Update on Disney’s TOMORROWLAND Movie Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

     May 17, 2009

Writtenby Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

I’m in Las Vegas attending the press junket for the VERY funny Warner Bros. movie “The Hangover”. While I’ll have interviews with the cast and filmmakers in the coming days, screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore were just in our room and they gave us a brief update on the “Tomorrowland” movie they are writing for Disney.

According to the two writers, they are turning in a script in about three weeks to the studio and the film is set to star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as a character named Rip. Here’s what Scott Moore said about the movie, “His character’s name is Rip and he plays a present day test pilot who tests a plane and gets shot into the future and he is sort of a fish out of water in the future. So he has to figure out how everything works and along the way the people of the future don’t know who he is, so they think he is a bad guy bent on destroying the future. Rip is sort of on the run.”

He went on to call it, “a sci-fi/action/comedy. Disney had a lot of success with Pirates of the Caribbean, so this is their Pirates movie in space.”

When asked what kind of future it’s going to be he said, “Our goal of the vision of the future is that it’s the best future. It’s not post apocalyptic or dark and gritty – it’s everything you wish you could have. Every gadget, device and car…that’s what it’s like in this future. So the future is really great.”

When I asked what year the movie takes place in, Scott said, “the movie takes place about 350 years in the future.”

I then asked if this was one of these fast tracked projects. Jon said, “we hope so. We’re going to be turning in a draft in three weeks…but don’t write that down cause then we’re going to get calls from the executives. It all depends on how the draft is received.”

With the studio still not having seen this latest draft, who knows how quickly this will move into production. But I’d imagine this project is going to happen. Especially with the star already interested. Expect more when I hear it.

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