THE WALKING DEAD Season Two Premiere Recap: “What Lies Ahead”

     October 16, 2011

Last year, AMC and Frank Darabont joined forces with fanboy favorite Robert Kirkman to bring us The Walking Dead, the only zombie-centric TV show ever to air on television (assuming you don’t count According to Jim).  The first season of AMC’s newest series was damn good, but it sure was brief:  AMC  ordered just a handful of episodes for the series’ first season, and it would be another year or so before the second round of episodes began.  That sucked, to be sure, but it’s time to stop whining about that perceived misstep:  in case you hadn’t heard, The Walking Dead returned to AMC this evening.  Was it as good as we remembered? Less so?  Worth the wait?  Find out after the jump, my fellow Walking Dead enthusiasts…

Just last week, I wrapped up a season-long round of recaps for AMC’s best series, Breaking Bad.  Recapping that show turned out to be a helluva lot of fun, and though there were a few times where I thought to myself, “Y’know, I’d really rather not be chasing a deadline at 10pm on a Sunday night”, I was sad to see the season—and all that sweet, sweet recapping– come to an end.  It’s going to be tough waiting for that show’s fifth and final season…but, hey, shed not a tear for this online slinger-of-words:  having a short-ass attention span means that I probably won’t even remember I need to be looking forward to Breaking Bad’s final season until next June.  Furthermore, I’ll probably get distracted by another series any minute now, something that–

Hey!  Look!  The Walking Dead is back!  Great timing, AMC!  Squirrel!

Now, before we kick off another season-long recap series, allow me a minute to let you know where I stand on The Walking Dead.  After all, you wanna understand where the person whose recaps you’ll be reading is coming from, don’t you?  Wow, that last sentence was odd.

As a longtime fan of Kirkman’s comic series, I was thrilled when The Walking Dead was announced as coming to TV, and doubly so when I heard that Frank Darabont would be handling the showrunner duties.  Sure, I would’ve preferred that The Walking Dead end up on HBO, and yeah, I wasn’t crazy about some of the casting when it was revealed, but—over the course of those first six episodes—I changed my tune on all of that very quickly:  AMC kept the comics’ gore, and the cast more than acquitted itself.  Furthermore, the show’s makeup effects were outstanding, its pacing was relentless, and its loyalty to the source material admirable.  All good things.

And yet, I found the first “season” of The Walking Dead to be something less than perfect.

All of the deviations that season one made from the source material were welcome (after all, what fun would it be to watch a show where there are no surprises, where every plot point occurs exactly when you expect it to?), but the deviations themselves were sometimes heavy-handed and borderline silly (the “gang” who turn out to be a collection of stereotypes with hearts of gold comes to mind).  I also took issue with the way the show rushed through the CDC storyline towards the end of season one (I wished it’d stuck around longer, given Noah Emmerich more of a story arch), and I thought that the big-ass explosion in the season finale looked like a big, steaming bucket of poorly-rendered weak sauce.

All of that said, I enjoyed watching the show even when I wasn’t overly thrilled with what I was getting in each episode.  See, I’m one of those crazy internet writers you sometimes hear about, the kind that can express respect and admiration for a TV show while also admitting that the show-in-question might have a few shortcomings.  In the world of internet commenters and fanboys, this sort of talk borders on insanity, but…well, that’s where we’re at, folks.  I’m a Walking Dead fan, but I’m not going to give the show a sloppy blowjob every week.  If you want those kind of recaps and reviews, find some teenager’s blog.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the reason you all came here today:  to read a stranger recap a TV show you just watched (when you think about it, recaps are really a strange thing).

