Colin Farrell and Paula Patton Up for WARCRAFT Leads

     September 22, 2013


With a January production start-date looming for the long-awaited feature film adaptation of World of Warcraft, Legendary Pictures and director Duncan Jones (Moon) are now focused on casting for the fantasy pic.  Deadline reports that Paula Patton and Colin Farrell are currently in the mix for two lead roles, with Patton in firm negotiations and Farrell mulling over an offer.  The report notes that Farrell’s chances of signing on are 50/50 since talks have yet to begin, but he would certainly make an interesting choice for Warcraft.  Hit the jump for more.

colin-farrell-warcraftFarrell eschewed big budget tentpole fare following the disappointment of 2004’s Alexander and 2006′s Miami Vice, and while he has shined in more character-centric pics like Seven Psychopaths and Crazy Heart as of late, he made a return to large-scale studio fare with last year’s disappointing Total Recall remake.  With a director like Jones onboard, though, one imagines Warcraft will bring more to the table than just recognizable characters and eye-popping battles, so it could be a fruitful choice for Farrell.

Patton is also a promising choice, as the actress got her first taste of franchise filmmaking in 2011’s excellent Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  Deadline notes that Jones is testing other actors for major roles in Warcraft, but Farrell and Patton give us an (encouraging) idea of the kinds of actors the filmmaker is looking at for the fantasy pic.  Farrell recently wrapped another fantasy film, Akiva Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale, and he has a role in Disney’s upcoming Saving Mr. Banks.  Patton will next be seen in the romantic comedy Baggage Claim.  Legendary Pictures is producing Warcraft with an eye towards a 2015 release date.


  • Bob

    Huh, well I like Farrell in some things, and don’t like him in other’s so he’s a wait and see for me. Patton I love, she’s a pretty good actress and not to mention one of the most beautiful and sexy lady’s in the world, imo at least.

  • Strong Enough

    Colin? automatic flop

    • axalon

      I think he’s a good actor…

      • Strong Enough

        he is but his nickname right now is “bomb city”

  • Melwing

    If this wants any chance of being good, leave that guy out of it.

  • axalon

    I’m not too familiar with the franchise, what exactly would the story be about?

    • Daniel Chhuy

      That’s the billion dollar question Axalon, they could go to the very beginning to a generic good vs bad LOTR scale story with some decent roles, they could go to the evolution of Thrall from slave to leader to guardian, or they could go the story of Arthas and his decent to madness, killing his father, assuming the role of the lich king…. potential for this to be the greatest series of movies is all dependent on script and vision really

  • signname

    Colin Farrell is a really, really lucky dude. Yes, I do think he is talented but also incredibly lucky, because this guy is probably one of the ONLY actors in hollywood who has been given chance after chance after chance, despite failing to be in movies that turn out a profit: Alexander, Miami Vice, Total Recall, even Daredevil… In Hollywood, you’re lucky if you get back after one flop, he’s been given countless chances. Again, nothing against Farrell (I am actually a pretty big fan) but just pointing out a fact I have noticed. Hope it works out for him eventually.

    • Strong Enough

      Miami Vice is a masterpiece of cinema. The way Mann shot it. Classic.

      Yeah…i said it.

      • Mike G

        Not as bad as some people say but somewhat short of being a masterpiece I reckon. It’s no Heat, put it that way. It is however beautifully shot and has great moments (that trailer park scene!) but it never quite gels the way Heat did with such a sprawling story. Farrell and Foxx are pretty good in it too.

      • Kevin

        This is the first positive thing I’ve ever heard you say. I’m so proud…

      • poppincherry

        MV was a piece of shit on a long ass stick found in a parking lot that was used to beat a drug dealer to death around 4:45 pm during the high holy holidays and right about the time I was getting my knob sucked by a crack whore who later died of unknown causes.
        Got that!

      • joeybot

        So the criteria for “masterpiece” got taken down to “medicore.”

        Why do nerds love this movie so much?

      • Strong Enough

        because its a masterpiece

      • joeybot

        It’s only been about seven years. You have to wait awhile before you can call something a masterpiece, it has to be able to stand the test of time.

