Weekend Box Office – Easy Win for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with $65 Million

     July 8, 2012

For the past six days, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man has held the top spot at the daily box office. It should surprise no one, therefore, that the reboot easily netted the weekend prize as well; earning an estimated $65 million from 4,318 locations. That gives the film a new domestic total of $140 million, a number that’s higher than early projections but lower than past entries in the Spider-Man series. Worldwide, the film has now earned a reported $341 million, which is not too bad for reboot…

Title Weekend Total
1 The Amazing Spider-Man $65,000,000 $140
2 Ted $32,590,000 $120.2
3 Brave $20,160,000 $174.5
4 Savages $16,162,000 $16.1
5 Magic Mike $15,610,000 $72.7
6 Madea’s Witness Protection $10,200,000 $45.8
7 Madagascar 3 $7,700,000 $196
8 Katy Perry: Part Of Me $7,150,000 $10.2
9 Moonrise Kingdom $4,641,000 $26.9
10 To Rome With Love $3,502,000 $5.2

amazing-spider-man-final-posterLast Tuesday, one of 2012’s most hotly debated titles swung in to theatres. You are, no doubt, familiar with objections to The Amazing Spider-Man, such as: “It’s too soon to try to reboot a franchise that is only a decade old!” After all, did Hollywood think we would line up to see another Peter Parker origin story when Sam Raimi’s trilogy was still fresh in our minds?  Yes. Yes, they did. And many among us happily obliged, helping The Amazing Spider-Man secure a bigger-than-expected opening of $35 million on July third and one of the top five Independence Day weekends in history.

But how to quantify those numbers? Should we think of The Amazing Spider-Man in terms of past reboots, in which case its box office looks impressive; or in terms of the numbers generated by Raimi’s series? Either way the results are not particularly satisfying – especially considering that, unlike most comparable titles, over 40% of The Amazing Spider-Man’s earnings came from 3D screens.

After Tuesday’s premiere, the film that was most often cited in comparison to The Amazing Spider-Man was 2007’s Transformers. One of the past decade’s only high-profile releases to debut on a Tuesday (the same pre-July-Fourth Tuesday, in fact), Transformers entered the conversation when The Amazing Spider-Man topped $27.8 million to claim the all-time Tuesday opening record. After that debut, however, the Amazing Spider-Man fell behind the bots; ending its first six days short of Transformers before adjusting for inflation or 3D prices.

After that, Batman Begins began to replace Transformers in The Amazing Spider-Man’s box office reports. That made sense: in 2005 Batman Begins re-launched the comic franchise in much the same manner as director Marc Webb’s new Spidey.  Comparing The Amazing Spider-Man to Christopher Nolan’s first crack at the Bat also made the new film look like a big hit. Batman Begins made $48.7 million on its first weekend, or $57.3 million adjusted for inflation. In terms of other reboots, The Amazing Spider-Man also topped the $52.5 million opening of Superman Returns (on the 2006 July Fourth weekend) and the $55.1 million of last June’s X-Men: First Class. None of those films were presented in 3D, however, and none were considered big hits in their time.

savages-movie-posterI probably don’t have to remind you that Sam Raimi’s three Spider-Man films were considered big hits in their time. Spider-Man broke records when it debuted to $114.8 million in May of 2002 while Spider-Man 2 set a July Fourth high with its $88.1 million launch two years later. Though that record was broken by Transformers: Dark of the Moon last year, it should be noted that each of the past’s Spidey films have grossed over $330 million here in the US and at least $780 million worldwide. International audiences are going to play a big part in determining if the new film is a financial hit as well. So far it’s off to a great start with a reported $201.6 million internationally and a worldwide total of $341.2 million.

After reading all that it may surprise you to learn that The Amazing Spider-Man was not the only new film at this weekend’s box office. Indeed, director Oliver Stone’s latest drama, Savages, opened in 2,628 locations where it earned an estimated $16.1 million. That’s a bit off from Stone’s last feature, 2010’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but on track with pre-release projections for Universal’s counter-programmer.

The news was not as good for pop star Katy Perry. Her 3D concert feature, Katy Perry: Part Of Me was the weekend’s clear loser, taking in just $7.1 million from its 2,730 venues. That’s less than 2009’s Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, a film widely considered to be the nadir of the concert movie genre. On a slightly more positive note, Part Of Me did manage to top last summer’s premiere of Glee The 3D Concert Movie, if you consider that positive.

Coming in a strong second after The Amazing Spider-Man, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted continues to shine. The R-rated comedy fell just 40% from its first place finish last weekend, putting it over $120 million in just ten days. Pixar’s Brave also saw a solid hold on its third weekend in theatres, dropping just 41% for a new domestic total of $174 million. At the other end of the top ten, Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love saw enough from its second-week expansion into 806 locations to secure tenth place with $3.5 million.

