Vin Diesel talks RIDDICK

     March 13, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Just a few hours ago I was at the “Fast & Furious” press junket in Hollywood and I managed to speak with most of the cast. In the coming week or so I’ll be posting full transcripts, but I wantedshare with you today what Diesel said aboutfuture plans for “The Chronicles of Riddick” series.

While “The Chronicles of Riddick” wasn’t the huge hit that the studio expected, I still love the movie. In fact, that’s one of the few films I really wanted to see continued as it left off at a great moment and there werecool ideas of where the story could go next.

Thankfully, both Vin Diesel and writer/director David Twohy want the franchise to continue, asDieselsaid Twohyis hard at work on the next script right now.

Question: You’ve been talking about a 3rd Riddick and calling it a smaller scale Riddick. Would that close the trilogy?

Vin: Well, you remember when I talked about “Riddick” I talked about it as being the “Fellowship [of the Ring]”in the Tolkien series. I was using “Pitch Black” as “The Hobbit”, the independent story that introduces you to the world of Middle Earth. Then taking “The Chronicles of Riddick” and treating it as a trilogy that goes from the story you saw to the Underverse and ultimately to Furia as the third film.

I think you said David Twohy is currently writing the third right now, is that correct?

Vin: He is currently writing the third. It’s hot. But, to answer your question specifically about the scaled down aspect, yes, there is a scaled down portion of this that goes back to the “Pitch Black” style. Again, if you think of the “Lord of the Rings” as three books, a trilogy, you’d think of “The Chronicles of Riddick” as the first movie and there would be two more to follow.

Of course writing a script and getting it made are two different things, but I’d like to hope this is one of those projects that does get off the ground. Expects updates if I hear anything else on Riddick.

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