      • Strong Enough

        Miami vice does stand the test of time

      • joeybot

        Real time, not a few years. Basically the only people who even remember that movie exists are some film nerds who put the most importance on how a movie looks, and if it’s boring it’s a plus so they can sit there and ponder film stock (or in this case, HD).

      • Strong Enough

        This is real time and miami vice is a masterpiece. sorry bub

      • Strong Enough

        This is real time and miami vice is a masterpiece. sorry bub

      • joeybot

        You have to give it the test of time, not just a few years.

      • Strong Enough

        nope. a masterpiece

      • joeybot

        You need to give a movie more than a few years to call it a master piece.

        Nerds love this movie. You’re a nerd, post a photo of yourself.

      • Strong Enough

        i know you’re just wishing i post a photo thinking i;m a ten year old girl. perv

      • joeybot

        Who needs you, I fucked your mommy.


      • Strong Enough

        i would believe that if she was a 10 year old girl which you love

      • joeybot

        You know, you crossed a line. I’m reporting you to the FBI.

      • Strong Enough


    • JK1193

      A lot of people said the same thing about Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code, look how awesome that movie was. I trust Jones in his choices of leading men, from Gyllenhaal and Sam Rockwell in Moon, so I think Colin could be a really good fit.

      • poppincherry

        You sound like you want to lick his ass crack.

      • cb

        Well, seeing as your mom enjoys tossing salads so much, we all thought we’d give it a try.

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  • Kevin

    I’ve loved him ever since I saw In Bruges. I never knew he could play a character like that. He was also really good in Fright Night, one of my favorite horror movies in recent years.

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  • poppincherry

    Instant fail. Paula is a sorry ass actress. She’s the poor man’s Hale Berry. And Collin was suppose to be the new Tom Cruise. Um………….Yeah……

  • poppincherry

    Fail!!!!! Why the fuck would you even consider two middle aged actors such as Paula and Collin to head a franchise that targets nerds. There is no fucking connection.
    Get the best, young, household named actors out there and throw them into this movie. And the movie has to be as witty and quick as possible. Then you could have a chance at a hit. But using grandpa and granny? You must be smoking crack.

    • Norrtron

      Yeah, because they’re going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a movie and only want to attract “nerds”.

    • WaltonSimons

      I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not. Actors in their 30s aren’t middle age. I suppose you want Zac Efron in this, he could play a female elf. Actors don’t make movies hits or misses now anyway, you seem to have time traveled from 15 years ago, welcome to the future.

    • marrowbonez

      poppincherry – you are an amateur troll – an not even a good one. Nobody takes your comments seriously because all you do is spew bile. You are a prime example of the self-entitled scum that leeches off society all too often.
      You were probably spoiled and given everything you wanted by your shitty-parent mom your entire life and told you were special every day and raised with no rules or consequences because you were “mama’s little angel” She probably breastfed you until you were 7.
      Now, you have grown into a useless human being who lacks imagination, creativity and common sense logic. Everything sucks to you and everything is boring to you because your life is meaningless and empty.
      When you do finally kick the bucket, you will be alone and full of regret. I urge you to seek some tangible meaning to your life before it is too late.

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    Not going to pretend that this sounds like a good decision, but who knows, it’s Duncan Jones after all.

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  • matt murdock

    Paula Patton is a good actress and a stunningly, gorgeous woman.

    • Doug_101

      Double Up Vote for the comment and, in context, your username.

      • matt murdock

        Yeah, Doug I am a huge Daredevil fan. I still read the comic book to this day. I am hoping that Michael C. Hall/Dexter plays Matt/Daredevil in a rebooted version of Daredevil. As far as Paula goes, I remember when I saw that dreadful Denzel movie, Deja Vu, and when I saw Paula, I literally could not close my mouth as I was in awe of her beauty. All I can say is that Robin Thicke is a very lucky man!!!

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  • Jamesy

    I like Colin Farrell, but any time he’s given a role in a movie this size it fails. He’s brilliant in smaller movies In Bruges, Seven Physcopaths, Ondine, Triage, Tigerland, Crazy Heart, he was good in Horrible Bosses. For some reason the bigger movies just flop, and I haven’t seem much from Patton but what I’ve seen from her she just seems to be in movies to make them look good and reminds me of Hale Berry, very little talent. Or at least from what I’ve seen from her she hasn’t displayed much, but I like Jones as a director and trust his casting.

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