Universal and Larry Doyle Cheer GO MUTANTS!

     June 22, 2009

creature_black_lagoon_01.jpgUniversal, in a rare move of adapting something not found in a child’s playroom, is bringing Larry Doyle’s upcoming novel “Go Mutants!” to the big screen.

According to Variety, “Go Mutants!” is a teen comedy/adventure set in a high school where all of the tropes from classic 1950s alien invasion movies came true. Years later, the children of those mutant creatures have assimilated among the other kids.  While Variety doesn’t mention this, I can’t be the only one getting a “racial integration”-subtext vibe.  Or maybe it’s just cool to have 1950s sci-fi creatures send their kids to high school because if they don’t learn how to be outcasts among their peers, how will they ever learn to be outcasts in mainstream society?

Doyle says the book (due out next summer) and movie (which Doyle will work on this summer along with the novel) invites cameos from ’50s fright fixtures like Gort and the creature from the black lagoon.  Of course, Gort is not a mutant but a robot protector of Klaatu, an interstellar traveler who comes to warn humanity of its destructive capabilities.  I’m glad we cleared that up.

Doyle who also wrote and adapted his novel “I Love You, Beth Cooper” which hits theatres on July 10th.

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