First Image from the Set of Duncan Jones’ WARCRAFT

     April 24, 2014


One might say video game adaptations are “cursed”, but the truth is that they’ve all just been bad movies.  But if anyone can make the first successful video game-to-movie adaptation, it’s Duncan Jones.  The Moon and Source Code filmmaker is currently hard at work on a highly anticipated feature film iteration of World of Warcraft, and now the first Warcraft movie image straight from the set has been released online.  It doesn’t reveal any of the cast or even much of the environment, but instead focuses on Jones looking intently at his monitors.  Legendary Pictures has yet to release any plot information from the film, so for now we’re still in the dark, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Hit the jump to check out the first Warcraft movie image.  The film stars Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky, Daniel Wu, and Clancy BrownWarcraft opens in 2D and 3D on March 11, 2016.

While official information about Warcraft is hard to come by, we do know that Jones’ film is more influenced by the original iteration of the game series rather than the more contemporary World of Warcraft games.  Moreover, out of BlizzCon 2013 we learned that the pic tells “the story of Anduin Lothar versus Durotan, Human and Orc heroes from the original real-time strategy games.”  Early concept art also teased Stormwind, Draenor, and Dalaran as locations that we’ll see in the film.  Filming is currently underway in Vancouver.

Check out the Warcraft set image below, courtesy of Empire Magazine (via CS), followed by a slate image from Slates for Sarah (via /Film).




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  • DeathoftheEndless7

    People dressed like Jedi confirmed.

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  • Grayden

    People’s reactions to this photo are hilarious.

  • Casey C.

    Stormwind throne room.

  • Strong Enough

    no major stars? good luck

    • Norrtron

      Yeah, because Lord of the Rings was FILLED with major stars right?

      • The Flobbit

        Umm…Viggo, Sean Bean, Weaving, Blanchett, McKellen, Lee…Yes!

      • Christian Leroux

        Hey dumbass, most of the people you just named got famous FROM those movies. At the time of the release, not many people knew who they were. Quick, name some films these actors have been in dating pre-LOTR off the top of your head! Actually, I want you to make a mental list – don’t cheat – of all the big films these people have made, then look up on IMDB to see if they came pre or post LOTR.

      • The Flobbit

        Wow. Before you go calling me a dumbass, make sure you’re right and not being a douchebag moron. Viggo had several dramas like The Indian Runner. Sean Bean was a popular Bond villain. Weaving was hugely popular from The Matrix, Blanchett was nominated for an Oscar for Elizabeth, McKellen was Magneto in X-Men, Lee had Star Wars and a slew of films like Dracula. Not to mention John Rhys-Davies who was known for Indiana Jones, Ian “Alien” Holm, and Sean “Goonies” Astin.

        When you think about it, LOTR had a well-known cast.

      • Christian Leroux

        You kind have proved my point though. Many of the films you mentioned came directly before LOTR – I knew you were going to reference Trevelyan and Dracula and Indy and Magneto, but most of these people only really because stars, or regained their stardom, due to the franchise (like Elijah Wood and Sean Astin), and some acquired it (Sorry, but barely anyone knew who Viggo was before these films).

        But let me backtrack to why I responded to your comment in the first place: Warcraft may be the vehicle that launches the careers of many unknown actors. Who knows? If you go on the IMDB page for most of the previously mentioned stars of LOTR, their most notable films ARE LOTR, so you naming those stars was wrong on the grounds that the project you associated them with is pretty much what they are considered stars for. That’s it. What happens if Warcraft is a success? Well then suddenly people will be saying it’s cast was filled with stars.

      • The Flobbit

        Of course – LOTR was a career making movie. But none of the actors here are actually doing badly: Fimmel has Vikings, Cooper’s in the MCU and Need for Speed, and Ben Foster’s in a couple films too. The cast and director are great!

      • Norrtron

        You named good actors, none of those guys are really “stars”. They don’t have ANY box office draw on their name alone.

      • The Flobbit

        So…why did LOTR make almost 2 billion dollars at the box office? PJ certainly wasn’t the one drawing the crowds back then.

      • Norrtron

        Because the movies were amazing maybe? Had NOTHING to do with star power. There wasn’t one person who thought “I just want to see LOTR because it has Cate Blanchet!”

      • Strong Enough

        Yes…yes it was. besides that was based off a very popular book and not a nerdy pc game

    • Christian Leroux

      You are a fucking retard my friend. You can’t equate the quality of a film with its cast; there are SO many examples of films filled to the brim with big stars that suck balls – according to your standards, “Movie 43″ should be a cinema masterpiece. The reverse can also be said: ever hear of a little movie called “Star Wars”… Well the core trio of characters was comprised of unknown actors.

      That being said though, I immediately noticed the names of Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, and Ben Foster. They are fucking fantastic actors, and have been nominated and/or won several Emmy and SAG awards. If you don’t recognize these names, that’s on you.

      Will this movie be amazing? I don’t think so, but my arguments are based on more sound ideas than “no major stars.” Grab your head out of your ass boy.

      • The Flobbit

        Strong Enough is not a retard. He says nothing about a film’s quality in connection with a film’s cast. He’s merely pointing out that name stars give your film a better chance of succeeding at the box office.

        Stop overreacting. Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t think like that.

        Stop freaking out you f-cking douchebag. That better?

      • Christian Leroux

        It’s funny that you attack me for my presumptions and then make several of your own. Thanks.

        He made a snarky comment, so I responded. What can I say, I’m trained to give long and elaborate arguments, so yes my replies come across as “douchy.” It didn’t help that I called him a fucking retard. However, I don’t see the problem with responding to a dickish comment with a thorough dickish rebuttal. If you were working on a film project and someone went, “no major stars. good luck,” you’d probably take the comment as being a negative remark.

      • The Flobbit

        In that case, I guess I apologize?

      • Grayden

        You’re kind of a dick.

      • Christian Leroux

        At first I thought your name was Grayson and chuckled when I read “dick.”

        Absolutely. Sorry, it’s how I was raised: a cocktail of “no bullshit” and a bachelor’s in literature. Thus, I’m an asshole who feels the need to support his arguments on movie news websites with long elaborate statements. My bad.

      • Strong Enough

        I never said anything about quality idiot. I was talkin in terms of box office numbers

      • Christian Leroux

        You never said anything about box office numbers either. My bad.

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  • angmar

    it must be the hall of king terenas

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  • Norrtron

    Because there’s SO much to see right?