The Wachowski’s Want to Make a Hard-R Gay Iraq Love Story?!

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The Wachowski’s have a lot to prove to a lot of people in their filmmaking. The last two Matrix installments, while not bad, didn’t gain any of the positive buzz that came out of their first movie, and while some loved Speed Racer, I thought it was a disappointment.  Now according to Deadline, the duo is back with a movie not unlike their 1996 film Bound.

The new film they’re working on is said to revolve around an incredibly graphic homosexual relationship between a U.S. Soldier and an Iraqi, with the movie charting their relationship, starting with the future and then moving backwards to the past. It’s reported that the film’s script is done and the Wachowski’s are said to be looking to direct it, with financiers currently being looked for. Honestly, I think it sounds like it could be pretty good. It’s something a little different from 2 of the most interesting directors working in the business.

For more on the project, you may want to check this article from December where Arianna Huffington tweeted and also released pictures from a secret Wachowski test shoot that was about the Iraq War.  It’s pretty clear they were shooting test footage for this project.  More as we hear it.

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  • Emma

    Agreed. If handled right it could be very interesting.

  • George Lucas

    Disgusting slimy faggots are not interesting

  • junierizzle

    This movie doesn't sound interesting to me. At least not for a Wachowski Flick. I did love Speed Racer. I think it's overrated. It might be a tad to long but that's about it.

    On another topic. I guess I'm late to the party but I didn't know the rumors about Larry's sex change were true. Wow. I got nothing against it though. You have to be who you are.

  • junierizzle

    Did you type this from the 1950's or something? Grow up dude.

  • dogg

    “The last two Matrix installments, while not bad….”

    I didn't make it past that whopper.

    How about:
    “The Hindenburg, while slightly flammable…”

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