February 7, 2012


Just when it seemed like papal intrigue was on the decline (outside of exorcisms) the producers of American Psycho are looking to bring it back.  According to THR, Chris Hanley and Edward Pressman have picked up the rights to Richard Hammer‘s controversial book The Vatican Connection.  Published in 1983, the book attempts to connect the suspicious death of Pope John Paul I and alleged corruption in the Vatican to the Mafia and the Freemasons.  Hanley, Pressman, and co-producers John Penotti (Awake), Jeff Most (The Crow) and Bob DeBrino (Find Me Guilty) plan to turn the novel into a thriller.  I was hoping it would be a slapstick comedy, but I guess the premise is laughable enough on its own.

The producers are obviously hoping that they can pick up some of that The Da Vinci Code magic, and I assume some historians and professors are hoping for that as well.  Then they can go back to getting speaking gigs where they explain that a work of fiction is fictional.

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