Weekend Box Office: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Shines with $48.2 Million; EDGE OF TOMORROW Falls Flat

     June 8, 2014

the fault in our stars box office

After a stellar launch, The Fault in Our Stars fell back to Earth a bit on Saturday.  In the grand tradition of front-loaded teen fare before it, the romantic drama leveled off as the weekend progressed.  Fox is now reporting estimated earnings of $48.2 million for the three-day weekend instead of the $55 million or higher that looked likely yesterday.  Meanwhile, the news did not get better for Edge of Tomorrow overnight.  The well-reviewed sci-fi pic earned an estimated $29.1 million from 3,490 locations, or a bit more than Non-Stop brought in its own debut… at the end of February.

 Title Friday Total
1.  The Fault in Our Stars $48,200,000 $48.2
2.  Maleficent $33,523,000 $127.3
3.  Edge of Tomorrow $29,105,000 $29.1
4.  X-Men: Days of Future Past $14,700,000 $189.1
5.  A Million Ways to Die in the West $7,200,000 $30.1
6.  Godzilla $5,950,000 $185
7.  Neighbors $5,200,000 $137.8
8.  Blended $4,050,000 $36.5
9.  Chef $2,600,000 $10.3
10.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $1,900,000 $196.2

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the-fault-in-our-stars-posterAs we told you yesterday, The Fault in Our Stars got off to an incredible start.  The teen drama took in $26.8 million on Friday, including $8.2 million from Thursday previews.  That’s more than Maleficent earned on its opening day, which pointed to a weekend debut far in excess of Fox’s initial $30 million projection.  But while Maleficent went on to earn just under $70 million last weekend,  Fault had a different target demographic – one that does not favor Saturday matinees as heavily.  The teen romance fell by 52% after its opening day, leaving it short of the hyperbolic weekend projections (some as high as $60 million) that some saw in the stars.

To be clear, The Fault in Our Stars is still doing hyperbole-worth business this weekend.  Far from a shock, a Saturday dip was expected for this property, which was marketed so successfully to the young fans of John Green’s bestselling novel.  Next to the granddaddy of all teen novel adaptations – The Twilight SagaFault’s second-day drop was more gradual than Eclipse (down almost 65% after its Wednesday debut) but steeper than the other four Twilight titles, which fell between 40 and 44 percent on their first Saturdays.

The other obvious comp for The Fault in Our Stars is Divergent: another popular young adult novel turned feature film starring Shailene Woodley.  Earlier this year, Divergent opened with $54.6 million and went on to earn over $267 million worldwide.  That seemed like a bit of a disappointment, considering the level of expectation generated by the success of the similarly-themed Hunger Games franchise.  But because The Fault in Our Stars arrived in theatres without the genre baggage associated with Divergent, the fact that it came so close to that YA tentpole’s opening seems all the more impressive.  In fact, The Fault in Our Stars has now secured one of the biggest openings ever for a romantic adaptation: above Nicholas Spark’s Dear John but behind last summer’s Great Gatsby.  And, because the reported budget for the film was just $12 million, The Fault in Our Stars is already profitable, which takes the pressure off of next weekend.

edge-of-tomorrow-posterFrom The Fault in Our Stars to Warner Bros.’s Edge of Tomorrow, the weekend box office went from the sublime to just plain sad.  The sci-fi drama starring Tom Cruise was not expected to pull off a blockbuster opening, but it was projected to at least land in second place.  Last April, Cruise’s Oblivion opened with over $37 million.  That seemed like a reasonable target for Edge of Tomorrow, considering that that the film received much better reviews (89% on Rotten Tomatoes) than Oblivion and was opening in the summer.  Instead, estimates put the film in third place with under $30 million – just a bit more than After Earth managed at this time last year.  See what I mean about sad?

