Universal Planning Movie Based on LEGO Hero Factory Robots

     May 23, 2012


Fresh off a very disappointing opening weekend for Battleship (I actually didn’t think the movie was terrible), Universal has decided that it needs more movies based on existing toy/game properties.  Heat Vision reports that the studio is in negotiations to acquire the rights to LEGO’s Hero Factory line of toys, with Predators scribes Michael Finch and Alex Litvak onboard to write the screenplay.  The toy line actually has a mythology of its own, as the robotic characters hail “from a planet where a factory churns out robotic machines whose goal is to fight intergalactic evil.”

Though it was definitely marketed as such, apparently Battleship wasn’t Transformers-y enough for Universal so now they’re going all-out by turning what’s basically a knock-off Transformers toy line into a movie.  Seriously, this is two steps away from Transmorphers.

  • jack

    didnt learn anything

  • Hawkey19

    Adam, as much as I enjoy your articles, please don’t compare things you have no apparent knowledge of. In no way is HF similar to Transformers or (god forbid) Transmorphers. Robots? Is that all it takes to be placed in the same category as Transformers? They are two totally separate and original creations by two different toy companies. It remains to be seen if the studio makes this a Transformers knockoff, but on its own, the mythology of HF is totally its own.

    Personally, I can’t wait for this. Hopefully it will be a little darker and more mature than the kids show that they already produce, but still maintains a sort of lightheartedness. Super excited.

    • Jesus

      There’s no substantial 20-something fanbase for this property to encourage a studio to make it “dark” or “edgy”. It has to appeal to the little kiddies and it has to look family friendly enough so parents will take their kids. That said, it’s not going to be what you want it to be.

  • mattinacan

    Transformers is awful, Battleship is worse, this sounds like a terrible idea, Universal will never learn. way to pass up At The Mountains of Madness for Stretch Armstrong guys.

  • John

    They should have done Bionicle instead of hero factory. At least Bionicle has a somewhat interesting mythology to it.

    • Dre Dre

      I totally agree, ive been wanting a Avatar style Bionicle movie for ever…Hero Factory… blah

  • Karen

    Please tell me a Lincoln Logs movie is in the works. Or, at least, a live-action movie starring the Weeble Wobbles. This genre clearly needs more……crap.