AMC Sets Scott Gimple as New Showrunner on THE WALKING DEAD

     January 14, 2013


Third time’s the charm?  Following the shocking news that Glen Mazzara would be stepping down as showrunner on AMC’s hit drama series The Walking Dead, TV Line now reports that supervising producer Scott Gimple has been tapped as the replacement.  Gimple will mark the third showrunner on the 3-season-old series, as original creator/showrunner Frank Darabont was forced out halfway through the show’s second season.  Hit the jump for more details.

walking-dead-season-3-andrew-lincolnDeparting showrunner Glen Mazzara will finish out his duties on the second half of the current third season, with TV Line reporting that Gimple’s appointment takes effect at the start of the show’s fourth season.  Gimple first joined the series during season two and has written a handful of episodes, including the upcoming penultimate season three episode “This Sorrowful Life” and this season’s “Hounded,” in which Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes received some mysterious phone calls.

Firm details regarding Mazzara’s exit have been hard to come by, but he stated at the time of his exit that he was leaving the show “over a difference of opinion” regarding how to approach season four.  THR attributed the staff change to Mazzara butting heads with comic book creator/TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman, but all of this information should be filed clearly in the “rumor” column for now.  The quality of the show rose sharply once Mazzara took over, so here’s hoping Gimple can keep up that momentum.  Season three of The Walking Dead continues on February 10th on AMC.


  • mattedscreen

    When this show is done, Aaron Sorkin should write a behind the scenes movie about the making of the show and all the drama… it’d win him another oscar im sure

  • LEM

    The other two series he’s worked on were cancelled so I guess AMC knows what their doing.

  • LEM

    The other two series he\’s worked on were cancelled so I guess AMC knows what their doing.

  • Lance

    Eventually, AMC is going to ruin this show. They’re obviously firing showrunners who resist their wishes, so if you’re a fan of what we’re seeing now, just realize the execs don’t like it.

    Gimple may turn out to be great, but if he is the execs will likely can him as well. They’ll keep firing people until they get what they want… a show about rainbows and lollipops.

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