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, here’s the non-spoiler review (after this, you’re on your own, spoiler-wise):  the second season premiere of The Walking Dead was enormously satisfying, visceral, pulpy, well-written, and gorgeously shot (if you’re watching this thing in HD on a big-ass plasma TV, then you’ll back me up on this:  The Walking Dead looks excellent, even when it’s beating us over the head with its tan-grey-and-green color palette).  The makeup effects were just as sharp as the ones we saw last season—if not moreso—and the mood throughout was delightfully tense.  The acting was solid across the board, with standout work being done by Andrew Lincoln (as Rick Grimes, undead-killing sheriff) Jon Bernthal (as Shane, who’s down with OPP), Jeffrey DeMunn (when is he not amongst the standouts?) and The Mist’s Melissa McBride.  The script was compelling and fun, and there was quite the twist there in the final moments.  You should absolutely watch it.

And here’s the spoileriffic recap:  tonight’s season premiere picked up pretty much where the season finale left off, with the survivors hightailing it out of Atlanta following the massive explosion (of poorly-rendered CGI effects) at the CDC.  Our man Rick delivers a monologue into a walkie-talkie, telling another pair of season-one survivors, Morgan and his kid, that he and the others were headed for the greener pastures of a nearby (?) military base.  Under this monologue, we see footage of the survivors packing their rides and hitting the highway.  Perhaps not as rousing as the writers hoped for (and a far cry from the “Yeah, we just shot a little girl in the face” opening from last season), but a solid opening nonetheless.

So, the survivors make their way up the highway, and eventually they come to a stop at a massive knot of abandoned cars, wrecked vehicles, and bodies—all of which is blocking their path.  The RV’s having some technical problems, so while Dale takes a moment to teach Glenn about the intricacies of a flathead screwdriver, the rest of the survivors begin picking their way through the cars, looking for supplies (Rick’s wife stupidly objects here, calling the area a “graveyard”, which seems odd:  technically, isn’t everywhere a graveyard at this point?)(Also, Rick’s wife needs to eat at least four sandwiches).  Moments later, Dale and Rick both spot a massive swarm of zombies headed their way.

Because the RV’s engine is shot, the survivors can’t simply flee in their vehicles, and so they…hide underneath cars?  From the zombies?  The people I was watching the episode with were confused here, as the first season contained that awesome sequence where Rick and Glen snuck through a street packed with zombies by camouflaging their scent.  Remember them hacking up those bodies, and Rick’s heavy-handed speech about that particular zombie being a person at one point?  That scene taught us that zombies can smell the living, didn’t it?  So, why would hiding under the cars on the highway work?  Or was it simply the best possible choice for that particular moment (I suspect this is the answer)?

I might not be as quick to call shenanigans on the show as some of my associates—it’s entirely possible, for instance, that zombies can’t smell anything that isn’t at least forty inches off the ground (everyone knows that)—but I’ll allow that the logic presented in this otherwise awesome scene did give me a moment’s pause.  Oh, well:  I’m sure one of the hard-core fanboys in the audience can explain this in the comments section (please remember to phrase your explanation as a personal attack on the author and anyone else that doesn’t immediately know the answer to this question).

Shenanigans or not, the plan does work for a time, but then one of the survivors—a little girl whom I don’t recall seeing in season one—got a little hasty about leaving her hiding space, and in short order the group’s rouse had been revealed.  Luckily, the bulk of the zombie parade had passed, so Rick and the little girl fled into the nearby forest with only a few undead in tow.  Once they’d gotten a good lead on their pursuers, Rick instructed the little girl to hide until the zombies passed.  After that, he said, she should return to the rest of the group back on the highway.

So, of course the little girl ran off and got lost immediately (pssshh–  little girls are so stupid), and of course Rick took sole responsibility for this.  After traipsing about the forest for awhile in search of said girl, the survivors happened upon a church.  Well, actually, no, that’s not quite right:  they were summoned to the church by the sound of its bells clanging.  Upon arriving, they discovered zombies sitting patiently in the pews (perhaps paying their respects to Jesus Christ, the O.Z.), cut ‘em to ribbons, and then spent a little time deciding what their next move was.  With the RV’s engine shot and night quickly approaching, it was decided that the survivors would kick it at the church for awhile.

But first, Rick, Shane, and Rick’s son would do one more search for the girl.

