Warner Bros. Stalls THE THIN MAN with Johnny Depp

     June 21, 2012


Director Rob Marshall now has a little more time to find a fitting actress to star opposite Johnny Depp in The Thin Man, as Warner Bros. has put a halt to production on the remake.  Depp was set to star as Nick Charles, one half of a married couple who solves murder mysteries while bantering back and forth and almost getting killed themselves.  This delay is, at the moment, less of a behind-the-scenes melodrama and more due to practicality.  Deadline reports that Depp is eager to take a break between films.  This also allows Marshall to move forward with his long-gestating Disney project, Into the Woods, a feature version of Stephen Sondheim’s fairy-tale musical.  Though The Thin Man was never officially greenlit, there is also some talk of budget concerns, which will likely push back the planned November start while the particulars are sorted out.

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  • Aboveall

    Very understandable if Johnny needs some time off now!!

  • Jake

    The well is probably running a bit dry for him now. I wonder if he ever takes a break.

  • Nullify

    Directed by Rob Marshall – if that’s not a death bell for any anticipation and enthusiasm for the project, then I don’t know what is.

    Ladies and Gents: Rob Marshall, the man who brought you the vapid “let’s enter the dream sequence” Chicago, the abhorrent Nine, dismal Memoirs of a Geisha, and the mind-numbing, awful Pirates 4. Yay.

  • Brian McAleer

    I think Depp needs to reinvent himself… again. He did this very well with the original Pirates film in 2003, and set himself up for a decade of blockbusters. But to be honest, I’m getting tired of seeing him headline these blockbuster fantasy epics, where he plays these over-fictional characters. Could he return to the films he did in his 30′s and 20′s, i.e. Ed Wood, Nick of Time, Fear & Loathing, Gilbert Grape? I’m not sure. I reckon he will embrace turning 50 in an interesting way, with a role that will show us a new side to him and carry him forward through the next decade. I’m interested to see where he takes himself. As always, I’m sure it will be odd and unusual in the way only Johnny Depp can.

  • dukeroberts

    I didn’t like the idea of him playing Nick Charles anyway, but it would not be as much a blight on humanity as him playing Tonto in a horrible Lone Ranger movie.

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