Weekend Box Office: NEIGHBORS Moves in with $51 Million; THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Slides to Second

     May 11, 2014


The news on Neighbors kept improving as the weekend progressed.  After securing a better than expected $19.6 million debut on Friday, the Universal comedy wound up with $51 million for the three-day weekend.  That’s the second-highest debut ever for an original R-rated comedy, and beats the film’s most optimistic pre-launch projections by almost $20 million.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fell to second place, down an estimated 59% in North America as its international grosses crossed the $400 million mark – so it’s a good news/bad news morning for Sony.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Neighbors $51,070,000 $51
2.  Amazing Spider-Man 2 $37,200,000 $147.9
3.  The Other Woman $9,250,000 $65.7
4.  Heaven is for Real $7,000,000 $75.2
5.  Captain America 2 $5,619,000 $224.9
6.  Rio 2 $5,125,000 $113.1
7.  Mom’s Night Out $4,200,000 $4.2
8.  Legends of Oz $3,705,000 $3.7
9.  Divergent $1,700,000 $145
10.  Brick Mansions $1,480,000 $18.3

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neighbors-posterThe box office loves a success story, and there’s no doubt that Neighbors is that story this morning.  One week ago the outside projection for the comedy’s first weekend was $35 million – in the range of recent R-rated comedy hits like Identity Thief and 21 Jump Street.  Instead, Neighbors pulled in an estimated $51 million, a figure that puts it close to the all-time highest debut for an R-rated (non-sequel) comedy.  That title still belongs to Ted, which earned with $54.4 million in 2012.  And, just for the record, Ted, Neighbors and Identity Thief were all distributed by Universal.  The studio is having a remarkably good year, launching four first-place debuts with Lone Survivor, Ride Along, Non-Stop and, now, Neighbors.

Along with its impressive opening, Neighbors looks strong from a number of other perspectives.  First and foremost, its budget: the comedy cost a reported $18 million before marketing so, technically, it’s already profitable.  Compare that to The Other Woman, which has been holding well in the top three since its debut last month.  The Fox comedy cost $40 million and opened with just under $25 million; so if The Other Woman is a hit, Neighbors is a big, giant hit – at least at this early stage.  Neighbors also marks career highs for both Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.  Rogen’s previous best was 2011’s The Green Hornet, with $33.5 million, while Efron’s high was the $42 million of 2008’s High School Musical 3.  Both actors have had bigger openings from their animated voice work, however.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-poster-imaxIf the news for Neighbors was all good, the headline for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was more mixed.  A steep drop of 71% on Friday levelled off to a more standard weekend decline of 59%.  That’s better than the -61% that Spider-Man 3 experienced in its second outing back in 2007 and is just a bit steeper than recent comic releases, including Captain America 2 (56%), Thor 2 (57%) and Iron Man 3 (58%).  Of course, where ASM2 looks weakest is next to its own predecessor.  In its sophomore frame, The Amazing Spider-Man was down just 44%, a hold that helped the reboot turn a not-quite blockbuster opening into a strong $262 million by the end of its domestic run.  It remains to be seen if the sequel, which has not been as well-received as ASM, can reach that mark in North America.  What is beyond doubt is how well the film continues to do abroad.  On Sunday, ASM2 crossed $400 million in international receipts, bringing the film’s worldwide total to nearly $551 million.  So just $200 million to go before the big-budget sequel starts to turn a profit!

Though Neighbors obviously stole the spotlight, this weekend did host two other new releases – both aimed at decidedly different audiences than the adults-only comedy.  Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is an animated sequel to (surprise!) The Wizard of Oz.  From the unknown Clarius Entertainment, Legends of Oz launched in 2,575 locations and brought in just $3.7 million.  That’s just a bit higher than the $3.6 million of the Weinstein Co.’s infamous animated flop Doogal, from 2006.  Interestingly, Legends of Oz received an almost perfect ‘A’ CinemaScore from the audiences who did see it, so it looks like families chose to skip this off-brand Oz on principle alone.

Coming off much better this weekend was the PG-rated comedy Mom’s Night Out, from TriStar.  Marketed to the same Christian audiences that made Heaven is for Real and God’s Not Dead breakout hits this spring, Mom’s Night Out opened to an estimated $4.2 million from 1,044 locations.  That looks weak, especially when Heaven is for Real is still holding strong in the top five after four weeks.  But Mom’s Night Out actually had a higher per-theatre average ($4,023) than any top ten film besides Neighbors and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  The film also has a reported budget of just $5 million so, provided it pulls in some Mother’s Day business on Sunday, it could still turn a small profit.

Overall business was down slightly this weekend from the same frame last year, when Iron Man 3 was enjoying its second week on top of the box office.  Next weekend brings us the latest incarnation of Godzilla, which, at this point, is expected to bring in about $75 million.  But Neighbors is proof of how difficult it is to predict a film’s opening weekend in advance.  At this time last week Neighbors was expected to open in second place with about $30 million.  There is no doubt Godzilla will wind up on top, it’s the number attached to the win that’s a question mark.  Check back next Sunday to see how it all turns out.


