Walt Disney ShoWest Report – Steve watches TRON 2 Footage in 3-D and Freaks Out

     March 31, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

So I just got out of the Walt Disney/Pixar ShoWest presentation and it rocked my world. Not only did Disney bring the goods and show the attendees tons of footage from upcoming movies in 3-D, but they showed us the “Tron 2” footage from comic-con in 3-D! This was my first time seeing the “Tron” footage and it absolutely blew me away. If you’re a fan of the original “Tron”, this sequel looks so amazing you are going to freak out when you see it in 3-D. Seriously. It will rock your world. This was easily the best thing I saw at the convention and I don’t know what else is going to come close.

Besides the “Tron” stuff, Disney went crazy and announced and showed tons of stuff for their upcoming movies. Here’s how it went.

The first bit of big news was that Disney/Pixar will be releasing “Toy Story 3-D” and “Toy Story 2 3-D” on October 2nd of this year as a double feature. It’s going to play for two weeks and it’s also going to be the first time audiences will be able to see the trailer for “Toy Story 3 in 3-D”. While we didn’t get to see any footage from the “Toy Story” movies in 3-D, after seeing all the other footage in 3-D, I’m sure it’ll be incredible.

After the “Toy Story” news, we found out that the classic 2-D animated movie “Beauty and the Beast” will be getting a 3-D makeover and it’s going to be out on Feb 12th, 2010 in 3-D. And to help show what it will look like, they showed us the opening song “Belle” in 3-D and I have to say it looked great. While it’s not as good as a movie made in 3-D, for new audiences that haven’t seen this amazing movie, they’ll love it.

The next thing Mark Zoradi (The President of the Walt Disney Group) showed us was some production artwork for “A Christmas Carol”. We saw what Jim Carrey will look like in the movie and we heard Robert Zemeckis talk about what he wanted to do with the film and how he wanted to tell the story. Nothing great to report from this except that no footage was ready yet. Mark did say that we can all expect Disney to start pushing the movie this summer with footage and other stuff.

Immediately after that Mark started talking about what a fit Tim Burton is with this new technology and how “Alice in Wonderland” is going to make amaze everyone. While no footage was ready for the movie, we did get to see Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Both looked awesome and I think “Alice” is probably the perfect film for Tim Burton. [UPDATE: “Alice in Wonderland” is going to be in conventional theartes andin IMAX 3D and is currently scheduled to hit theatres on March 5, 2010]

The next thing was the trailer for “G-Force” in 3-D…and it’s clearly a kids movie.

Now we’ve reached the best part of my day. After “G-Force” we got the “Tron” footage and I pretty much lost my mind. I had a smile from ear to ear as I watched what Disney is planning on doing with this sequel and it seriously looked amazing. Imagine if we got to go into the world of “Tron” and everything was 3-D and it was dark like “The Matrix”. That’s what the footage looked like and it’s so fucking awesome I cannot wait to see this film. And don’t get me started on how insane the new light cycle’s look.

Unfortaunetly, Mark Zoradi said they are only starting principal photography in a few weeks so this is a long way off for everyone.

But he did say he considers “Tron” to be a “tentpole film” and that should excite everyone as I think the studio finally realizes what “Tron” means and this should excite everyone that is a fan of the first film!

Finally, at the end of the presentation they showed the first 45 minutes of Pixar’s “Up” and since I had already seen the footage, I left to write this up and go to the next presentation.

Overall, Disney rocked my world with “Tron” and if this is the only new footage I see while at this year’s ShoWest this entire trip was worthwhile.

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