September 28, 2010


The entirety of USA Network’s thriving original series will be returning next year. Series like In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Law & Order: Criminal Intent were already set to return and THR reports Royal Pains, White Collar and Psych will all be joining them for another season as well. Their drama line-up is starting to rival that of broadcast networks and they’re still planning to launch a couple more next year (with an eye towards some more comedy and maybe unscripted programming). Royal Pains will deliver 16 or 18 episodes (apparently an 18-episode order is more likely) while White Collar and Psych will be getting 16-episode orders. Fans of these series should count their blessings as broadcast networks can’t seem to hold on to their shows year after year.

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  • salezy

    psych is one of the funniest show ever,so this is great news.

  • ThePotatoPope

    I’m really surprised Royal Pains would get more shows then Psych or White Collar. I think Royal Pains is the weakest show on their line up, it doesn’t really have a good catch to get viewers to continue to watch. White Collar has a great over-arching plot but each episode is exciting. Psych always brings the laughs, great dynamic between their actors.

  • Xoriadax

    Yay! Blessings counted!
    “You know that’s right”

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