Wes Anderson’s Next Feature Will Reunite the Director with Owen Wilson

     May 22, 2012


Until Wes Anderson‘s upcoming flick Moonrise Kingdom, Owen Wilson had played a part in all of the director’s feature-length films.  While the streak has been broken, their relationship will carry on with Anderson’s next untitled feature.  Anderson has now told the Dallas News’ Pop Culture Blog [via The Film Stage] that the movie will be an ensemble piece, he’s written a part for Wilson, and the actor has signed on.  The script is halfway finished, but few details are known about the picture.  However, Anderson, who’s currently spending some time in Paris, did tell Harper’s BAZAAR [via The Playlist] that “it’s a film I want to make in Europe, a Euro movie.”

Hit the jump for a list of other projects on Wilson’s slate.  Moonrise Kingdom stars Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jason Schwartzman, Jared Gilman, and Kara Hayward.  The film opens in limited release this Friday, and will expand wide in the following weeks.

The untitled Anderson project is yet another addition to Wilson’s busy schedule.  The actor is also attached to star in the action-drama The Coup with Pierce Brosnan; Shawn Levy‘s comedy The Internship with Vince Vaughn; Matthew Weiner‘s feature debut You Are Here with Jack Black and Amy Poehler; and Errol MorrisFreezing People Is Easy with Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, and Christopher Walken.  As long as Wilson brings the same energy and enthusiasm he recently displayed in Midnight in Paris, I’m glad to see him attached to so many projects.

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  • JayF

    Once again, Hack Goldberg fails miserbaly as a journalist. If he bothered to check anything, he’d know owen never had a part in Rushmore, that was Luke Wilson. Also, Owen has writing and producing credits on Wes’ early film Plus, being main characters in most of the films does not equate to “bit parts” Keep up the good work Hack! Don’t let fact-checking get in your way of your journalistic skills!

    • Anonymous

      actually he cowrote rushmore with aWes

  • nkutzler

    Considering Bill Murray had that part in The Darjeeling Limited, I imagine there’s a good chance Owen Wilson will show up in Moonrise Kingdom anyway.

    • Pinkie

      For what I’ve been told, nope, he doesn’t shows up in Moonrise. Well, I think it’s better than waiting to see a cameo and being disappointed once the movie ends.
      But I’m down to more Wilson in Anderson’s films, I think he gives some of his finest performances in them, like “Tenenbaums” and “Darjeeling”…

  • zamora

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  • JayF

    Once again the hack does it. Owen Wilson does not have a part in every Wes movie. He’s not in Rushmore. That was Luke. But whatever. actually doing your homework and fact checking isn’t needed to be a reporter, I guess.

    • Pinkie

      Hey, I think you should research longer, Jay! Wilson DID have a part on Rushmore… he friggin WROTE IT. The article writer didn’t say “a role”, but I guess you don’t have a dictionary at hand.

      Next time you throw trash on someone, check IMDB first, twit. You’re an insult to real haters.