Warner Bros. to Decide within the Next 10 Days if CLASH OF THE TITANS Will Go 3D

     January 20, 2010

slice Clash of the Titans movie image.jpg

3D may not be the best decision for every upcoming blockbuster, but after seeing the trailer for Louis Leterrier’s remake of Clash of the Titans, it’s difficult to argue against the desire to see a kraken pop out of the screen to crush you.  There was some word last month about a possible 3D upgrade, but now Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros. will decide within the next ten days if Clash will get the 3D treatment or not.  Says HV, “The studio has ordered a 3D test of the film…and screen the converted scenes next week before deciding whether to make the move.” The 2D to 3D conversion, while expensive, could pay off, or in this case it could be neutralized by How to Train Your Dragon, which will be vying for 3D screens on the same release date, March 26th.  DreamWorks Animation always intended to release How to Train Your Dragon in 3D.

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