Universal Continues Bizarre Adaptation Streak with STRETCH ARMSTRONG

     June 2, 2009

stretch_armstrong_universal_logo_01.jpgI got no beef with Universal.  I think they’re the studio that’s probably going to end up having the best summer.  They’ve already unleashed “Drag Me to Hell”, they’re probably going to win this weekend with “Land of the Lost” (it’s really going to be more of a measure of how audiences feel about Will Ferrell’s schtick at this point), and then they’ve got some great-looking films coming up with “Public Enemies”, “Bruno”, and “Funny People”.

But the list of films they’re planning on adapting into movies is absolutely baffling.  Their partnership with Hasbro is yielding some really weird stuff.  There are going to be movies based on “Candyland”, “Monopoly”, “Clue”, “Ouija”, and “Battleship”.  Yesterday, we reported that they’re planning to make “Where’s Waldo?” into a movie.  And I’m not saying that these movies will necesarily be bad or that they’ll even make it into theatres.  What I’m saying is that it’s going to take some talented writers to simply take a brand name and turn it into a film.  Today, we’ve learned that Brian Grazer and Steve Oedekerk are planning on making a “Stretch Armstrong” film for the studio.

Says Grazer, “He’s an unconventional kind of super hero with a power that no one would want. It’s a story about a guy stretching – if you will – the limits of what is possible to become all that he can be.”  Really?  Because Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl and Plastic Man and Elongated Man all seemed to handle it just fine.  If you’re really going by the toy, Stretch Armstrong’s power is that kids play with it for five minutes, break it, and then never play with it again.

I know Universal has a partnership with Hasbro but are they legally obligated to turn every toy and board game into a movie?

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