May 10, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Peter from Slashfilm is a good friend of mine. At least a few times a week we talk about upcoming movies, TV shows, what gossip each of us have heard, and anything else we might find exciting. Since a number of our conversations cover things you also might find interesting, we’ve decided to start recording certain conversations as video blogs.

With “Star Trek” arriving in theaters this weekend and making so much money, it got us talking about what we’d want to see in the eventual sequel.

But the new video blog is more than that, we also discussed the “Star Trek” Premiere, Pixar’s “Up”, how one of the stars of “Terminator Salvation” watched our video blogs, and a whole lot more. While I can be very critical about our video blogs, I really think you’re going to like this one. Especially our ideas for the sequel.

Here’s the order of what we talked about:

Part 1
-Sam Worthington Watches Our Videos Blogs

-Steve attends The Star Trek Premiere and After Party
-Star Trek’s Huge Opening Weekend
-How Many People Paid To See Star Trek vs. The Original Star Trek Movie
-The Crowded Month of May
-Quick Thoughts on Pixar’s Up

Part 2

-Star Trek Sequel Talk
-What Will The Story Be About

-Most Popular Ideas With Fans: The Borg or Khan
-Steve Would Rather See More Adventure than a Weak or Rehashed Villain
-Peter explains Why Chekhov
Must Die and How to Bring Back William Shatner
-Will There Be a New TV Show?
-When Will it Arrive in Theaters?

Since it runs pretty long, we’ve broken it up into two parts. Also, if you’d rather listen to us talk on your iPod or portable media player, click here for the MP3.

Finally, both Peter and I are on Twitter. If you’d like to follow me click here, and here’s Peter’s Twitter page.

part 1

part 2

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