Concept Art, Promo Images, and Storyboards for New VOLTRON FORCE Animated Series

     March 22, 2011


Back in June we learned that the feature film plan for Voltron had been scrapped, but the robotic heroes would still return in the form of Voltron Force, a new animated series ripe with plenty of characters for merchandising to children around the world. Now we have our first look at some cool images of some of the characters and even some storyboards frames from a couple action sequences. Obviously these are early pieces from pre-production and whatnot, but the final character designs and style may not be too far off from these images. Stay tuned to find out when Voltron Force will actually hit Nicktoons this spring, but in the meantime check out all of the images after the jump.  Oh, and as for that Voltron feature film? It’s alive again.

Here are the images from Voltron‘s official Facebook page: