Warner Bros. Makes an Odyssey with ULYSSES

     April 24, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Can someone please inform the major studios that they don’t have to blow money on these adaptations of public domain works? That’s the beauty of public domain. The estate of Homer isn’t going to sue you if you make “The Iliad” or “The Odyssey”.

But I guess there is a problem when someone else creates an original work based off that public domain. The Homer Estate still can’t sue but Ann Peacock gets to make a tidy profit off her script “Odysseus” which Warner Bros. will retitle “Ulysses” so they can sucker in some James Joyce fans. What’s the plot? According to Variety, “Story centers on the Greek lit hero and king of Ithaca, who returns to his island after 20 years of fighting the Trojan Wars only to find his kingdom under the brutal occupation of an invading force, which he ultimately defeats.” Thank you, Spoiler Alert.

That’s not even an adaptation. That’s just the ending of the book. She just cut out the entire journey home. What, did she read “The Odyssey” and think “Well here are all the great cinematic moments but who wants to see that in their movie?” I mean, yeah, his homecoming is dramatic but why would you chop out the journey?

In all truth, Variety probably doesn’t do her script justice with their brief synopsis but it’s fun to mock it anyway. Jonathan Liebesman (“Darkness Falls”) will direct and hopefully make it better than “Troy”.

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