me.”  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

Kate-Beckinsale-Total-RecallAlso, if you missed Len Wiseman telling me the Total Recall Blu-ray would have a director’s cut that was 17 minutes longer, you can see that interview here.  For my two recent interviews with Biel, here’s my Comic-Con interview and the recent junket interview.  Finally, here’s my recent interview with Colin Farrell and 20 Things to Know about the film from my set visit.

Kate Beckinsale

  • How did the finished film compare to what she thought it would be going in
  • How did she get ready for the shoot and how the movie is non-stop action
  • Does she remember any of her deleted scenes as Len Wiseman told me in a previous interview that the Blu-ray would feature a director’s cut that’s 17 minutes longer
  • Underworld 5 talk.  Would she come back for another sequel?  She says “I think it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do one but they may do one without me.”
  • Talks about The Trials of Cate McCall and who she plays


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  • JS

    Oh gawd….swoooon.

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  • Melissa Anderson

    Indeed nothing can replace Kate Beckinsale the way she leads and play her role in Underworld, undoubtedly and perfectly amazing. [ heir to the underworld dot com ]

  • Deathstriker

    An Underworld without Kate? Oh no!

    • Deathstriker

      If there is to be an Underworld film without Selene, it will probably be a prequel concerning the origins of Vampires and Lycans.
      If so, it had better bring back Amelia the female vampire elder, and Marcus, Viktor, Alexander, William…

  • Bizi

    If kate is not part then d movie is not gonna sell trust me….either it feat’s her or no underworld 5..

    • Peter White

      Maybe if the vampires could turn into cars it would sell…

  • rishabh

    without selena underworld not good

  • rishabh

    without kate underworld not good

  • bob

    She HAS to be in Underworld 5, without her, Underworld isn’t really underworld anymore (Unless a different actor replaces her, which would be deceiving), plus, just by the end of Underworld: Awakening, you can definitely tell it’s not the “end”, there’s most likely gonna be an other movie to continue the story… well, I hope.

  • krissh

    No way….there is no chance to going hit without kate……

  • Geo

    It’s strange because she has been quoted as saying that she would be back for one, possibly two, additional sequels. These quotes of course, were before Awakening was released. Unfortunately, Awakening didn’t really blow anyone out of the water, especially critics, so she has clearly changed her tune. I know I’m alone on this, but I thought that Underworld 3 was fantastic! Kate was not in that one at all. I think the biggest problem the series faces at this point is that all of the most interesting characters are already dead (namely Viktor and Lucian).

    • johnny

      she was in it at the begining before it went back in time and i believe a lil at the end, but it was good

  • bob

    In my opinion, Underworld 4 was pretty good, I actually liked it.
    The only thing is, I felt like it was somewhat a bit shorter than the previous ones.
    Even thought, it was pretty much the same duration as the previous movies, the story just seemed kinda less thrilling than the others, and also because Michael wasn’t in the movie :I

    On an other note, I really liked the “(sorta-)futuristic-world atmosphere / ‘I missed 12 years of my life and then waking up in a cryogenic chamber’ thingy” and the supernatural creatures being almost extinct because humans discovered the existence of those. Still, I REALLY REALLY wish there will be a suite to the story.

  • Ash

    An Underworld film without the real Selene? That’s like making a Bourne film without Jason Bourne. Oh right, they already did that…

    • Anonymous

      Yea and I didn’t bother to see it with out Damon

    • John Connor

      And it was the best since the original.

  • Joseph Lucas,II

    Kate Beckinsale should be in Underworld 5 one last time so that she can help find Michael.

  • suzzy

    If they do and underworld 5 I think they need to introduce a female lycan that will fight on their side.

  • ferly ambolay

    I want film underworld 5 .please !
    I like

  • Joseph

    I want another female in the movie and Underworld action figure toys.

  • leilani thrash

    Are you serious i mean you are literally THE main character of underworld and now you talking about not being in the next one that’s just pretty stupid to me. I’m your number one fan personally and as an actress. I love your work. Im 13 years old and i cant stop thinking about underworld.please write back… And im kinda angry about it and please try not to take soooooo long to make a new underworld. Sinerenly, your number one fan, tell me what you think…

    • http://twitter.com/RomanEmpire74 RomanEmpire

      That… is creepy.

  • Robert

    Kate beckinsale got the caracter of the role selene.It would be pretty hard to do a sequel without her.Besides she got this brilliant talent to attract viewer by her decent acting.Without her the movie will feel like meaningless and i think it won’t be a good idea to replace her.So as in my opinion it will be the best idea to do a sequel with her.

  • Robert

    Kate beckinsale got the caracter of the role selene.It would be pretty hard to do a sequel without her.Besides she got this brilliant talent to attract viewer by her decent acting.Without her the movie will feel like meaningless and i think it won\’t be a good idea to replace her.So as in my opinion it will be the best idea to do a sequel with her.

  • http://twitter.com/RomanEmpire74 RomanEmpire

    Beckinsale had aged out of the role before she made the 4th. Let’s move forward without her, but with Speedman and the fledgling hybrid. Indeed, Selene’s story is long since told. And besides, her snooty attitude thinking she’s above Underworld is most… taxing.

    • Me

      Dude what are you smoking? Seriously!

  • Me

    PREPOSTEROUS!!!!!! An Underworld without Kate Beckinsale/Selene is unthinkable! It’s heresy plain & simple! SHE’S IRREPLACEABLE!!!

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  • Heidi Gregg

    WOW!!! Not finishing up the Underworld series is like Kate Beckinsale saying forget all my fans, forget the movies that made me, I am so much better than you and it all. If she doesn’t do it after her shit performance in Total Recall then she may as well quit acting now. I personally would have no respect for her and would never see another one of her movies if she takes the attitude she is taking now with Underworld. They can continue without her. Kill her character off and let Speedman and the daughter carry on. It wouldn’t be the same but at least it would give us an ending.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    The only way I could accept Underworld 5 without Selene is: “Another prequel”. For a sequel, they need her to atleast finish the loose end of New Dawn, the search for Michael. After that, end the series. But they could do other prequels, Rise of the Lycans was great.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Well, the guy who played Michael wasn’t in 4 (although Michael was; it was a lookalike, and notice he never spoke…) I agree, if Kate doesn’t come back for 5, it won’t be as good. The only reason 3 worked without her is that the story was set in the past, at the beginning (before her character).

  • Allysia Ann Myers

    I wish they would’ve had scott speedman in underworld 4. I just wish they would’ve just stopped with the second one. It was a happy ending.

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