Weekend Box Office: NINJA TURTLES Tops GUARDIANS with $65 Million Debut

     August 10, 2014


In what could be one of the biggest box office success stories of the summer, Paramount’s rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has easily snatched first place away Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend.  From 3,845 locations, Turtles took in an estimated $65 million – 35% higher than its own studio was expecting just a few days ago.  Guardians rang up $41.5 million in its second frame.  That’s a drop of 56% and was exactly what was expected – if you overlook the fact that Guardians was also expected to spend a second weekend in first place.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $65,000,000 $65
2.  Guardians of the Galaxy $41,530,000 $175.8
3.  Into the Storm $18,020,000 $18
4.  The Hundred-Foot Journey $11,120,000 $11.1
5.  Lucy $9,330,000 $97.3
6.  Step Up All In $6,580,000 $6.5
7.  Hercules $5,700,000 $63.4
8.  Get On Up $5,012,000 $22.9
9.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes $4,400,000 $197.8
10.  Planes: Fire & Rescue $2,419,000 $52.9


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teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-donatello-posterAs we told you yesterday, the fact that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out on top this weekend surprised a lot of people.  Right up to Friday morning, when estimates from the film’s Thursday previews revealed it was running ahead of Maleficent ($4.6 mil. vs. $4 mil.), projections for the three-day frame still topped out at $45 million.  TMNT ended up shredding that figure, landing among the top August debuts of all time and posting a higher opening than any of the 1990s Ninja Turtles releases, even after adjusting for inflation.  The film also earned more in one weekend than Warner Bros. animated TMNT made in its entire run back in 2007.

It marks another big win for Michael Bay this summer.  While the domestic receipts for Transformers: Age of Extinction pale in comparison to previous titles in the series, the film’s worldwide might cannot be denied.  Tf4 is the only film released in 2014 to break $1 billion in global sales, with 76% of that coming from international audiences.  The Bay-produced Ninja Turtles is also expected to be a big hit overseas.  In fact, the film already earned more than $12 million from 19 markets before Saturday.

Teenage Ninja Turtles may need that international boost.  In terms of its biggest releases, this summer has been exceptionally front-loaded.  Godzilla came out hot in May with over $93 million and then fell 67% the following week.  The film just managed to drag itself over the $200 million mark last weekend: after almost three months in theatres.  Also auguring against a strong sophomore hold is TMNT’s word of mouth.  Scoring just 19% on Rotten Tomatoes (one point ahead of Transformers 4), even adults who grew up loving the Ninja Turtles of the 90s may get their fill of nostalgia this weekend.  Kids are another story.  The film’s overall CinemaScore score was a ‘B’, but audiences under 18 gave the reboot an A.  That’s the same score that Maleficent, one of this summer’s least front-loaded releases, received; and considering this season’s odd lack of kid-friendly choices, TMNT could continue to put up strong numbers in the weeks to come.

Of course, Ninja Turtles will also have competition from Guardians of the Galaxy in that regard.  GotG had a slightly better hold in its sophomore frame than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a film that still ranks as 2014’s highest-grossing release.   And Guardians also has much better word of mouth on its side, so while Star Lord et. al. may have been denied a second win by Michael Bay, the long odds are still in Marvel’s favor.

into-the-storm-poster-finalOpening way back in third place is the Warner Bros. disaster pic Into the Storm.  In the summer of 1996 the studio had a big hit with the similarly-themed Twister, which earned almost $500 million worldwide without adjusting for inflation.  The prospects for Into the Storm were always more modest.  Though the film did manage to best expectations by opening above $15 million, it is already getting washed out by this month’s surprisingly heavy competition.

Unlike Into the Storm, The Hundred-Foot Journey should follow a modest opening with stronger than average multiples in the last weeks of this season.  Adapted from a popular novel, and produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, the food-themed drama follows in the footsteps of literary adaptations like Julie & Julia, Eat Pray Love, and The Help, which all earned at least $80 million from their August runs.  The Hundred-Foot Journey may not reach those heights but, thanks to its very modest $22 million budget, it doesn’t need to in order to qualify as a hit.

There is probably no scenario in which Step Up All In will be considered a hit.  This weekend’s final new release opened in 2,072 locations and earned an estimated $6.57 million – down almost 45% from 2012’s Step up Revolution and a disastrous 90% decline from the original Step Up, which was a surprise success in August 2006.  So why do they keep making these films?  You can credit the international box office once again.  While the North American gross for Step Up Revolution barely topped the film’s reported budget of $33 million, its global total exceeded $140 million.  Step Up All In has already topped $44 million worldwide so, while it may pain some of you to hear, I don’t see a reason for this series to stop after five films.

Another series many wish had ended sooner will be back in theatres next weekend. The Expendables 3 is expected to open between $20 and $25 million, continuing the steady bleed of the series that has become something of a mid-August fixture since 2010.  An opening at that level leaves the door open for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to do what Guardians of the Galaxy could not – claim a second week on top of the domestic box office.  Overall earnings this weekend did top 2013 by almost 20% thanks to those Turtles, and if The Expendables 3 can give the box office another week in the black, would it really be so bad?  Seriously, I’m asking.


  • Guest

    Great. Now it will get a sequel.

    • Guest

      *revisits Collider a few hours later*

      “TMNT 2 Release Date Set for June 3, 2016″

      OH FOR F*** SAKE!

