Watch Some Commercials from TRON LEGACY Director Joseph Kosinski and Hear How He Got Started in the Business

     February 9, 2010

Tron Legacy movie image.jpg

No matter how the films of 2010 play out, arriving this December is the sequel I’ve waited my entire life to see: Tron Legacy.  While we have to wait a very long time to see what director Joseph Kosinski has created, thanks to a reader named Max, after the jump you can watch some of Kosinski’s commercials and hear him explain how he got started in the business.  Since Kosinski hasn’t done many interviews and is pretty much a mystery to the online world, it’s interesting to hear him talk about what got him behind the camera and how commercials shaped him.  Also, special thanks to David Fincher, as he’s the one who got Joseph Kosinski his first job.

And if you haven’t seen Kosinski’s commercials before, they’re kind of awesome.

If you just want to see Kosinski talk, it’s the 9 minute mark.  This video was recorded at the 5D conference and (I believe) before filming began on Tron Legacy.


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