VENOM Movie Reportedly Titled VENOM CARNAGE; Doc Ock Rumored to Lead the SINISTER SIX

     August 4, 2014


In addition to the news about a female Spider-Man spinoff there were also a few nuggets regarding the rest of Sony’s Spider-Man plans.  While we’ve known about Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six for a while (and learned about its November 11, 2016 release date a few weeks ago), we’re still in the dark in regards to exactly which villains will be appearing since its rogues gallery gets regularly rotated in the comics.  Now it appears that Dr. Octopus will be leading the way for the film adaptation.

It also appears as though the Venom movie Alex Kurtzman has been attached to direct for a while now has a new title, Venom Carnage.  Does that mean we’re getting a Cletus Kasady/Eddie Brock team-up (or showdown)?  Hit the jump for more Venom Carnage and Sinister Six news.

sinister-sixDeadline‘s sources describe Sinister Six:

“[The film] revolves around all the villains of Spider-Man converging after the evil Dr. Octopus summons them. There are a lot of different Sinister Six team-ups so it has yet to be revealed which characters might appear, but one possibility is Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and Sandman.”

Also interesting is the proposed Venom release date, which wouldn’t leave a whole lot of time for Kurtzman to prep after he wraps The Mummy (assuming he stays attached to Venom)

“The Venom movie — which we hear is entitled Venom Carnage — is still said to be in development with old pros Alex Kurtzman and Ed Solomon scripting. The Venom pic, which Kurtzman will direct, may also now come out in 2017.”

It’s interesting to see Sony trying to course-correct in such a major way after their disappointment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It’s no secret that most studios would like cinematic universes for their IP, but it’s easier said than done to get them off the ground successfully, especially in light of their huge overhead.


  • TigerFIST

    wtf! omg! This is horrible. I hope they don’t combine the characters. There cramming 20 years worth of story telling into 5. Not happy.

  • DPW

    Is someone high at Sony or did April Fool’s day come early/late? What is with all these Spidey announcements? Maybe they should just focus on rehabbing their flagging Spiderman series first and stop the world building via PR announcements. Not that I don’t like the idea of Carnage/Venom/female story lines, but come on! This last Spiderman franchise has stunk! Make it better before you reach like this…

  • bidi

    granted i haven’t seen TASM2, but it just seems like the reason this new reboot hasn’t been doing so well is because it’s just more of the same. TASM was basically the same as the first Raimi movie. now TASM2 adds Harry Osborn and Green Goblin? give us something different. i’m actually very intrigued by these villain movies because they will take us in a different direction that we haven’t gone in before. it’ll be interesting to see how Goddard and Kurtzman handle these projects. will they be sort of Greek tragedies or just bat shit crazy fun? the Venom Carnage thing sounds like a good way to go, since the only way to make us not hate a villain as much is to pit him against an even worse villain. color me intrigued

    • lord jim

      you consider it interesting how kurtzman handels a project?i know that some people consider car accidents interesting, but still…

  • Lex Walker

    “How can we make a Venom movie but also let fans know it’ll feature Carnage?”
    “A subtitle sir?”
    “No, too gaudy. Let’s just cram the names together.”
    “Like…’Venom Carnage’?”
    “BRILLIANT! With this and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, I’m 2 for 2″

    • Dark Knight of Steel

      Laughed my butt off !!! haha

  • Thomas K.

    Venom Carnage.
    Did they forget what a Colon is?
    And why would You be so upfront of the fact that Carnage is going to be the bad guy?

    I’m just so confused right now.
    I feel like an Exec at Sony.

  • Thomas K.

    Spider-Man is looking more and more like the Orson Welles, of Comic Book Characters.

    • alk

      sorry, I’m not familiar with this metaphor. What do you mean with Orson Welles? I’d be curious. I know OF Orson Welles and what he has done, but how does he relate to Spiderman characters?

  • Dmula

    I’d be surprised,Venom needs his own movie and so does Carnage combining them would be ridiculous

  • appolox

    So we’re gonna see every Spider-Man character get a movie EXCEPT Spider-Man until at least 2018. Sony’s plans keep backfiring on them.

  • doc

    They are using the same strategy as ASM 2. Put out as much information as possible so that when the movie comes out there are no surprises and you are just waiting for the trailer beats so that you know when the movie is going to be over. “Alright, Gwen is dead and Peter has been grieving in a montage, and Spider-Man hasn’t thrown a manhole cover at Rhino yet so, oh there is it, WTF, that’s it?”

  • mattinacan

    Sinister 6 still has a chance because of Drew Goddard. Who is directing thi…. oh shit.

    • DPW

      Good one! Lol…

  • Matt
  • Gerry Rock

    Please, someone throw a F*cking bomb into Sony headquarters..!! They have to be desperate to do something good with Spidey….female spiderman spin-off (Strike 1)…. awful title for venom movie (strike 2)… one left till Sony gets Out….it’s just matter of time…

  • Jack Dennis

    Seeing as they all have different directors and writers attached they all have a chance of bringing something fresh to the table. I for one am excited to see how this all turns out.

  • eternalozzie

    no goblin??? :(

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