This led to the episode’s most shocking scene, one which I’m fairly confident didn’t happen in the comics:  after coming across a deer out in the woods, Rick and Shane encourage Rick’s son to approach the deer.  He’s creeping up on it—admiring its quiet majesty, its grace, its sprawling set of antlers—when a bullet tears through the scene, puncturing both Rick’s kid and the deer.  On the one hand, hey, deer for dinner!  On the other, uh, kid’s been shot.  Always a buzzkill, in my experience.

[Ed. Note: After consulting with my Walking Dead trades, it appears that Carl-- Rick's son-- does get shot.  Huh.  How did I not remember this?  Probably because I read that particular trade about eighteen bajillion years ago (could also be my raging angel dust habit), but whatever:  point is, Carl does get capped in the comics.   Y'know, in case you were wondering.
Also: I've also had a few readers point out that Sophia-- the little girl who gets lost in the woods during tonight's episode-- has a name, damn it, and I'd do well to remember it.  Sophia did appear last season, it's true.  All I'm sayin' is, she didn't make much of an impression on me.  Her mom?  Sure.  Abusive father?  Oh, definitely.  But Sophia?  Meh.  My guess is, she's zombie fodder, but we'll probably find out for sure next week (she's probably kickin' it back at the RV while the rest of the crew scours the area immediately surrounding the church, because that's how those things always work out).]

As this scene was playing out, and just before the bullet struck the kid, I thought to myself, “Y’know, it’s going to be hard keeping this kid on the show.  He’ll hit a growth spurt in-between seasons, and they’ll be forced to recast the role…or explain why Rick’s son just grew four inches in-between episodes”.  Just then, the bullet hit him.  The “Scenes From Next Week” trailer at the end of tonight’s premiere showed Rick rushing his shot son to a farmhouse (the same house where I imagine Glenn will meet his future girlfriend), telling the doctor who lives there that he’s been shot…but I’m wondering if he’ll pull through.

Killing off Rick’s son would serve a number of purposes here:  it’d establish this show—even moreso than it already is—as a series where no character is safe;  it’d solve the whole “puberty problem” that the show’s producers must surely have contemplated by now;  it’d give Rick something to stew on for the remainder of the series (and we know how this show loves to let Rick go full-emo);  it might mean that Rick’s wife will live longer than she does in the comics, which might also mean the show could keep Shane around longer (and, from that trailer, it appears that Jon Bernthal’s not going anywhere any time soon).  What do you guys think?  Rick’s son:  dead, just injured, or what?

A few random highlights before we wrap this bitch up:  I loved the “autopsy” scene in the woods, even if I did wonder how a zombie swallowed an entire woodchuck skull (that was an intact woodchuck skull, right?);  I loved the makeup work on IronE Singleton’s arm injury (that looked painful);  I loved the makeup work on the zombie that attacked Lori in the bathroom (looked ripped from the pages of Kirkman’s comics).  I liked the surprise of Rick’s son being shot, and I loved the shot of the zombies sitting in that church.

Yes, overall I was very pleased with tonight’s Walking Dead.  I could quibble about a few line readings and a few leaps in logic, but I’d just be nitpicking.  Besides, I’m so happy to have a zombie apocalypse series on the air, why would I spend any time picking it apart?  Even at its worst, The Walking Dead is more watchable than half the shows on the air, and when it’s at its best, it ranks among the other stellar originals that AMC’s given us.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a great season, and I’m happy to report that tonight’s season premiere has gotten things off to a great start.

Y’know what to do, folks:  let us know what you thought about tonight’s season premiere below, and stay tuned for next week’s recap (which’ll be a  lot less chatty than this week’s, I promise).

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  • Anthony

    Coming off breaking bad, this show just doesn’t do it for me

    • Gerberzy

      I totally agree Anthony. Like the blogger/dude said, it is way better than half the shit on T.V but it just doesn’t compare to Breaking Bad IMO. I think it’s because I don’t care enough about the characters. But I did come across a GREAT article from author Chuck Klosterman where he explains why Breaking Bad is the best TV show, better than The Wire, Mad Men, and The Sopranos. You should check it out, very interesting.

