THE WALKING DEAD Maze Preview: 32 Images from Universal Studios Hollywood’s HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS Attraction

     September 17, 2014

The Walking Dead maze

Bringing together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror, Halloween Horror Nights, held at Universal Studios Hollywood on select nights from September 19th through November 2nd, has become one of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween and all things scary.  Featuring an all-new slate of seven film production quality mazes (The Walking Dead, Alien vs. Predator, From Dusk Till Dawn, An American Werewolf in London, Syfy’s Face Off, Dracula Untold and Clowns 3D with music by Slash), five frightful scare zones (The Purge: Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Mask-A-Raid, Dark Christmas and Skullz) and the fully re-imagined Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead experience, it will be more chilling, more terrorizing and more extreme than ever.

Collider was recently given the opportunity to tour The Walking Dead: The End of the Line maze, which brings many of the shows key visual moments to life.  As the only property they’ve brought back three years in a row, thanks to the huge popularity of the show, this time around, they’re focusing on the events and stand-out Walkers of Season 4.  Hit the jump to learn more about what to expect from the highly detailed maze.

To set the scene, guests will enter through the prison, after a tank has crashed through it.  Here are 14 things that you should know about how to make it through the maze without becoming infected.

  • The Walking Dead maze posterThey went for the lived-in look of the prison, including the dining area and pig stall, because the survivors in Rick’s group have been living there for some time.
  • Because they pick up right after The Governor attacked, they needed a full-size real tank to crash through the fence and into the front of the prison, which is all shot up and on fire.
  • In terms of the look of the Walkers, they work closely with Greg Nicotero to feature the iconic Walkers from that season.
  • The prison will feature the infected Walkers, bleeding out of their eyes.  As you’re coming into the prison, you’re being attacked by the infected Walkers, before you ever get inside of the maze.
  • HHN Creative Director John Murdy writes an elaborate treatment for every single attraction they build, and they are usually between 70 and 100 pages long, with a lot of screen caps and pictures.
  • Some of the effects in the maze work like a magic illusion, with a combination of real people and practical effects, so you can watch the scenes happening live, right in front of you.
  • Last year’s maze featured Cell Block C, and this year it’s Cell Block D, which is a two-story set where all of the infected Walkers have broken loose and are attacking everybody.
  • They use practical lighting to add a sense of realism, and always hide the fixtures, to the best of their abilities, to keep you in the world and keep it realistic.
  • Throughout the maze, there are signs telling you to go to Terminus, to lead up to the moment in the train tunnel, which is both really scary and ideal for a maze.
  • The Mini-Cooper at the end of the maze is Matt Damon’s car from the first Bourne film, since it is now decommissioned.  They also have Kate Hudson’s VW from Skeleton Key in Horror Nights.
  • When they brought Horror Nights back for the first time, in 2006, there was one original maze and now there are seven, stretched out across the backlot.
  • Originally, Horror Nights was all movie-focused, but now that so much horror is happening on television, they have three attractions related to TV properties this year.
  • Even though he doesn’t know whether they’d do something for The Strain next year, John Murdy has talked to Guillermo del Toro about doing something for Horror Nights, and he hopes they’ll be able to soon.
  • The fans rate the mazes, every year, and it’s really up to them, as far as which properties will return or appear, for the first time.

Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Hollywood runs on select nights from September 19th through November 2nd, and you can get all of the details at Halloween Horror Nights.

The Walking Dead maze 01

The Walking Dead maze 02

The Walking Dead maze 03 (John Murdy)

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