Universal and Imagine Pick Up Bryce Dallas Howard’s THE ORIGINALS Screenplay

     June 8, 2009

bryce_dallas_howard_headline_01.jpgHow much does Universal like Ron Howard?  Enough to pick up his daughter’s first script on the mere chance that Howard might choose to direct the film, that’s how much.  Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who you may remember for her unfortunate habit of taking roles in movies like “The Village” and “Lady in the Water”, has co-written a movie and, wouldn’t you know it?  Universal and Imagine Entertainment liked it enough to put it into production!  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that her dad is the co-chair of Imagine and all…

According to The Hollywood Reporter Bryce’s movie is called “The Originals” and centers on a group of twenty-somethings who meet in New York upon learning that their former teacher has lapsed into a mysterious coma.  The article speculates that Ron Howard may want to direct “The Originals” himself – apparently as an “antidote” to huge productions like “The Da Vinci Code”.  So, if success is a disease then his daughter’s script is the antidote?  I’m not sure if that’s how the Universal marketing department would have gone, but OK…

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