Weekend Box Office – MADAGASCAR 3 Easily Retains Title as ROCK OF AGES and THAT’S MY BOY Bomb

     June 17, 2012

Not even close. For the second weekend in a row, DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is America’s number one attraction; down just 41% with an estimate of $35.5 million. Though down a much more substantial 60%, Fox’s Prometheus managed to hold on to second place thanks to two widely underperforming debuts. Those would be Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy which, even when combined, couldn’t come close to challenging for first place.

Title Weekend Total
1 Madagascar 3 $35,500,000 $120.4
2 Prometheus $20,200,000 $88.8
3 Rock of Ages $15,060,000 $15
4 Snow White & the Huntsman $13,805,000 $122.6
5 That’s My Boy $13,000,000 $13
6 Men in Black 3 $10,000,000 $152.6
7 The Avengers $8,848,000 $586.7
8 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $2,200,000 $35.1
9 Moonrise Kingdom $2,181,000 $6.7
19 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $1,330,000 $38.7

Before we start picking apart the bones of Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy, I feel obliged to give credit to Madagascar 3. The three-quel is not only number one in America but is also the most popular movie worldwide, earning a reported $157 million internationally through Sunday. That puts the global total for the family film at $277.4 million after ten days, which is on par with Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at the same point in its run. The last entry in the Madagascar franchise ended up earning a giant $603.9 million globally (70% of that from international sales) without the 3D ticket price advantage of the latest film. With Pixar’s Brave launching next weekend, Madagascar 3 will lose the limelight so how nice for them that, this weekend at least, audiences found all alternate viewing options so absolutely repellent!

rock-of-ages-posterThis brings me to the business of dissecting this week’s disasters, starting with Rock of Ages. Now, I’m sure there was a point in time when adapting Broadway’s jukebox musical seemed like a really good idea: say, around the time that Fox’s Glee was the biggest thing on television? Of course, that was a long time ago and what works on TV does not always translate to the big screen. Witness last summer’s Glee the 3D Concert Movie, which grossed a total of $18.6 million… worldwide. Of course, the box office has seen some big musical success stories, most notably Mamma Mia!, which took in an astounding $609.8 million globally in 2008. Unfortunately, Rock of Ages is hewing a lot closer to the Glee model at this point.

From 3,470 locations, Rock of Ages took in just $15 million. To illustrate how dismal that number is, just a month or so back, long term tracking had the film earning $30 million or more on its first weekend. This past week, as marketing for the film ramped up and reviews started trickling in, projections got progressively lower, culminating in New Line/Warner Brothers’ announcement that $18 million might be the limit. The fact that even the studio’s hedge bet did not pan out is proof that something went very, very wrong with this high-profile project.

It should be fun to debate what that “something” was: reviled director Adam Shankman is always a likely target; and, of course, Tom Cruise makes an attractive whipping boy as well (though, coming off his career high in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol there is less material to work with there than after, say, Knight and Day dropped). The studio was holding out hope that Rock of Ages would find its ‘legs’ in the weeks to come, but I’m not sure any film could walk away a winner after getting kneecapped this badly its first time out.

thats-my-boy-movie-image-adam-sandler-andy-sambergAnd yet, as bad as it was for Rock of Ages, it was even worse for That’s My Boy. From 3,030 locations the R-rated comedy took in an estimated $13 million: a new low for an Adam Sandler film. But let’s be clear, Sandler has had worse openings. In 2004 the dramedy Spanglish opened to just $8.8 million from 2,438 locations and in 2002 Punch-Drunk Love saw a total domestic gross of just $17.8 million. These films were both outside of Sandler’s traditional comedy wheelhouse, however. When the star is in form he routinely sees his comedies open above $25 million, which is why That’s My Boy looks like such a stumble.

To be fair, no one expected huge things from Sandler’s latest; not only is the film rated R (almost all of the comedian’s biggest hits have been in the PG-13 oeuvre) but it had the bad fortune to follow Jack & Jill, the 2011 film that managed to alienate even some of Sandler’s most devoted fans. The reviews have been almost as bad for That’s My Boy as they were for Jack & Jill, so I wouldn’t expect much box office longevity from this one.

It didn’t seem like such a hard feat to accomplish: in order to put the box office in the black for a second week in a row all Hollywood had to do was deliver up a couple of films that audiences liked more than last year’s Green Lantern. How hard could that be? Madagascar 3 clearly did its part and yet here we are, down again thanks two star-powered misses. Here’s hoping Brave will be strong enough to blot out all memory of this week’s shame.


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  • Eric Nixon

    The poor showing for That’s My Boy doesnt surprise me. Movie goers who pay to see Adam Sandler aren’t interested in a raunchy R rated movie, and the people who ARE interested in a raunchy R rated movie don’t care about Adam Sandler anymore. The movie was a recipe for small box office returns.

  • Nik

    I like pizza pie!


    i have faith in humanity! thank you for not going out to watch that crappy sandler movie! hope he retires soon.

  • junierizzle

    I don’t hate you, Sandler but I’m glad your movie bombed. You see, America isn’t as dumb as you think it is.

  • Ryder

    The movie community has really gone down hill over the years.

    • Ryder

      Years apron years more and more people join the cult of “that was the WORST movie ever”. The 90′s was the last good decade for movie goers. Even the crap they were dishing out then are now considered classics, at least people weren’t pulling down their pants and crapping on almost every movie week after week like a conveyor belt between their legs. A movie shouldn’t have to “impress” you because the bar always goes higher. My prayers go out to directors, writers, and actors once the bar get’s to the top. Shame on you.