  • pr0jecktpat

    A few corrections to state; the little girl is Sophia and she is around in the first season. She is in most scenes with Carl, and Carol. It also was also Angela in the bathroom not Lori.

    As for the episode I enjoyed it for the most part. I enjoyed how tense it was for most of the episode. For the part when they hid under the cars I’m just guessing it was a knee jerk decision since they really didn’t have any options at the time; though I do find it peculiar that they established the whole “zombies can smell” and still went undetected. I can’t hold it against the writers though, at that point what else were they to really do?

    I think they will keep Carl around for awhile; Lori on the other hand I don’t know. I think we will see something happen to Lori before we see Carl exit. (I also have read the comics so I am up to date in that sense)

    Overall I hope they keep the pressure on and the show continues to strive in a good direction. One just has to wonder though after seeing that episode what was cut that Darabont did and what was left in, or even why they decided to get rid of him. I thought the episode was well done.

    • adambramble

      Your correct it wasn’t Lori in the bathroom but her name IS Andrea not Angela lmao

      • pr0jecktpat

        Lol Yeah I totally screwed that one. I was really tired and for some reason I screwed up Andrea’s name. Hey I got that “A” part right!

    • excpired

      I’m pretty sure in season 1 someone hit under a car to avoid getting eaten by the zombies. Also the smelling thing is a bit odd, one second they can smell human flesh, the next they can only smell blood, but not when covered by zombie flesh.

      I guess the way it works is if you are walking out in the open and they SEE you and then are able to smell you aren’t a rotting corpse then they will eat you. But if you are under a car they can’t smell that well and the fact that they don’t see and associate a smell to what they see makes them not go after you?

      So that explains why they had to wear the entrails of corpses in season 1, and it kind of explains why when that guy was sitting out in the open on the road w/ an open fresh wound he had to lay a zombie across him to avoid the other zombies recognizing him as dinner.

  • sekatuna

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    Season 2 Episode 1

    What Lies Ahead
    Rick leads the group out of Atlanta. On the highway, they are stopped by a threat unlike anything they have seen before. The group searches for someone who has gone missing.
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    • FrankGrimes

      I swear if I ever become a zombie, i willl make it my sole duty in death to bite your damn spamming dick clear off

  • junierizzle

    This is how I feel about The Walking Dead, it is a good show. It is one of the best shows on TV, but, it has not been as great as the PILOT was.

    As for the Season Premiere, it was good. And yes it is nice to have a show about Zombies.

    Also about the Zombies sense of smell, Robert Kirkman was asked that question about the Zombies not smelling the people under the cars on Talking Dead. He said yes, they can smell non-dead people but they are not “blood hounds.” I guess I can buy that. They can smell them if they walk near them but it is believable that they couldn’t smell someone with a car covering them.

  • hggh

    what the hell dude did you really have to tell everyone who didn’t read the comics that lori dies early?

    • Tom

      Tell me about it. I’ve lost so much respect for this website now. That has to be one of the most unprofessional things you can do when reviewing (or recapping) an episode of a TV show. Way to go collider I wonder just how many people you just spoiled the show for considering that for the most part if you spoil the comics you spoil the show for us. God knows what this idiot will spoil next.
      And yes you will probably fix it and apologise (if not your an even bigger arse than I thought) But the damage is done now isnt it…

  • Miguel

    Must have not read the comic cause what happens to carl st the ever of the episode happens in the book. Right before they meet Haymiych. I think it was haymitch’s son that accidently shoot him

  • boyalien

    Carl gets shot in the comics, you dumb fuck

  • Daniel

    It definitely isn’t Breaking Bad, but it’s still a lot of fun. It’d be even more fun if everyone who’s read the comics would stop comparing the two and possibly spoiling things in the show.

    And Scott, Sophia was definitely in season 1. Go back and watch it. You’ll see.

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  • adambramble

    I love this show but the Graphic Novel series totally beats this show.
    Half this stuff in the series they won’t or can’t show on tv TRUST ME.
    Carl Lives btw.

