Producer Joel Silver Explains Why a VERONICA MARS Movie Will Not Happen at Warner Bros.

     June 1, 2010


A proposed Veronica Mars has a lot of creative potential, but it has really never been financially viable for Warner Bros.  While Mars producer Joel Silver would love to make it happen, he elaborated

“We analyzed all these areas about it.  I talked to the home video people, because a movie like that would be driven by video.  The [season DVDs] didn’t do that well… So they didn’t feel there was a need or an audience.”

The show averaged 2-3 million viewers per episode in its three-year run on UPN and The CW.  Indeed, that doesn’t seem like much of a fan base to tap into, though I’d like to think that Kristen Bell as a noirish detective has some marketability independent of brand recognition.  The nail is in the coffin at Warner Bros., but creator Rob Thomas continues to pursue the feature adaptation, so there may yet be hope elsewhere.   Hit the jump for the full video of Silver’s comments.



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  • k0rrupt

    grrrr…It feels as if they've hardly put out the dvds. We never got them in the UK much like the Boondocks never gets released on DVD here. The version of Veronica Mars I have I had to buy off Ebay and its got french writing on the back and front.

  • Tlslaps

    I wish they would make a movie or a series preferably a movie though!

  • tomdaylight

    The US edition actually works fine in the UK, it's non-region-encoded. Like region 0 I think. I bought all three seasons and they work great on every player I've tried it on.

  • k0rrupt

    As far as i'm aware on online retailers it says region 1 (NTSC), I guess the point i wanted to make was if the series was more widely available it might have had more success on DVD.

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  • kewi

    I really do hope that a Veronica Mars movie happens!

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  • Varsity

    i agree, it was hard to find the DVD. even at the video stores. It wasnt until i signed up with another video store that i actually got to watch the whole series. but VM is an awesome tv series, intrigue and wit, i mean theres always a twist. Season 1 was like awesome man! truly intrigueing…. arrrgh! heres hoping for the movie or continuation of the series.

  • Kaittisgreatt

    you can watch all three seasons on netflix. online that is, im sure you can also rent them also though. great series, wish the movie would happen!

    if you do watch the seasons on netflix, season 3, episode 8 is actually marked as episode 21, just a tip.

  • i<3V.Mars

    this makes me wannt to black mail Joel Silver or something to except that we fucking NEED the movie !

  • Charlotte1990

    I really want to see a VM movie. I am also from the UK and most people i know have heard that the show was good.

  • Grapesandoranges

    Make a Veronica Mars movie now!

  • Lathrop74

    12,440 #veronicamars fans will go see the movie!!! Will you???

  • Nikki

    I do REALLY hope that they make a movie. I just became addicted to VM since I became a member of Netflix and they need a movie to tie up the loose ends. This by far has to be my new favorite tv show of all times!!!!

  • Eva

    I love Kristen Bell, she gorgeous, and works great with all types of people, her fans have a serious range. She's a great actress and a really funny person. I would seriously love to see Veronica Mars the movie, as I loved the show, I am watching it again now on Netflix. Go on facebook, there are tons of fans. I think that is silly to base it off season dvd sales, it was a show that was free on t.v., not a lot of people buy season dvds honestly, you watch the show and then, done, but I would make an exception if it shows them that the show is as good as I say it is. But these people seem so oblivious to what is good, that I doubt it would do anything but give them more money for something they don’t even support. Oy Vey!

    The good news is that Rob Thomas is not giving up and is ready to go with this as soon as he gets backing, anyone know any great movie execs?

  • makeamovie

    please make a movie! i just got addicted to the show! AFTER it was cancelled. i need an ending!

  • Carkey_123
  • John

    It would be on the air if it was advertised better! I never new about this show until a couple of months ago and I think it’s awesome!

