Wear This: LOST T-Shirt Finds Its Constant…and a DeLorean

     May 18, 2010

Despite being a huge Lost fan, I’ve never bought a Lost-related t-shirt in all of the show’s six seasons.  That changed today as TeeFury released an amazing t-shirt featuring Faraday, Desmond, and a DeLorean.  The image on the shirt makes it look like Desmond and Faraday are about to travel through time to fight crime.  Even if Lost screws the pooch in the final episodes, I know that in terms of the show’s overall run, Faraday was great, Desmond was great, and Back to the Future is an all-time great.

Click over to TeeFury to get yours.  It’s only $9 (plus $2 shipping) and it’s only available today.  Hit the jump to see a full image of the shirt.


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  • smokey

    Only saw the pilot episode the first season and was bored by it. Watched every episode this season and am disappointed the acting still sucks. The writers are good but the actors just don't deliver the lines. THere aren't Mad Men or Breaking Bad type of cast . Last weeks episode will Allison Janney as GAIA was horrendous. I've seen her on Broadway a couple of times and her performance was just plain laughable.

  • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg

    Wait. So you've skipped all the character development of the past four seasons, but you're now totally informed on how to judge the show? Okay, just checking.

    Also, comparing the show to Mad Men and Breaking Bad is apples and oranges. Hell, even comparing Mad Men to Breaking Bad isn't a fair comparison. The acting styles required by all three shows is different.

  • smokey

    Comparing acting styles to actors is not comparing apples to oranges. A good/great actor is convicing in whatever genre he/she acts in. Javier Bardem is a great actor and is convincing as a cold blooded killer as in No Country for Old Men as well as a playboy in Woody Allen's Barcelona. The concensus is the actors in the show are only average. None of them have made the jump to big time Hollywood movies. John Hamm has been in a few movies and will appear in a few more the next couple of years. Only one actor has even won an emmy. Bryan Cranston has won 2 consecutive emmys for his acting. He was also great in Malcolm in the Middle comedy- which are polar opposites of acting styles. The actors in Lost are all type cast. None are potential leading men in a movie. They don't have the acting chops. Only Evangeline Lilly has the potential to make the jump to film since she is sooo hot. Main point this is just one person's opinion and just because I don't love the show doesn't mean you have to criticize another person's opinion.

  • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg

    First: You don't know what typecasting means. Typecasting means that the actor gets cast in the same kind of role over and over again. Most of the “Lost” cast hasn't moved on to movies, so you have no basis for that argument.

    Secondly, when did this rule about not criticizing other people's opinions come into play? That's how discussions happen. That's how we challenge our own ideas. I'm not criticizing the fact that you have an opinion. I'm criticizing the basis for your argument just as you just criticized the basis for mine. That's awesome.

  • ninjaraiden

    Excellent obsevation, Matt. The styles are totally different. I never got how people could compare Lost, The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Friday Night Lights as shows. All of them are TOP quality shows and none of them are perfect. But they all have different agendas when it comes to storytelling and tone.

  • blissdev

    Purchased! Thanks for linking this.

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