  • dogg

    Sigh… I REALLY hoped the new writers would fix this show, but the characters are still criminally stupid. If you spot a slow moving zombie herd approaching and you chose to HIDE UNDER A CAR you deserve to die. It’s going to be week after week of these fools contriving the stupidest ways to put themselves in danger, just like last season. The one way they could save this show would be to link immunity from the virus with low IQ–so just the dumb people survived. That would explain so much.

  • Thundersauresrex

    Scott i ejoyed al the articles and thought provoking you did with Breaking bad, and as i understand this was the premiwer so you only had an hour or two to smooth this out and post… i hope with a week before the next one you do a little searching and studying up on both season one and the comics cause this recap was shit dude. number one the girl whcih past posters have commented and of course Andrea. and then Carl, yes that did happen int he comics and possibly if i remember there was no deer, the guy just SHOT Carl thinking him to BE a DEER. but wheres the provoking…wether Carl is dead? what abotu shane and his decline right now? obviously he isnt leaving like he wanted cause he has loyalty to Carl. plus in the preview for the season he has a shaven head and looks weathered, what do you think is that reason? where do you think Shane will be at the end of the season?and look at Andrea, her and Dale were close in season one and because of Dales choice at the end last season they are now at odds and andrea is untrausted by herself, and has even asked for help from shane if shane really does leave… where will they be at? be more probing man.

    Finally to those who are whining over not reading the comics, number one Scott mentioned the comics several times so there are gunna be comments here. its a comic book show…encase you forgot. number two the ones who have read the comics should be able to assure you nay sayers otu there to calm teh fuck down. we arent spoiling anything for a couple reasons, number one Darrel doesnt exist in the comics and two one of the MAIN characters (Not the wife) Dies within the first 12 issues of the comic books series and is still living in the series WAY PAST his due looking at the comics. Kirkman has said taht he’s isnt really following the ocmics page for page issue to issue so anything goes.

    • Tom

      A lot of the show is based on the comics and I know this because many people have told me this. So even speculating about possible spoilers isnt acceptable in a recap. If you havend read the comics you would feel exactly like i do, and if not then you obviously dont care about the show, in which case why the hell are you even here?
      Thanks again scott…

      • Thundersauresrex

        Im not sure if that was slam at me or if youre being general. but yeah few things to set straight, i love Scotts writing always have. he’s the only one on here i feel doesnt just want to hear him self talk or to read his own writing over and over and over again. this recap was weak. im sure he’ll be awesome later its only the first episode. and two if the people you talked to said that its following the comic book Page for page and story per story line, they havent read the entire series and havent read the first volume being as like i said a main character in teh show would have lready been shot adn killed and been done with. but hes a main character and now having the Carl has been shot arch coming in i dont see them getting rid of the “comic dead character” anytime soon or if ever. maybe he’ll die a different way. but merely saying the WIFE dies in the series… isnt a spoiler. being as Kirkmen (Who wrote the comics is writing the show.) said, the story he is doing for the show is different. but he’ll pull from his original work for small archs. but the deaths of characters have changed and the survivors have changed based upon fan reaction. another reason (As a film student.) Why i love this show sooo much. an artist that can see fault in his first work and have a chance to change and have no qualms with it… thats takes a big artist to do that.

  • Flashnew1

    Are they going to keep Shane around permanently, he is added baggage for the storyline and it works better without him in the comics. We already know about him and Lori and it is just a useless love triangle.

  • Rick

    I would have to agree with some of the commenters about the, lets say…hasty, possibly lazy nature of this recap. You successfully managed to miss mentioning any number of awesome character interactions (Dale & Andrea, Daryl saving whatever that black guy’s name is, Shane & Lori, Daryl pretty much the whole episode) by making lame jokes nitpicking about zombies not smelling like bloodhounds.