  • Llgoumba

    NeptuneRising2010 (3 days ago) Remove | Spam Marked as spam Were having a HUGE tweetathon on Sep. 22nd the 6 year anniversary of VMars’s series premier…could u help spread the word? Follow me on Twitter @VMFanatic & @Neptunerising

    You need to tweet something similar to this - @wbpictures Everyone is waiting for a #VeronicaMarsMovie! We’re here for you, when will you be here for us?!

    But please keep tweeting between now and then. But on Sept 22nd were going to crash twitters website with VM fans! lol

  • Alyss

    There were too many plot points left int he open for it to end like this!!! They should make the movie and cut the crap!

  • Shorty4life41194

    If a Veronica mars movie is made I will be soooo happy! I want one so
    bad!!! And people are more likely to buy a movie DVD than a series on DVD
    so they should do it!!!!

  • Thamara

    So I’m wandering if these producers have ever heard of DVR where fans can record thier episodes for as long as they’d like? Or netflix where with a click of a button, instant all time favorite shows can be seen? Why would we need season DVDs and why are they depending on the DVDs sells when there’s already millions of fans that watch Veronica Mars? Doesn’t that already prove that it’s definitely an intrest to public audience? Duh is the answer. This is my first time ever posting comments on things like favorite tv shows or books. I never thought I would ever do it. There’s something about Veronica Mars and I definetly think it should go on. I would watch it nonstop everyweek. When an episode would end I wouldn’t stop thinking about it until I see the next one. If Veronica Mars must come to a complete end.. Can there at least be a movie to finish up the story? I’d watch it 10x in theatres and get multiple copies of the DVD when in comes out. I just think it’s that good.

  • Mel

    I NEED THE VERONICA MARS MOVIE </3 there's so man loose ends to tie, the season 3 finale did not do justice! it was GOOD but it didn't tie the show together. what happened to my Logan/Veronica </3 I NEED TO SEE IT *_*

  • Eden-Arcturus

    I’ve never been one for television, I would rather read an average book than watch the worlds best tv show, but Veronica Mars really wormed it’s way into my heart. I remember the shows first episode; my sister wanted to watch it and I just happend to be in the room. By the end of the episode (the hour passed way to quickly in my opinion) I was so enthralled and eager for more! A mark of true genius that in both acting and writing that I could actually imagine these people being real. I could actually imagine getting up and going to school and actually seeing all of this take place. And all of the witty one liners were always so natural. In other tv shows they seem so forced that I could barely find them funny. And the whole star crossed, soulmates thing between Logan and Veronica, I SOOO called that in the first episode. And yet, when it actually happened I wasn’t annoyed at how predictable I found it, I was squealing with excitement. Only this show could make me so honestly happy about tv characters. I love Logan and I love the inevitability of him and Veronica. I’m a little superstious, so I felt dreadful when I heard that the show was being cancelled. I had stoped watching half way through season three, when Logan started dating the little blonde tart (she is my voldemort and she shall not be named)… I only checked in once or twice after that and then watched the series finale. I just couldn’t stand to see LoVe with those boring, white washed characters, it drove me insane! Oh speaking of the white washed male (Stosh Piznarski) I so called that Logan would kick his ass. Right from the moment that Veronica first introduced them, my sister and I started taking bets about when it would happen, what would set him off. It was almost as inevitable as LoVe. I wanted so, SOOOO much more from the show, from season three and the finale, and it sucked the way it ended. I really REALLY REALLY wish they would make the movie… I know the characters have aged since the shows end, but even a ten years later kind of thing is better than no movie at all. With that said… I’ll probably hate it if Logan and Veronica, in the end if not in the begining, are not together. I cannot see either of them happily with anyone else. Logan is the only person I can imagine being smart enough, witty enough, creative enough, and brave enough to stand beside her and be her equal. (not to mention that everytime the two of them look at eachother, there’s enough chemistry there to set the television on fire!) I know it’s not looking all that promising right now, but I’ll always hold out hope that the little blonde detective will grace my tv again… if not, always have my dvds!

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  • Tom Drake

    It’s looking like Joel Silver was as wrong as Old Wrongy McWrong the wrongest man in the whole of Wrongtown.