  • Raphael

    Yayyyy, sequel set for June 3, 2016! That means the same awesome writing, directing, and producing team will return to once again sh*t all over these characters. God, I wish actually talented people like Chis Miller and Phil Lord were behind these movies instead. They’d be absolutely perfect

    • Mezmero

      Ok and you’ll be one of the few that will stay home. Lmao your war is lost it’s a success!! You lose and it will be back!!! You lose loser LOL!

  • derek

    This is one of those movies I don’t have to see in order to say its garbage.

    • Mezmero

      You’re one those people who hates every thing not made to your standard.

      • derek

        Yes you are correct Mezmero. You just indirectly figured out a life lesson. Which is; don’t settle for anything less than what you think you deserve. Set your standards high. anything else?

      • Mezmero’s Doctor

        Mezmero is one of those patients who believes you shouldn’t call ebola a bad virus unless you’ve actually had it.

      • Mezmero’s Doctor

        Mezmero is one of those patients who believes you shouldn’t call ebola a bad virus unless you’ve actually had it.

  • generic

    I’m not sure why websites are hyping TMNT doing well. On it’s opening Thursday and Friday it did about HALF what GotG did the week prior during it’s opening 2 nights. The only reason TMNT is doing as well as it is, is because people want to see the car wreck for themselves.

    • eternalozzie

      normal people go to the movies during the summer to have fun … i am betting it’s a fun movie … how bitter, unhappy, and jaded are the commenters here that they just can’t enjoy a goofy stupid movie once and a while?

      • El Alto


      • Norrtron

        Calling it a “fun movie” might be a stretch.

      • Mezmero

        You just an idiot SMFH

      • MJ

        Well you do look like someone who hasn’t had fun in years.

      • Norrtron

        And “you” look like a space ship.

      • Norrtron

        And “you” look like a space ship.

  • Manuel Orozco

    Not surprised of the sequel announcement. Before I get excited, I’m seeing TMNT next week. Meanwhile I saw Step Up All In in 3D and it was on par with the last three but not as good as the first one. I hope they do a 10th aniversary movie

    • herpderp

      How about no

      • Manuel Orozco

        No what

    • Jamesy

      “I saw Step Up All In in 3D” everyone on Collider instantly looses any respect for your opinion.

      • Manuel Orozco

        What do you mean

      • Bob

        We all have our guilty pleasures so chill out my friend.

      • Manuel Orozco


      • Grammar Is Our Friend

        “Loses”, “looses” is what you hope happens to the rope your English teacher tries to hang herself with because of you.

  • RforFilm

    Listen, if you guys don’t want a sequel, then stop going to these movies!…or at least keep sending your complaints to Paramount to let them know you want someone better behind the turtles movies.

  • Alexander Calvo

    What kind of cinematic gold are you guys expecting from a ninja turtles movie? Seriously… These are action figure commercials, always have been.

    • Django9000

      We won’t rest until Brad Pitt is Casey Jones, & Angelina Jolie steps up as April O’Neil. With Paul Giamatti as Baxter Stockman & Michael Clark Duncan as Krang’s robot body. And all 4 Turtles are performed by Andy Serkis, simultaneously.

      • Django9000

        Co – directed by Warner Herzog, Stephen Spielberg, & Peter Jackson, as a documentary /dramatic reenactment / art house period drama.

      • Cpt Rex Kramer

        I believe Michael Clark Duncan is dead. Might have to think up someone else to play whoever-the-hell your talking about.

      • Django9000

        CGI magic, my friend. Or get John Rhys Davies (Tree Beard & Gimley) to play the big bot.
        If you don’t know who Krang is, you may want to enrich your life with a simple Google search.
        A sentient alien brain creature from Dimension X would be worth seeing on screen, esp. In our new era of talking raccoons & sentient trees.
        (Even if just on netflix, cuz eff Platinum Dunes & their substandard brand milking catalog)

    • Spanky

      I dunno.. same question could be said about a movie with a talking racoon in out space and a walking tree that can only say 3 words

      Too much to ask I guess, cause apparently according to your logic that any movie with a crazy premise just can’t be ‘good’, hiring good writers, producers, directors wouldn’t help would it?

  • MikeyTheRiot

    Really dont understand why people are hating on this movie, saw it last night and had a blast. Happy the movie is doing well and cant wait for the sequal.

  • johnny kissballs

    To me the trailer made it look bad, guess I’ll give it a shot……….online Ha!

  • appolox

    Well that’s kind of surprising. I thought a lot of people would be turned off by the concept.

  • Cpt Rex Kramer

    Well, word of mouth and reviews are pretty bad, so ‘TMNT’ is going to drop like a rock in it’s second week. Guardians will stay in second place, as Expendables will take first (It does open this Friday, right?). Otherwise, Guardians will retake first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Guardians stayed in the top fives for many weeks to come, as

    I can’t think of anything coming out that would seriously challenge it, save the Expendables film. And even then, over time, I wouldn’t see that as too much of a threat.

    • Mezmero

      What are you talking about?? Word is not bad,a lot of people like it more than you think. If that was the case their would not be a sequel. This was worth going to see and it’s doin well enough to get a 2nd week and you could see them stay on top. Your writing this off too soon when it’s just get started.

      • milo

        “If that was the case their would not be a sequel.”

        That’s not how sequels work. They make a sequel if the movie makes enough money. People’s reaction to the movie and word of mouth aren’t a factor. We’ll see how the second weekend is, seems like a pretty big drop is likely.

      • Spanky

        It’s all downhill from here, pull your head out of your ass

  • KryptonianWarrior

    Screw the haters, this movie was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the sequel.

  • milo

    The big news is obviously Turtles but that’s a great second weekend for Guardians and reinforces that it’s likely headed for the biggest domestic total so far this year.

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