Weekend Box Office – SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Scores First Place with $56.2 Million

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Nothing came along to poison Snow White and the Huntsman. After a strong Friday launch, the Universal fantasy went on to earn an estimated $56.2 million from 3,773 locations over its first three days or almost as much as the rest of this weekend’s top five films combined. Meanwhile, Marvel’s The Avengers put another big feather (actually, two) in its cap: becoming the third highest grossing domestic and global release of all time.

Title Weekend Total
1 Snow White & the Huntsman $56,255,000 $56.2
2 Men in Black 3 $29,300,000 $112.3
3 The Avengers $20,300,000 $552.7
4 Battleship $4,810,000 $55.1
5 The Dictator $4,725,000 $50.8
6 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $4,600,000 $25.4
7 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $4,430,000 $30.7
8 Dark Shadows $3,060,000 $70.8
9 Chernobyl Diaries $3,045,000 $14.4
10 For Greater Glory $1,800,000 $1.8

snow-white-and-the-huntsman-final-posterAlthough it was a certainty that Snow White and the Huntsman would take first place this weekend, it was not clear until Friday night how decisive its win would be. Although tracking initially promised a debut of at least $50 million for the PG-13 fantasy, tracking has proved woefully inaccurate for the past two months or so (too high for Men in Black 3, too low for The Avengers). Perhaps recalling that Battleship had also been projected to debut north of $50 million (compared to the $25.5 million it actually earned), Universal cut its expectations for Snow White down to a more modest $38 million. Naturally, this turned out to be the weekend that tracking got it right: making Huntsman look like an over-performer and giving Universal its first good news since Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax dominated back in March.

Questionable tracking was just the latest issue for Snow White and the Huntsman. For almost a year the film has been the subject of box office speculation, due mostly to its position as the second of 2012’s Snow White adaptations to reach theatres. The first, Relativity’s Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts, was announced at about the same time as Huntsman – leading to a flood of articles that asked what a Snow White-saturated market would mean for both films’ bottom lines. In the end, of course, character overlap was not much of an issue. The PG-rated Mirror Mirror went for the family market, earning a total of $62.5 million during its domestic run while Snow White earned almost as much in just three days.

The question, as always, is how well Snow White and the Huntsman will play over time. The film is currently rated just 46% on Rotten Tomatoes and is looking at a challenge next weekend in the form of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Though rated R, the sci-fi thriller’s initial overseas launch apparently dwarfed that of Snow White in territories like the UK this weekend. International estimates have not yet been released, but Universal is expecting around $40 million from Huntsman’s 45 overseas markets.

men-in-black-3-will-smith-imageLike in 2011, when X-Men: First Class led the box office with its $55.1 million opening, Snow White and the Huntsman was the only wide release of the weekend. Even so, this year will fall short of last year’s grosses, thanks largely to lackluster holdover titles. This allowed Arc Entertainment’s For Greater Glory to sneak its way onto the top ten with an estimated $1.8 million from 757 locations. Men in Black 3 actually had a decent hold, down just 46% according to estimates. After ten days the film has earned $112.3 million; that’s $3 million less than Men in Black II made over the same period back in 2002… not adjusted for inflation.

Of course the biggest holdover news this weekend came from Marvel’s The Avengers. As expected, the film surpassed the $533.3 million total of 2008’s The Dark Knight to become the third highest grossing film in US history. At the same time, the superheroes also became the third highest grossing release worldwide, passing the $1.328 billion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with its new global cume of $1.355 billion.  And that’s as high as The Avengers will climb, I’m afraid. Any higher means overtaking Titanic and Avatar and that would require an act of God… or James Cameron.


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  • mattinacan

    $56 mil is pretty good, but probably not the smash hit Universal needs and was hoping for. The budget was $170 mil, so the real test will be next weekend. if it drops 55-60% in week two uni still has a problem – especially with Prometheus opening.

  • snooch

    We should just call this article Tracking THE AVENGERS & other box office reports…or something like that. AVENGERS is to Pedersen as the Republican party is to Fox News.

  • Scurvy

    After 5 weekends, Dark Knight was at 471 mil, over 60 million shy of it’s final gross. Avengers has been tracking well ahead of TDK the whole time.

    5th weekend grosses: TDK= 16.3m, Avengers= 20.3m

    Avengers needs 100m to beat Titanic. I think it will get close. I should easily beat Titanic’s original gross (before the 3-d re-release added 58m) though.

  • Nick

    scurvy:you are living in a dreamland. Avengers will be lucky to get more than another 30- 40 mil before it goes out. June+ July is a MUCH harder holdover period than August+ september which is where that additional 60 mil came in for dk. Fan boys can dream though I guess….

    • Scurvy

      You are crazy. 30-40 should be EASY. It will make another 15 million by this time next week.

      I’m not a fan boy, just someone who looks at a lot of box office number. If this movie doesn’t crack 600m, I’ll be shocked. To hit 600m, the opening weekend will have to account for less than 33% of the total gross. You go look at any of the WELL REVIEWED big box office movies of the past and you will see that the opening weekend usually accounts for 25-35% of the total. That is regardless of when it opened.

      Spiderman opened the same weekend as Avengers and it wound up having an opening 28.4% of the total. Iron Man opened that weekend and hit 31%.

      I think those are two VERY comparable movies.

      That puts the end total at 667-728m….

      Not saying it will hit in that range, just some food for thought.

  • papasteve

    I saw prometheus yesterday – not great, a cut above Indy 4 and the Phantom Menace as a late addition to a franchise, but honestly not by much. It looks amazing, but the whole premise is half-baked, characters are poorly drawn and at times their actions lack any logic. Praise is due to Scott for valiantly trying to polish a turd. It has a hight RT rating at the moment, but so did Indy 4 and even TPM scored a positive review, which just goes to show even critics are blinded by hype. It’s going to go down as one of the oddest and most dissappointing films of recent years and we’re going to be talking about it for ages.


  • Ramone

    Snow White was really, really quite terrible. Took the wife to see it and we’re generally pretty accepting of all “popcorn” type flicks. It dragged on for ever and Kristen Stewart was just terrible.

    I have a theory that [spoiler] her “rally” speech at the end of the film actually occurred early in production and based on her performance they cut as many lines as they could from the rest of the film.

    Hemsworth and Theron have WAY more dialog that she does (and for good reason).

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