Video Blog: Reader Questions Answered #1

     August 10, 2010

As you know by now, I regularly record video blogs with Peter from Slashfilm. This past weekend, we found ourselves at the New Orleans airport hours before our flight home, and decided it would be a perfect time to record a video blog.

However, we didn’t have a topic in mind, so we reached out to our twitter followers and asked for some ideas. After just a few submissions, Peter and I realized we would love to talk about a variety of these submitted topics, and changed the idea to a reader q & a. We told everyone that we’d answer every question submitted, however we were only able to cram 25 or 30 questions in before we had to board the plane. We even answered questions about Prop 8 and eating competitions. That’s enough, right?

Sadly, that video blog will never ever be seen by the public as Peter recorded it on his new iPhone 4 and somehow it failed to record the audio. As you might expect, it was very frustrating. But we moved on. So during our layover in Denver we decided to rerecord the Q&A using some of the same questions and we also mixed in a few new ones. Hit the jump to check it out and please leave your questions for potential future video blog Q&A’s in the comment section.

Reader Questions Answered #1

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:17 Are Superhero movies almost dead like Matthew Vaughn suggests?
  • 03:08 2010 Oscar Contenders?
  • 03:25 Is Inception an allegory for filmmaking?
  • 03:43 What do you think of Prop 8?
  • 04:25 Do Aliens exist? And if so what is the most accurate movie portrayal?
  • 05:10 Who would win in an eating competition between Frosty and Peter?
  • 05:44 Talk about visiting the set of Harry Potter
  • 06:15 If you could revoke anyone’s Oscar, who/what movie would you choose?
  • 07:25 What went wrong with M. Night Shyamalan?
  • 08:45 How bad-ass is /Film?
  • 08:55 If you could interview anyone right now, who would it be?
  • 10:00 If you could go back in time and watch any movie when it was released, what would it be?
  • 12:10 How did Peter start /Film?
  • 13:00 How did Frosty start Collider?
  • 14:25 Will Nolan’s next movie be Batman 3?
  • 14:35 What is the worst crime you’ve ever committed?
  • 15:15 Best filmmaker of the last decade?
  • 16:15 What is the film experience going to be like 15-20 years from now?
  • 17:17 Who is going to be the next big movie star?
  • 18:30 Which movie will win this weekend, Scott Pilgrim or The Expendables?
  • 20:25 If you could erase any one actor or actress from history, who would it be?
  • 20:55 How do you balance being unbiased and being given access to set visits/working with filmmakers?
  • 23:30 Who would win in a fight between Matrix and Inception?
  • 23:50 If you could only see two films in the next 12 months, which would you choose?
  • 25:50 Why don’t you guys have your own jet?
  • 26:20 With Ryan Reynolds playing the Green Lantern, do you think he will ever reprise Deadpool?
  • 26:40 Are you guys going to the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival? If so, which films are you excited about?


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