Overall, the box office was up almost 30% over last year when Transformers: Dark of the Moon was enjoying its second weekend at number one. Next weekend brings the US debut of Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth film in the animated series that has been burning up international screens for the past week.

ice age 4 continental drift image

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  • Django9000

    Good for them! I thought the new version was far more immersive & closer to what I’d dreamed a Spidey movie would’ve been like as a kid.

    And well worth the 3-D money, if you can pull it off.

    What better excuse for 3-D than swinging thru rooftops alongside everyone’s favorite wall-crawler?

    Garfield nails it. Don’t listen to the hype. This movie is excellent & Raimi’s films are officially the new TimBurton Batman flicks. (SM3 being the new Batman Forever)

    • Jordan

      I still think the original Spider-man was better. With Garfield and the trilogy plan, I have confidence in the potential for the trilogy over Raimi’s trilogy but as of now, Spider-man is ahead of TASM.

      • sense 11

        This new Spiderman is far superior to the old one in every way

      • Jordan

        I seem to be in the (slight?) minority that is against TASM. And I obviously can’t say your opinion is wrong, so I won’t even try. The reason I’m more on board with Raimi’s Spider-man is almost all because it is the original, and the newest adaptation feels way way too similar.

        But again, I have more confidence in the newer franchise to be the “better” one by the end.

    • Grimcicle

      I used to read an insane amount of Spider-Man comics as a child, but I was never a fan of the Raimi films. While The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t perfect, it was hands-down the most satisfying cinematic adaptation of the character.

  • sense 11

    Good News, the trilogy is so on

  • Rockslide

    I also read a ton of Spider-Man comics as a kid in the 80′s and then again as an adult with the more recent Ultimate Spider-Man. As such, Raimi and co. always felt wrong to me. I think he captured Spider-Man from 60′s era really well but not the Spider-Man from the next four decades. TASM isn’t perfect, but it’s set a good course. I hope the next one tries to lighten up a bit and have more fun. I definitely prefer Garfield and Stone. Garfield is a much more accurate Peter Parker from the last forty years of the character.

    • Squire

      I also hope TASM’s sequels lighten up a bit and have more fun. TASM was at its best when it lightened up. Probably the best sequence to illustrate this was **SPOILER** the fight between Lizard and Peter in the school library (which featured a great cameo by Stan lee). **END SPOILER**

      The sequel could also use a better musical score. Horner’s score was very uneven–sometimes it worked and other times it seemed out of place. I don’t know if Horner just needs to step it up or be replaced, but I’d like to see the music improved.

      • Rockslide

        Yes, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one on the score. I usually never even notice the score during a movie, but there were points in TASM where it totally took me out of the movie in a bad way. The music should be the least of things to break your immersion.

        –Sidenote– I would love to see the Rhino on the big screen. He doesn’t have to be the main villain, but I’ve been waiting forever to see him huge and rampaging through New York.

  • mattinacan

    did you hear that sound? it was taylor kitsch’s career coming to an end

  • 198d

    Personally, I liked Raimi’s Spiderman over Webb’s. Don’t get me wrong, I liked TASM, but it just didn’t have that, Idk, “FEEL” to it. I re-watched the original one some days after seeing TASM, and it just has this certain vibe.

    I don’t know if it is because it was a bit cornier, like all the puppy lines Toby had, or the fact that his story was about a girl, THAT girl;Mary Jane Watson. Spiderman was (in my eyes, apart from super powers and all that) really a love story. You really FELT Peter #1′s feelings for MJ.

    TASM was of course, the untold story about his search for his parents’ truth. Peter#2 and Gwen had GREAT chemistry too, but it just lacked the whole magic.
    I also felt Spiderman #1′s story flowed MUCH smoother than TASM’s.( sorry for all the #’s and isht)
    Oh, and don’t forget the music. My GAWD!, Danny Elfman did a FANTASTIC job.

    Anyway, I’m glad the movie did well, it was good. I hope that they REALLY bring it for the second one.

  • Bob

    Its only natural for people to think that the original trilogy is better at this point in time. To a lot of people, sitting through the origin story again (no matter how different the spin on it) automatically means the movie is boring. That’s ok. Come 2014, the sequel will feel different enough from previous movies (different cast, no mary jane, no doc ock / green goblin hopefully) for people to start noticing how great this new trilogy could be by the time its finished

    • mattinacan

      i actually do think that green goblin will be in the mix in the next movie, with all the references to the sickly norman osborn and the mysterious visitor in the jail cell in the end credit scene being a representative of Oscorp.

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  • howard

    beware the false spider-man.

  • mattedscreen

    I’d like to know what the specialty theater(Imax, XD, 3D) versus traditional 2D screen breakdown is for those numbers. Since Raimi’s originals did that kind of business and more without 3D I’d actually say 140 million over 6 days is kinda paltry. Top it off, I know NO ONE who came out of that thing actually saying “AMAZING” things about it, merely “Meh” at best, Im curious to see how many legs it actually has to stand on in the next couple weeks.