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Ouch.  Though it seemed likely after Friday’s figures were announced, the fact that Fox’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules so easily topped the flashier Sucker Punch has still got to hurt the folks at Warners this morning.

Title Weekend Total
1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 $24,400,000 $24.4
2 Sucker Punch $19,000,000 $19
3 Limitless $15,225,000 $41.2
4 The Lincoln Lawyer $11,000,000 $28.9
5 Rango $9,800,000 $106.3
6 Battle: Los Angeles $7,600,000 $72.5
7 Paul $7,500,000 $24.6
8 Red Riding Hood $4,340,000 $32.4
9 The Adjustment Bureau $4,240,000 $54.8
10 Mars Needs Moms $2,186,000 $19.1

sucker-punch-movie-poster-01In March of 2010 the first Wimpy Kid opened to $21.2 million, putting it just ahead of the Jenifer Aniston/Gerard Butler comedy The Bounty Hunter but well behind the number one Alice in Wonderland. With no big holdover to contend with this year, the PG-rated Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 led the weekend with an estimated $24.4 million from 3,167 locations.  That is all kinds of good news for Fox, who earlier in the week said they would have been happy to land in the mid-teens against the better-promoted and more-pricey Sucker Punch.

With this weekend’s win, Diary 2 should be able to match its predecessor in terms of profitability.  The first film cost less than $20 million and ended up grossing $75 million worldwide.  The sequel, which was in the works before the original’s release, cost a reported $21 million before promotion. That means that every weekend it stays in theatres going forward it is making money instead of balancing expenditures.  Sadly, that is not the case with Sucker Punch.

Just as the first Wimpy Kid put the hurt on the Bounty Hunter in 2010, the sequel is making Sucker Punch look like the wimp this weekend.  Though the studio will undoubtedly find a way to spin it to their advantage, the fact that the film’s $19 million estimate is lower than the $19.8 million Kick-Ass earned in its debut last April is not boding well for Zack Snyder’s latest feature.  It could have been worse, however.  Sucker Punch could have easily lost on Friday (the traditional night for action movies to shine).

Warner Brothers put a lot into promoting Sucker Punch: Comic-Con, video games, apps, etc, etc.  That means that the film’s budget (as low as $85 million and as high as $110, depending on who you believe) is only part of the story. The film’s stunning visuals should play well overseas so this may not be a disaster, but the trouble is that, here at home, weekend’s like this only make it harder for original screenplays to make it into multiplexes.  On a positive note, Sucker Punch did have a good showing at its IMAX venues (bringing in $4 million from 229 screens) and it also managed to open better than Snyder’s last film, Legends of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga’Hoole.

Last weekend’s number one film Limitless came in third this weekend, taking in an estimated $15.2 million in its sophomore frame.  That’s a drop of less than 20% over last weekend which is pretty great for any genre.  The Lincoln Lawyer did even better, falling just 16.7% while fellow sophomore Paul declined by 42% to place seventh.  Already ranking as number five on Hollywood’s list of all-time money losers, Mars Needs Moms dropped to number ten this weekend with a total domestic gross still shy of $20 million.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rango crossed the $100 million mark here in the US in its fourth weekend in theatres.  Sony’s Just Go With It hit the same milestone – preserving Adam Sandler’s record as the $100 million man of American comedy.  Next weekend Universal’s animated Hop will dominate, though I’m more interested in seeing how the release of the newly edited The King’s Speech will fare in its 1,000 locations.


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  • Tommyk123123

    Fuck Wimpy Kid…. Sucker Punch RULES

  • Al

    I’m fairly certain that Sucker Punch doing poorly at the box office had less to do with it being an original piece and more to do with it being a horrible movie from the concept down through to the casting. I’m glad the slightly better film won out this weekend.

    • Tommyk123123

      Sucker Punch was extremely better than Wimpy Kid… people seem to hate on Snyder just because he’s an absolute genius for directing action… and thus he can’t POSSIBLY be deep and intelligent as well. Concept through casting was all phenomenal in Sucker Punch… it was just some of the execution that needed a bit of work. Make no mistake… Wimpy Kid will be Sucker Punch’s bitch once all the numbers come in.

      • turk 189

        ‘Sucker Punch was extremely better than Wimpy Kid… people seem to hate on Snyder just because he’s an absolute genius for directing action…’

        HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAAAA!!! Are you serious? Come on! If one day Zack Snyder makes a movie without slo-mo, I’ll eat my pants. Genius? Please! This man is a hack, in the best case…

      • Tommyk123123

        Uhhhh sorry am I missing something? What’s wrong with slow-mo? It has been featured in some of the greatest action movies of all time (Matrix)… and Snyder has shown that he knows exactly how to use it. If that’s your only argument then we’re done here.

