June 5, 2009

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world_headline_02.jpgIn their latest video blog, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is having a party and you’re not invited.  Okay, you’re invited but don’t go cock-blocking me.  Just stand in the corner, watch, and learn.

Party scenes are tough since you have to direct so many people at one time and I imagine this one is even tougher since the crew isn’t working on a sound stage but have taken over a frat house (containing what Michael Cera notes is probably one of the filthiest couches in all of Toronto).  Co-writer/director Edgar Wright jokes that these frat guys have been relocated during the three days of shooting but when they find out that all these cute actresses were in their house, they’re gonna wish they hadn’t left.

Sit back and enjoy yet another video blog where we see everyone looking like they’re having a blast and tantalizing glimpses of scenes from the comics.  When do we get the video of nothing but angry conflict set on the surface of the moon?

Check out the new video blog after the jump.

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