Red-Band Trailer/Outtake Reel for THE WATCH

     July 25, 2012

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A new red-band trailer/outtake reel for The Watch has gone online.  For those unfamiliar with the film, it follows a neighborhood watch gang who stumble upon plans for an alien invasion.  There are some regular clips that have appeared in other trailers, and then the outtakes are more like alternate takes that are followed by the actors cracking up at their shenanigans.  I’ll have my review online tomorrow, but I’ll say now that if you want to avoid spoiling some of the jokes for yourself, maybe hold off on watching this until after you’ve seen the movie.

Hit the jump to check out the red-band trailer/outtake reel.  The film stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard AyoadeThe Watch opens Friday.

Via @JonahHill.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Watch:

Four everyday suburban guys come together to form a neighborhood watch group, but only as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they have no choice but to save their neighborhood–and the world–from total extermination.



  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    I guess a lot of juveniles find this kind of stuff humorous. BORED NOW!

  • CitizenBane

    Why does it feel like we’ve seen all the funny parts?

    • Blue Leader

      saw it yesterday. it’s actually pretty funny.

  • CitizenBane

    Why does it feel like we\’ve seen all the funny parts?

  • ThunderBunts

    Calling it now, Richard Ayoade is an alien.

  • Griz

    Like most outtake reels .. . . the actors are clearly having more fun than the audience is while watching them ad-lib their lines.

  • Drake

    Richard Ayoade looks great in this and will probably steal the show.

  • Scotty


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