Weekend Box Office: ‘Coco’ Takes the Top Spot With $71.2 Million

     November 26, 2017


Performing sensationally both at home and abroad with largely glowing reviews from critics, Pixar’s Coco will be the number one movie in America by the end of Sunday with an impressive $71.2 million take from U.S. audiences. In China, the movie boasted Disney’s second biggest opening ever, while Mexican audiences flocked to the movie to the tune of $48 million.And in a year that gave us the exceptional Your Name, Coco might also simply be the best animated film of the year.


Image via Warner Bros.

This is all good news for Disney and Pixar, though I highly doubt they get much serious bad news these days. This is decidedly not good news for Zack Snyder‘s Justice League, which is not only easily the worst thing that the DCEU has produced thus far but has also created a fiscal crisis point for the franchise. Estimates say that Snyder’s film, featuring reshoots from Joss Whedon, could lose up to $100 million all tolled, off of a budget reportedly north of $300 million. Over the holiday weekend, the film landed in second in its second frame with some $40 million, which would be great news for almost any other film in the box office top ten other than Thor: Ragnarok, which came in fourth this weekend with $16.7 million. Still, the movie’s financial performance abroad could very well save the franchise, though changes will have to come to the basic DCEU formula no matter what to avoid such disasters.

The opposite can be said of Wonder and Daddy’s Home 2, which came in at third ($22.3 million) and fifth ($13.2 million) respectively. Both of these movies have been carried almost exclusively by domestic interest, and though Daddy’s Home 2 hasn’t quite made enough to make its $69 million budget and undisclosed marketing costs worth it, VOD and home video interest might sadly bring us a Daddy’s Home 3. I would hope that Hollywood isn’t so shallow that they would look to produce a sequel to Wonder, but it’s also not like it’s impossible that such an elementally bad idea might be entertained if the money is right.

Here’s your top five at the box office for the weekend:

Title Weekend Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘Coco’ $49,022,000 $71,195,000
2. ‘Justice League’ $40,730,000 $171,546,643
3. ‘Wonder’ $22,300,000 $69,440,202
4. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ $16,791,000 $277,468,394
5. ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ $13,250,000 $72,246,517

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