    The concept here is probably like “excpired” explained above – zombies see something moving, they go for it, they know it’s delicious treats if it doesn’t smell dead already. YIKES, that took me all of five f-ing seconds to reason out. These are walking corpses, not dogs, not starving hobos. There reasoning is limited to “that was a sound, I’ll follow it” and “that things moving, i’ll try and eat it”.

    Also, I love that you manage to get 50% of the names wrong, but hey, you had lots of cool “lingo” that made you sound hipster-strong, so…well done?

  • Jay-Me-Dee

    I’m going to sound like a troll….but you state you read the comics and despite your edits, you must have forgotten a lot or missed the “feel” of it.

    Here are a few givens, IMO (spoilers):

    - Carl will be safe for a while. Despite being shot twice in the comics (most recently to the fricken head), he’s one of the people that have stuck around. If the show follows the comics theme, then Carl will always be Rick’s anchor.

    - Shane isn’t going to stick around forever. Eventually the truth will come out and Carl will follow the same destiny as he did in the comic…but that’s more of a end of season cliffhanger for the show. I can see them keeping him around for maybe a couple more seasons before doing that even.

    - Aging in the TV series will be ok, IMO. All they have to do is allow time to pass in between seasons. So when they get to the prison, we should get the impressions that they’ve been there a while between seasons and are getting comfortable. When you’re comfortable in the Walking Dead, you make mistakes. Easy fix.

  • JLC

    I generally liked the first season, but by the end it was becoming difficult to root for any of them. When Rick was shouting “YOU’RE KILLING US!” at the CDC, that was about all she wrote. I’m hoping they give some of these people more endearing qualities this season. As of now, I’m kind of rooting for Daryl to take off while the rest get eaten.

  • D.R.D.G

    I liked the episode but want a little bit more character development. TWD is a good show to fill the hole Breaking Bad left but it is no where near BB. For all my thoughts on the episode

  • Rocket

    Why didn’t you put a spoiler alert at the bottom, geez!

    • D.R.D.G

      Sorry I should have spaced the spoiler a little bit more. Its been fixed

      • Tom

        OH YAY YOU FIXED IT! Bit late now isnt it! Everyone who hasnt read the comics just had the show spoiled, but at least you fixed the page after doing it…

  • Brett

    Wow…wasn’t ready for those spoilers from the comics at the bottom. The review was great and then you just dropped in some major plot points…that kind of sucked. I feel like a decent amount of people watching the show haven’t read the comics…

  • Tarek

    Walking dead is “Jericho” with Zombies.

  • Stonedog

    I do not believe there is really any inconsitency between the first season and the opening episode of Season 2. It seems to be a consistent factor that the zombies are attracted by movement and noise. In the first season Rick and company were able to camoflage themselves by smelling an moving like the zombies. In that episode, the Zombies did react to them and did get agitated but were decieved by the smell when they got closer. So I would think smell is not a primary sensory source of detection for the Z and so hiding and remaining silent is an effective means of Z evaision.

  • Tarek

    I hate Zombies. They are so slow…so stupid.

  • Berto

    Im guessing the zombies couldn’t smell the living due to the amount of dead bodies that they were surrounded by. Most of those cars had a corpse or two in them and as Franks severely undernourished wife stated they were in a perverbial graveyard. So the overbearing stench of the already deceased could have saved their asses.

  • Tom

    Okay what the **** with the spoilers at the bottom! Considering that the show for the most part is gonna follow the comics I think telling us that any character dies is a MASSIVE spoiler. Thanks for completely ruining one of my favourite shows, cant overstate just how much of a **** you are Scott. Jesus christ, at least put up a little warning!!!
    …Well considering I have just had what i think to be some pretty huge plot points ruined I’ll never read this recap again and probably never read any recap on collider again.
    Shame because I read and thoroughly enjoyed the breaking bad recaps you wrote every week, but i love watching this show not knowing whats gonna happen next and you’ve ruined that for me.
    So thanks for that you complete moron…

