DC Comics Announces WATCHMEN Prequel Comics

     February 1, 2012


In situations likes these it’s best to sigh and then shrug.  DC Comics has officially announced that they’ll be launching Before Watchmen, prequel comics based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen.  While there have been murmurings of Watchmen prequel and sequel comics for years, the prequels will really happen now with writers and everything.  DC Comics asked Alan Moore for his blessing, but he (unsurprisingly) refused. He then returned to the woods to forage for nuts and berries.  However, Gibbons released a statement saying,

“The original series of Watchmen is the complete story that Alan Moore and I wanted to tell. However, I appreciate DC’s reasons for this initiative and the wish of the artists and writers involved to pay tribute to our work. May these new additions have the success they desire,”

Hit the jump for more, including a first look at the covers for the prequels.

Info collected via Bleeding Cool.

Rorschach by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo [cover via USA Today]


Comedian by Brian Azzarello and JG Jones [cover via The New York Times]


Minutemen by Darwyn Cooke [cover via Hero Complex]


Silk Spectre by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner [cover via EW]


Doctor Manhattan by J. Michael Straczynski and Adam Hughes [cover via CBR]


Nite Owl by J. Michael Strazynski, Andy Kubert, and Joe Kubert [cover via THR]


Ozymandias by Len Wein and Jae Lee [cover via Wired]

Each issue will include two pages of a separate, continuing backup story, Curse of the Crimson CorsairMinutemen will have six issues, and the other books will have four issues.  The comics will be released weekly beginning this summer.  There will also be Before Watchmen: Epilogue featuring Crimson Corsair and a series of stories from various creators including Wein and artist John Higgins.

[cover via DC Source]


I’m not particularly passionate about this news either way.  Azzarello is alright, I’m not really familiar with Cooke, Wein has a lifetime pass for creating Wolverine, and Staczynski will inevitably write himself into a corner.  The larger implication is how DC (and its parent company, Warner Bros.) plan to take these books and expand them into TV shows, movies, animated movies, or what-have-you.  At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of those awful “motion comics”.

Finally, federal law requires that I include this image in the story:


  • slinky317

    It’s as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…

  • Samuel

    Your writing style is fucking horrible

  • Jack

    I found Watchmen to be juvenile. I had never read a graphic “novel” and after slogging through that one have no further interest. Comics were always intended for children. Adults who try to justify them as adult reading really are juvenile.

    • Ruprect

      Watch the first step off that high horse. It’s a doozy.

    • Mike

      You are an excellent troll. I got enraged for a second and then realized this couldn’t possibly be serious. Touche, sir.

    • sense 11


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  • new coke

    take taht stupid nerds

  • Yamibakeru

    Disappointing. First, the pointless reboot, now this. The writing may be good, but what they do is unethical and displays a total lack of principles. Watchmen is, in itself, a completely self-contained story that needs no back story nor extrapolation at all. Everything that has happened, and will happen, is contained within those 12 issues. They are clearly doing this for the money, and the money alone.

  • Goop

    I almost cried. But then I read that Brian Azzarello was contributing to the series. “Alright”? Azzarello is fantastic. He created 100 Bullets. He’s the most exciting name on that list.

    Overall it’s still pretty disappointing, but I’m grad to see them bring in some heavy hitters. At least they’re taking this seriously.

  • Butthurt

    Why is Dr. Manhattan giving it to her from behind?

    • Angry nerd sterotype

      Behind is a relative concept. It has no intrinsic value.

      • colin.

        comments like this ^ are why i still have faith in the internet

  • Steve Rudzinski

    These can be really good and interesting additions to the mythos. If they suck, I can ignore them completely and enjoy the original story. I don’t see why people are upset over it.

    And honestly, I’m pumped to read Minutemen.

  • Northern Star

    I’m sure these prequels will be great reads, and Dave Gibbons is gracious in his response (I hear Alan Moore is currently loading a pump-action shotgun upon hearing the news), but he’s absolutely right, the ‘Watchmen’ saga began and ended with the original comic-books/graphic novel – and by extension, Zack Snyder’s awesome film adaptation (it was people, deal with it!) – let’s just leave it at that shall we…?

  • Bryn

    I’m shocked and stunned that a comic book property is being expanded.
    Stan Lee must be rolling in his grave.

    • Tayto

      yeah he must be…I would if I were still ALIVE :)

  • jarvis3205

    Loved the Original Watchmen…& YES I DID DIG THE FLICK…it was panel for panel life in motion…but not 100% sure about this…more 100% concerned.

    But I will checkit out. :-)

  • Extra-Sensory Perception

    Just wondering why are they calling it BEFORE WATCHMEN when all the stories take place in the novel’s timeframe.

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  • Frank Mondana

    The really funny part of this is that Moore left the god-damned comic open for a sequel himself.
    Lets recap-
    Ozzy has played the ultimate practical joke on the world. He has used The Blue Penis’ power to destroy New York (which for anyone who knows history, the movie did a much better job with this nugget). This makes the world go all group huggy so that peace and love will reign throughout the new world order.
    An order whcih belongs to, and is wholly owned and operated by, Ozzy himself.
    The Watchmen agreed to keep it quiet whilst bitch-slapping each other in the Fortress of solit—-, I mean Ozzy’s dream home, to allow the world to live in peace. A world that no longer needs,
    BUT WAIT!!!!!!!
    Before jumping into the Batpla—, I mean, Archie, with Bat—, er, Nightowl II, our homicidal hero, Rorschach, dumps his diary into the offices of a local newspaper so that the real story of Conrad V. can get out.

    The world will find out that it was all a set up, the hugging will stop and KA-POW! The Watchmen will have to reform once again! Superma—er, Dr. Manhatten, who left a tiny version of his penis in the vagina of his former wife so he could keep tabs on Earth, comes back to help!

    OK, the last part was mine but I think we all get the point.

    I love The Watchmen book. The movie actually did a better job with the themes but that’s easy since the 80′s can be viewed from a distance now. Getting rid of the blue octopus legs helped too.
    Alan Moore has ingested more LSD in his life than every hippy in the 60′s did combined. The guy sees enemies everywhere. He even hate Gibbons now. It is simply not possible that every single person Moore has ever dealt with has screwed him over. The fact that he claims, as does all his little groupies, that the story was complete is BS. The end of that book was a total setup for the sequel. Methinks Moore is just pissed that he was not millions of dollars, a 100 foot statue in the capital of every country iin the world, and 71 vestal virgins to complete his pact with Pazuzu.
    Even better is that his criticisms over the past 2 decades of how yucky and unoriginal every comic other than his is another big steaming pile of BS. His own stories, when viewed together, are all the same anarchist blather.
    Yes, Watchmen was a great story (I read it back when it came out in the 80′s). It is not some tome written by the hands of Gods using human blood as the ink.

  • Frank Mondana


    Moore left the book open for a sequel………

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