Nicolas Winding Refn Wants to Make a VALHALLA RISING Sequel Set in Tokyo

     June 21, 2013


Filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is not one to repeat himself.  Each of his films strikes new territory for the Danish director, whether it be Bronson, Drive, or the upcoming dialogue-light Only God Forgives.  However, it appears that Refn is keen on making another sequel to one of his films (he previously helmed the Pusher trilogy), but the follow-up and the nature of its story both come as a bit of a surprise.  The filmmaker recently revealed that he wants to reteam with Mads Mikkelsen for a sequel to his 2009 Viking film Valhalla Rising, but the follow-up would find Mikkelsen’s character in Tokyo.  Hit the jump for more on this strange yet exciting prospect.

nicolas-winding-refn-mads-mikkelsen-valhalla-rising-2-sequelRefn recently took part in a Q&A for his upcoming Ryan Gosling re-team Only God Forgives, and after the event the folks at The Playlist caught up with the filmmaker and asked him to elaborate on previous comments that he was developing a film set in Tokyo.  Little did we know that said Tokyo-set film is actually a sequel to Valhalla Rising:

We spoke to Refn on the eve of the North American premiere for Only God Forgives and he revealed that project was a re-teaming with Valhalla Rising star Mads Mikkelsen, saying they had, “talked about revisiting the [One-Eye] character from Valhalla Rising again to kind of complete… because there’s a similarity between Valhalla Rising, Drive and Only God Forgives. But in a way I had this idea of Mads Mikklesen to go back to the origins of this character. But make the movie in Tokyo.”

While the idea of Refn working with Mikkelsen again is certainly exciting, one has to wonder just how Mads’ One-Eye character from the 1000 AD-set Valhalla Rising could find himself in Tokyo.  When pressed for details, Refn only said that the proposed follow-up is “about the future.”  Sold, good sir.

Refn is presumably still planning on making the horror/thriller I Walk with the Dead as his follow-up to Only God Forgives, which received a less-than-pleasant response when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.  I’m definitely intrigued by the prospect of returning to the world of Valhalla Rising in an entirely new setting, but Mikkelsen is due back to start filming the second season of the incredible NBC drama series Hannibal later this year, so the earliest production could begin on Valhalla Rising 2 should Refn decide to follow through on it would be late next spring.


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  • Khan

    Very excited ! I will watch it.

  • Colin Christian

    Sign me up! I love Valhalla Rising,Refn and Mads

  • Colin Christian

    Sign me up! I love Valhalla Rising,Refn and Mads

  • Hop

    Excellent film. Visually stunning, with an incredible, electrifying role from Mads. Brilliant, sheer brilliance. That being said, it’s slow, weird, and almost impossible to watch.

    • Agent777

      Haha! 2 thumbs up!

  • PresidentObama

    Judging from the posted comments, I guess I’m in the minority here, but as interesting as the One-eye chatacter was in Valhalla Rising, I honestly must say that being a fan of Refn and having watched all of the mentioned films done by him here (except the unreleased Only God Forgives) Vahalla Rising was “extremely” boring, even from your average movie standards. Although putting the One-eye character in future Tokyo seems interesting, it’s hard to imagine it “not” turning out into an unintentional 2 hour joke, given his nature of not having the ability to speak at all, let alone Japanese. Of course, you can never judge a flick before it’s even made, but in this case, it’s not that hard to imagine the results, like say, imaginning the results of a Green Lantern sequel done by the same cast and crew.

    • Harry Palm

      I don’t think you’re in the minority. It’s just that film geeks usually have really bad taste.

  • Agent777

    This movie was extraordinarily bad, to the point it was a joke. I have never seen a more mono-sylablic, Scandinavian film.

    Besides the ending took any significance from the “One Eye” character. It was very vague and basic allegory for Odin that wasn’t built on in the slightest.

    But I would check a sequel out, in the same way I’d see any Atlas Shrugged sequel. Because it’s that bad it’s funny.

    • Roderick

      I thought the ending turned him into more of a Christ figure, so obviously he’ll come back after 2000 years, to redeem our sins with more disembowellings.

  • Roderick

    Sure, whatever! Have him team up with Miss Marple.