  • Tom

    Okay what the hell with the spoilers at the bottom! Considering that the show for the most part is gonna follow the comics I think telling us that any character dies is a MASSIVE spoiler. Thanks for completely ruining one of my favourite shows, cant overstate just how much of a **** you are Scott. Jesus christ, at least put up a little warning!!!
    …Well considering I have just had what i think to be some pretty huge plot points ruined I’ll never read this recap again and probably never read any recap on collider again.
    Shame because I read and thoroughly enjoyed the breaking bad recaps you wrote every week, but i love watching this show not knowing whats gonna happen next and you’ve ruined that for me.
    So thanks for that you complete moron…

  • Akousticplyr

    Didn’t like it. (Some spoilers). I’ve read all TWD comics and to be honest I’m not bothered that the show deviated from them. Its to be expected for a TV adaptation which I’m glad to have to a chance to watch. So what sucked about the premiere? Ok: short version is that I don’t feel empathy for characters that only create tense dramatic moments via their own unbelievable STUPIDITY. I end up going Darwinian and rooting for the walkers! And its lazy writing, too. You can get real drama from a SEAL team (who know how to handle themselves) stuck in the same situation. How many times can you write “and then he/she trips and falls.” Come on. How are these characters still alive?

    -long intro monologue on a walkie talkie. Is it me or could you imagine Morgan at the other end thinking “let go of the damn transmit button, you whining prick!” I can’t answer if you comm jam me, buddy.
    -Stupid Lori. “This is a graveyard.” Alert the media! Mother of the year, too: “Ok, go off and play but stay in sight!” Later “Ok, go off into the woods with daddy!” Still later, “Ok, stay behind with Daddy and hunt for the dumb girl.” Seriously, she may as well shot the kid herself!
    -Post a watch with binoculars and a rifle scope. Ninjas couldn’t sneak up on you on a HIGHWAY with those… BUT we go from one zombie sighted at a distance…then all of a sudden the herd is 40 feet away? Really? They move at the speed of Jason Vorhees i.e. light speed.
    -Andrea is an idiot. “Screw you Dale for making me save you.” ” I wanted to die! I want to die!” TWO seconds later: “Give me my gun! I don’t understand why won’t you give my my gun?” Uhh..because you are an unstable suicidal bitch with daddy issues? And Dale felt BAD about saving her? No dude, you did the right thing. Good on you.
    -Lori again. “Shane, stay away from my family.” One episode later- “Shane why are you giving us the cold shoulder?” Women. No wonder Shane wants to leave.
    -So a little girl we don’t care about runs into the woods and we spend two days of boredom looking for her. And her mom is pissed at Rick? I didn’t see her ass in the woods looking for her daughter as she ran off. But hey, at least Dale fakes the broken RV so no one will leave. Hey Dale- dump that piece of shit and get a NEW one from any RV sales lot. Here’s a hint- there’s one on I-85N around Exit 121. You guys are less than an hour from there. Get one with air conditioning, too. I’m sick of seeing sweaty people in everything portraying the “South.” We have air conditioning in our cars in the south, you know?
    – Rick in church. Praying the same speech we’ve heard a million times before in every TV show and movie that uses the same bullshit monologue. Blah blah. Give me a sign. Eye roll, yawn.

    Sorry for the rant. I guess its all about suspension of disbelief for me…Story matters, but so does intelligent character decision making, not glaringly obvious stupid choices that get them in trouble (but make the writers jobs easier.) Lazy. I’m cheering for the zombies.

    • Akousticplyr

      And for those that read the comic (No spoilers here) is it me or does it seem like Kirkman is spending so much energy on the TV show that the stories in the last 4-5 comics are pretty much identical and rather stagnant? Bummer.

  • rick

    i thought it was boring. disapointed inthe first show.