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  • Leo Spaceman

    I must be the only person who enjoyed the movie for what it was. I still want to see it again on the big screen, despite its flaws. I am rather shocked that it has such low repeat business. I do have to say though that the ad campaign for Neighbors was nearly perfect (Except for Dave Franco, F**k Dave Franco). It looks exactly like what people wanted. I don’t like seeing comedies in theaters, but this one is tempting.

  • Leo Spaceman

    I hope that somehow the need for the Avengers Bump will get Sony to work with Marvel to somehow find a way to bring Spiderman into the MCU. I don’t know if it would require a new reboot or not. I like that this Spiderman isn’t exactly following the Marvel formula though because all of the Marvel movies are starting to feel a bit repetetive and this superhero movie still felt a bit fresh from cross over references and trying to squeezing in mentions of other superheros that phase 2 seems fairly forced to include.

    One thing I would absolutely love to see happen though is that they cast a Deadpool who could appear in all of the universes and kind of start bridging the gap between them. He could be fighting along Spiderman one day and mention how amazed he is by how quickly New York was rebuilt after the alien invasion, then Peter could say wait what? and Deadpool replies back, Oh ya, forgot your movies don’t acknowledge that part. Then he could be fighting the X-men and when the new Wolverine comes on screen for the first time, he could joke that he’s no Hugh Jackman and that it is a shame that studios were too selfish to ever give him the chance to fight along side of Thor before he hung up his claws with the new Wolverine just looking at him confused.

    • MJ

      Come on, the ensemble cast in Avengers is big enough already. And Spiderman is now more of teen thing in these new ASM movies anyway…he no longer has the gravitas to be taken seriously as a partner to IM, Captain America and Thor.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Saying Spiderman shouldn’t be an Avenger is like saying Batman shouldn’t be in the Justice League.

      • MJ

        I am saying that this geeky dumb-ass ASM version of Spider-man is not fit to be partnered with the current Whedon Avengers ensemble. Bring Back Raimi’s/Toby McGuire legitimate Spiderman, and I could see that working with the Avengers.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Ya, lets get bring the Emo jazz dancing crybaby back. That is so much more interesting than watching a young man who has realized that being a superhero has consequences. Garfield’s character is at a stage where he is recovering from losing someone he truly loved and is trying to find a reason fight and be the hero that New York needs. The final scene though a little cheesy really showed where his character is right now, and I think that will be a lot greater than watching a character who basically had the exact same story 3 times in a row.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Emotional nerd>unlikeable hipster that belongs in a Twilight film.

      • MJ

        “Garfield’s character is at a stage where he is recovering from losing someone he truly loved and is trying to find a reason fight and be the hero that New York needs.”

        Oh, please….

      • Doug_101

        Though I’m no fan of ASM2, I will say the ONE thing they got right in this one – Spider-Man DOESN’T take his mask off in the middle of a fight. Maguire must have had some clause in his contract that we had to see his face for 80% of the movie, because that MF was FOREVER taking the mask off at any available opportunity. Also, the ASM2 suit is the best looking Spider-Man costume yet. Unfortunately, the script was a steaming pile.

      • http://thenonessentials.blogspot.com/ Sean Chandler

        Not really. When they did The Ultimates they left out Spiderman.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Also, I didn’t say I wanted him in the Avengers movie, just in the Avengers Universe. It won’t always be Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. They can have different films for different groups. I just want him in the Universe that he belongs in so that he could occasionally pop up in places in New York, maybe he would be chilling in Tony’s New York Pent House for a brief cameo or something.

  • SomeGuy

    It’s nice to see ‘Neighbors’ take the lead (another step for R-rated comedies) as well as ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ sticking around in the top five (deserving quality). And hey, I can’t wait for ‘Godzilla’!

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  • MCP

    NBC’s Constantine TV trailer is up, looks like it should be good:


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  • Django9000

    I’ll see Spidey 2 again with friends who haven’t yet. One possible problem not being discussed is that action sequences are clearly designed for 3D, but not sure how long form drama scenes jibe with glasses on.

    If only I could choose which scenes were or weren’t 3-D , TASM 2 Would be both of the excellent films it purports to be simultaneously (w / a guest appearance by Jamie Foxx, hamming it up for the kids.) Kinda makes you realize why Avatar had so little character development- as it’d be a pain to watch actual dramatic acting in 3-D. (Guess I’ll find out later this week). Mixed reviews are a shame, as I’d really love to see Webb’s take on Kraven’s Last Hunt as his final flick, as a fan with no studio meddling. Fingers crossed.

    Neighbors looks hilarious, if its success means we get a quality Preacher show, I applaud all around. Glad to see Cap & Heaven is For Real (??) still holding tight before Godzilla comes & wipes the whole slate clean, too haha

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