WAR MACHINE Spin-Off Film Moving Forward

     January 21, 2011


For those hoping to see more of James Rhodes (a.k.a War Machine), we have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news: in a recent interview, the man responsible for the most recent cinematic turn as War Machine, Mr. Don Cheadle, confirmed that a spin-off film revolving around his heavily armed counterpart is currently in the works.  In said interview, Cheadle explained:

“They’re developing it now, they’re working on that. I think they’ve hired a writer, so we’ll see how it goes. It would be a lot of fun.”

To check out the bad news, and to hear the actor briefly discuss Jon Favreau’s Iron Man departure, hit the jump for the video interview.

While the War Machine fan club (which may or may not actually exist) might rejoice over the news that their beloved character has his own feature in the works, they will most likely be disappointed to hear that he will probably be absent from Avengers.  In talking with MTV about that film, Cheadle said:

“I don’t think he shows up in [Avengers]. I think he’s kind of a lone wolf.”

With this living proof that you can’t win them all in mind, here’s the video of Cheadle’s short-but-sweet MTV interview:


  • Iron man

    Hmmm, now, I like war machine in the comics, he looked cool in the films, but his alter ego is no way near as fun/exciting interesting as Tony Stark. Add to that Don Cheadle sucked as War Machine. Hes a good actor, but this whole spinnoff is unnessesary. Bring him into avengers to help out, but frankly, his own film seems like a desperate cash in.


      Fuck white people.



  • Orbit

    They’ll have to change the title to “Not Iron Man.”

  • dogg

    Terrence Howard as Rhodey was MUCH more interesting.

    • Trentr

      Yeah, but basically he was kicked out from the franchise all by himself ¬_¬’

    • Necro

      Cheadle was just going through the motions and made for a not very compelling character or characterization. Howard’s performance added just a bit more soul and depth that probably wasn’t on the page. Advice to Marvel Studios/Disney: don’t waste your time or money on a second-rate banana of a B-listed comic book character.

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  • Daniel

    When he says “he’ll be in the next one thats coming up” at the end, does he mean “Thor”?

  • kane

    Bloody hell, Marvel are going mad now. They need to stop rinsing the characters, damn!

  • Tyrannosaur Yogi


  • zillabeast

    Waitaminute. Wasn’t Cheadle at that big presser they did for the AVENGERS at comic-con? That big shot of the the whole cast holding their hands up togeather.

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  • Dave from Oz

    @ zillabeast…,nah, that was mace wndu

  • Dannyboy3030

    Yeah @zillabeast, you racist bastard (kidding)

  • John F. C. Taylor

    Sure, why not? Iron Man was the best of all the recent Marvel movies.

  • Mitchell Burns

    This looks stupid, i am no interested at all.

  • BlowMeSlowly

    Iron Man: Villian uses Stark tech to build his own Iron Man suit and fight Iron Man. Iron Man 2: Villian uses Stark tech to build his own Iron Man suit and fight Iron Man and War Machine, who is also wearing an Iron Man suit. Iron Man in The Avengers. And now, War Machine Iron Man spin-off movie. So basically, they just sit around and come up with the worse ideas possible.

    • TempleT

      That was how the comic always was. It kinda worked. The next Iron Man movie is supposed to have mandarin, a guy with tech so advanced it seems like magic; each of Mandarin’s rings had a different power. Even with that character they ended up with Mandarin wearing a suit powered by his rings!

      What marvel needs to do is a Doctor Strange movie. That could be great!

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