Warner Bros. Declares WORLD WAR X

by     Posted 4 years, 40 days ago

Warner Bros. has decided to go to war at some point in the future and/or past.  Variety reports that the studio has purchased Colin Trevorrow’s script World War X and set it up at Silver Pictures.  According to Variety, the story centers on “a man recruited by a team of government agents to stop a terrorist from the future who is using time travel to reshape history.”  I don’t know if it’s a serious action film or a goofy action comedy, but I hope it’s the latter because it sounds hilarious.  The fact that “Trevorrow and Derek Connolly sold an action comedy pitch earlier this year to Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald,” gives me hope.

Joel Silver and Andrew Rona will produce.  The Warner Bros.-based Silver Pictures is currently developing the horror flick The Apparition and Sherlock Holmes 2.

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  • Bogie

    Isn't that the exact same plot of “Timecop”?

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