  • Scared for Movies

    The opener for the most part was a huge disappointment. The opening teaser/speech was cheesy. It’s funny how the Collider writer mentions that the opening of last year was so awesome when he shot the little zombie girl. I thought the exact opposite. These guys have to rely on the shock of seeing a little girl get shot to cover up their weak story telling. I thought the zombie herd was pretty tense and if the whole series could hold this feeling of dread it would be better served. The writer also mentioned the pacing as a positive. I disagree other than the herd going through the pacing was way too slow. Lets count the speeches: 1.Opening radio speech. 2.Andrea speech. 3.Mom giving speech to Rick. 4.Lori giving speech to Andrea & mom. 5. Mom giving speech to Jesus. 6.Rick giving speech to Jesus. Decent acting during all those speeches but the dialogue was horrendous. Another note the black guys cut basically makes it seem as if he’s going to bleed to death and then doesn’t touch upon it again. Shoddy to say the least. The collider writer also touches upon killing Carl. Did you really read the comic series because if you did you would realize that Carl is basically the main reason Rick goes on surviving. So essentially what your saying is that you want to take out the main motivation of the central character to keep his only son alive? It would never work and the fan base would sh*t a brick. And the part where they did the autopsy on the zombie was ridiculous. Just like the first season when they got the gore or when Shane beats up the wife beater. Way to excessive, how many times do you have to cut into something again and again or punch someone in the face over and over again 20 times. Gore for dummies if you ask me. Oh yeah and spoiler alert get ready for wash, rinse, repeat because the same thing happens over and over again. New place same tired worn out scenario. Yeah and Carl gets shot a second time also. Hope your ready for it. I really want to like this show but when you keep telling me it’s about the characters and not the zombies and most of the characters suck, what are you trying to accomplish? I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes here but this is how I feel. If you enjoy the Walking Dead I’m happy for you and please disregard my rant. I just want something more and right now it’s disappointing to see everyone lauding over an average show like it’s the greatest zombie show in town. Newsflash: It’s the only zombie show in town.

  • judasbarronx1

    @ Scott Wampler That was Andrea in the bathroom, not Lori.

  • Alex

    I’ll reiterate what a lot of people have already said: This recap reads like a hastily typed page of things you scrawled on a napkin.

    You claim to be a fan of the comics, yet you don’t even remember characters like Sophia, and get names wrong. Also you seem to either forget plot points from the comic, or ignore them in favor of witty banter.

    And then the spoilers. You take the time to do a spoiler free review of the episode, then a couple paragraphs later you start dropping huge spoilers (characters expiration dates) from the comics. I get that the TV show isn’t slavishly following the comics, but dropping character deaths from the comics is still deep spoiler territory.

    Also as a “fan” of the comics, how can you ask stupid questions like “Will Carl live!?!” Even if the TV show strays, he’s still a major character, and really the only reason for Rick to keep going. SPOILER: The entire arc of the prison has some important moments for the Grimes family, like the pregnancy, the woodbury incident, etc, that just wouldn’t make sense or carry weight if Carl wasn’t around. END SPOILER <=see, that wasn't so hard.

    Hopefully you get your shit together for next week's recap, because this one was a mess. I'd suggest you re-read the first 3 volumes (out in trade paperback, or the first 8 that are in the compendium for like 40$) so at least you can talk intelligently about the comics. Also, maybe wait a bit, re-read your notes, do some fact checking on the walking dead wiki for the comics. I think everyone would prefer a recap that is a bit late but well written than one that is up minutes after the show that is a complete trainwreck.

    As far as the episode is concerned I thought it was pretty good. I'm not sure I like the way they've changed the relatioships, particularly the Dale/Andrea dynamic. And even though Shane has outlived his comic counterpart I don't really have a problem with it.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but in the comics didnt the group meet Tyrese and his little group just outside Atlanta, before Herschel's farm? I'm starting to suspect that T-Dog in the show is the stand-in for Tyrese, but we'll see.

    • pr0jecktpat

      I can’t remember when they meet Tyrese but what you said sounds about right. I like T-Dog, but he is no Tyrese. Either way it will be interesting to see what happens next.

      Also I agree with you when it comes to changing the Dale/Andrea relationship, I like their relationship in the comic better. It seems like they are going the in your face STRONG FEMALE with Andrea. I thought she was strong in the comics but never came across as a bitch; she is doing that in the show though it would seem.

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