      • John

        Well, I can’t really say anything about the quality of Sucker Punch but I do think Diary will keep it’s lead over it. I’m thinking sucker punch will be like Kick-ass or watchman, Even if the actually weekend numbers for Sucker Puncher are higher it will probably fall quickly even if word of mouth is good.( But so far all word of mouth I’ve heard has been mixed to bad) Diary is a family film on the other hand, which tend to hold up very well even with bad word of mouth( But so far I’ve only heard good things about it from those who have seen it). Also, even if Sucker makes 80 million and Diary makes 60 million Diary is would still be far more successful because it cost far less to make and Market. Of course, that just the financial out look based on the numbers I’ve seen and what I’ve heard so far. I’m actually rather disappointed to see sucker punch fail as I’ve loved everything Zack Snyder has made so far.

  • Bobby K.

    Sucker Punch beaten by a wimpy kid. I love it. That makes three utter disappointments under Snyder’s belt. I hope Nolan keeps Zacky under his thumb for Superman.

  • Justin Beaver

    Zack Snyder will redeem himself with his next movie which will be his best one yet: The Man of Steel (2012).
    I think overall he has to give us new villains, new love interests and new stories in this new Superman film series. I hope Lex Luthor and General Zod are left out of the movies for a while.
    They should have fight scenes in the new movie like the amazing one between Clark and a Phantom Zoner named ‘Titan’ played by WWE superstar Kane in the Smallville episode ‘Combat’.
    This is a second chance to get it right. This is an opportunity.

  • Elitist Prick

    So, if Sucker Punch made less than a quarter of its budget back over the weekend while Wimpy Kid made back all of it and then some, I can only surmise that studio executives will look at this as more evidence that established properties, even moderately-budgeted ones, are better investments than original ideas. Also, aiming at younger demographics equals a better return on that investment.

    To be honest, the reviews from professional critics and fanboys alike drove me away from Sucker Punch. I was really looking forward to it, but after all the scathing feedback from so many sources, I decided to skip it. It made me a sad panda.

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  • aaronsullivan

    I was worried Sucker Punch would lack story and heart and therefore play like an endless videogame cutscene. Then, I read the blurbs on Rotten Tomatoes that confirmed exactly that. Just not interested in stuff that doesn’t move me beyond visual prowess. Give me something to care about.

    Take Adjustment Bureau as an antithesis in the same general genre. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy film, albeit a low key one, with a few low key effects yet it has a heart and characters an audience can desperately root for. It’s not a run-out-to-the-theater-immediately movie and has its flaws, but it’s a solid experience that I’ll go back to.

    There are teenage boys who get enough out of the sheer spectacle of Sucker Punch or out of analyzing the visuals technically or analyzing other visual aspects of it, so movies like it will always make some money. But even they will look back and wonder what they saw in it 10 years later.

    Just sayin’.

  • Ccraw

    Sucker Punch was actually pretty good for what it was. I saw it on an IMAX screen and the action, cinematography, etc… were all top notch. I only saw the movie because I am a fan of Snyder’s other work(though i did not see the owl movie), because I thought that Sucker Punch would play out exactly like all the Rotten Tomato critics were saying. HOWEVER, it is a great time at the movies. Snyder lacks in writing his own story. But the man can direct and do a great job. Sure his style is easy to nail down and mock, but that does not mean it does not work.

  • pat

    For once the audience seems to agree with the critics. Sucker punch sucks big time.

  • tishauna

    there’s a giant pink elephant in the room…sucker punch also stared 5 females. now imagine a movie with that budget with Five black guys. same difference…not only will this give studio reason to not make original films, but also to avoid female & minority casting. unless it’s will smith.


    Unfortuantely I agree with what you are saying. People have a hard time seeing an action fantasy movie like this when Females are in the lead; especially when they are in S & M gear, how can we take them seriously? but that is besides the point but it is frustrating to see stuff like that. I am a dude who like half naked chicks but be real, would they fight giant mosnters and robots in that gear, fuck no!!Fantasy movie or not thats stupid as hell..

    I think I kind of agree with you on the level that “5 BLACK GUYS” cast in this movie would have been the same result. Hollywood is the reason there are not many female leads in action movies. They have only themsleves to blame for not branching out.

    Salt was a pretty fun movie to watch but it was not as successful because that part was written for a man. Story was really good..

    I dont like your assumption however because you imply that only White Male leads have successful action movies, except will smith.

    This movie had its own problems that are far greater than the female casting, something I dont think the white guys could have fixed.

    The reason I agree was because when I first heard of this movie my only trepidation was the female casting. I dont mind female leads but when you are cast in an action movie and your outfit is basically S & M gear, how can we take that seriously.

    would it had sold more with Brad Pitt in a Gimp outfit? I am guessing no..

    Plain and simple this movie had problems way beyond casting all females in the role but acknowledge it may have played a part.

    I hope that hollyweird doesnt change their way of thinking because good movies like SALT get unfairly treated.



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