  • Scurvy

    I would just like to point out that 2 weeks ago when Avengers was at 550 million and I talked about it reaching $600m, some moron accused me of being a fan boy and that Avengers would be lucky to get another 20-30 million.

    Well that took all of two weeks. 14 million away from breaking 600mil and it’s still pulling in over 1 million on weekdays and 2 million on weekends.

    • mitch goosen

      Thanks for pointing that out, Scurvy. Nobody cares and you’re a douchebag.

      • Bitch Dooshen

        Thanks for pointing that out, Mitch. No one cares and you as well are a douchebag.

      • mitch goosen

        You add three words to what I say and then repeat it? And you call yourself an internet commenter!

      • Bitch Dooshen

        Actually, it was four more words. Learn to count before trying to be clever.

      • mitch goosen

        The fact that you actually took the time to count means you’re awesome. I’ve been doing better things with my time today, like having sex. Ever heard of that you dork? Your momma raised a fool!

      • HUNJEE

        you had sex with your mom on fathers day? nice way of sticking it to your man you hill billy

      • rdblk

        Hungee. Congratulations on saying what appears to be the dumbest thing ever written on the internet.

    • Travis

      THE AVENGERS is irrelevant at this point dude. And that fanboy stuff is at least one thing that moron in question did get right.

    • Braden

      You are obviously a fanboy because on fanboys care about the box office take of a film. That must be the case or are you a producer of the film? Then it would TOTALLY make sense why you follow The Avengers box office status. However, I doubt that is the case because I’m sure a producer is too busy rolling in his cash bath to write on a talkback.

  • Braden

    First of all, The Avengers is this year’s The Phantom Menace (which made a to of money at the time). A year from now, everyone will look back and realize that it is a pretty bad film. So, Scurvy, box office is meaningless. Time is the true measure of a film’s success.
    Secondly, the reason Rock of Ages is bombing so badly is not because they decided to make the musical into a movie, it’s because they made a movie that threw out the play and changed everything about it. I’ve seen the Broadway show twice and my wife is a huge fan. She was excited about the film… And then she saw the trailers. Excitement gone. She refuses to see the film. She is the target audience. I like the play a lot and think that if they had kept the plot of the musical it would be more successful. But like most of the time, Hollywood thought they knew better. I hope the movie does not taint the musical because it is a fun musical with a lot of heart and love for the music of that time. All they had to do was film the musical but they chose not to and lost the core audience. Rock of Ages the play is nothing like Glee, hence why it is popular here in NYC.

    • SATAN

      oh shut the hell up. The Avengers was and is awesome film. you are an IDIOT!!! plus your nonsense about Rock of Ages. …BORING!!!

      • João Paulo

        Don’t to worry man, some people don’t have a good taste for movie like The Avengers (the best superhero movie ever made).

      • Braden

        You guys really know how to lessen the meanings of such words as “best” and “awesome”. Your discussions on films must be highly enlightening. I mean your reply to my post was such a well-reasoned response. MENSA level minds for sure.

    • Hrothgar

      There is no need for MENSA level response to point out that 1) You are in the 1% that thought Avengers sucked. And

      2) Everyone hated Phantom Menace when they saw it. But nobody could believe they hated a Star Wars movie, so they all had to see it again to make sure. That is why that made a ton of money. Not the case with Avengers. Everyone I spoke to loved it, saw it twice, wants the DVD/Blu Ray.

      And the fact that you actually need that explained to you makes you a bitter jackass.

    • Travis

      Braden, good comment. As far as THE AVENGERS being this year’s PHANTOM MENACE, I wouldn’t go that extreme. People hated THE PHANTOM MENACE immensely (thanks in part to Jar Jar), whereas THE AVENGERS is praised by numerous people as like a kind of second coming…which any sensible and sane moviegoer could tell you that it really isn’t. It’s a good, well-done and entertaining comic book flick; the equivalent of good-tasting ice cream. But I prefer to have my ice cream flavorful and tasty with all-natural ingredients (why I prefer Nolan’s Batman films, for example). THE AVENGERS was a good comic yarn, the best Marvel has done yet. But it didn’t re-define anything significant, as fanboys like SATAN and Joao Paulo would have you believe.

  • paul tracy

    I’m still bit angry over how bad Prometheus was. heartbreaking, really.

  • Roberto DaCosta

    If I hadn’t seen it at a screening I was dragged to, I’d probably just assume ‘Rock Of Ages’ was a bad movie and deserved the low box office performance – but it’s actually pretty good.. and I HATE musicals.. Like, I honestly think they’re an archaic, obsolete medium for telling a story. The only reason I went to see it was bcuz (i) a friend who was going to be interviewing the director was given passes to the screening.. and (ii) I didn’t know it was a musical until the movie started. All that said, I give it a 7/10. I thought Tom Cruise was REALLY good in this… reminds you that the guy can actually do more on screen than run away from immediate danger.. in fact, if he hadn’t given the performance he’d given I wouldn’t even be writing this..

  • Lance

    Avengers rocked. Prometheus is awesome. Madascar 3 isn’t for me, so I’ll refrain from commenting. Brave will own, and make up for Cars 2.

    And angry internet fanboys will hate throughout the summer.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Never even heard of the last 3 in the top 10. Avengers still in the running for setting new $$$ record. Prometheus? BOMB! Not in a good way. Strange times.

  • mattinacan

    just saw Prometheus for the second time this weekend, what a great movie. I can’t wait for the sequel to get more answers.