With a reported budget of $178 million, Edge of Tomorrow is also more expensive than M. Knight Shyamalan’s notorious flop.  The good news for Warner Bros. is that the film’s international prospects are far rosier.  Last weekend, Edge of Tomorrow earned just over $60 million from its initial overseas run.  This weekend’s expansion includes China, which has more than 6,000 screens running the film.  With a strong opening in that country, the future for Edge of Tomorrow might look very different.  Last summer, Pacific Rim was a disappointment in the US after opening with $37.2 million, but it wound up grossing over $411 million worldwide.  That was not quite enough to justify PR’s $190 million pricetag, but it was more than enough to prove that a big US opening no longer determines a film’s fate.  With that said, Edge of Tomorrow is unlikely to reach $400 million in global sales.  Though Tom Cruise is still a big draw overseas, he’s not as popular as giant robots.  At this point, Warner Bros. should aim for Oblivion’s $286 worldwide cume.

Maleficent was down 52% after its debut last weekend, bringing the film’s domestic total to over $127 million after ten days.  That’s a better hold than Snow White and the Huntsman, which declined by almost 60% in its sophomore frame.  That’s good news for Disney because, as of next Friday, family audiences will be lining up for How to Train Your Dragon 2.  The original was a surprise hit in 2010, opening with $43.7 million and grossing almost $500 million worldwide.  The sequel is expected to open with at least $70 million – the same level that Maleficent reached last weekend.  22 Jump Street is also hoping to significantly top its predecessor (2012’s 21 Jump Street) next weekend with a debut of over $60 million.  We haven’t seen a frame with two strong debuts in months, so here’s hoping both films continue to track well next week.


  • Steven

    America, your cinema going privileges have been revoked indefinitely.

    • marv

      Why is that? Women love their chick flicks. Its been like that since forever.

      • Bob

        Sorry, I coulda sworn that was two guys in the poster above.

  • Scott

    The Fault in our Stars is gay.

    • Howard

      Yeah, I mean it’s only the story of two heterosexual members of the opposite sex that bump uglies and kick the bucket afterwards. Totally gay……….

      • Bob

        Sorry, I coulda sworn that was two guys in the poster above….

      • Matt1

        Shailene Woodley is ugly enough to pass for a guy…

      • MJ

        Remember the ugly girls in High School…you know, even they would have nothing to do with you…loser!

      • Matt1

        Keep defending her. She’s still not gonna date you, bro.

    • pickaname

      How old are you? And if you say a number that is above 12, that would be one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  • mark

    The three of you that commented are what’s wrong with movies and the world in general.

  • Neven

    Well, Edge of Tomorrow at least made 111 million $ internationally which brings it to 140 million worldwide $ on it’s opening weekend, which is disappointing, but not THAT horrible.

    To me personally, it’s not The Fault in our Stars that bugs me so much, but rather Maleficent which is plainly said a below-average shit.

    • Doug_101

      Agreed. Fault in our Stars was good – not Perks of Being a Wallflower good, but it was decent. Edge of Tomorrow was the superior film for me, but both are better than Maleficent by far.

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    Have nothing to say about Fault in Our Stars seems like a good movie and I’m glad it’s doing well, but it’s terrible news to me that Edge of Tomorrow did as poorly as it did. I really, really enjoyed that movie and I’d like to see 10 more clever sci-fi movies as entertaining and likable in the future. But you can’t advertise a clever movie without a big hook that draws people in, I guess, and Tom Cruise pushes some away now.

    It’s a shame, too, because besides his off-puting personal beliefs some people don’t like his “I’m playing Tom Cruise in this one again”-acting style, but for most of the movie he is playing the character and doing it well.

    Any even nominal fan of sci-fi should see this movie and go support it in the theater.

  • TrekBeatTK

    I’m not at all disheartened by Edge of Tomorrow’s take. You knew it wasn’t going to compete with Fault in Our Stars for the teen girl factor alone. But with positive reviews, I think word of mouth will build for it. The fact that it still pulled in 3rd is not bad for a high concept sci-fi film that the average movie-goer may be wary of, especially those who dislike Tom Cruise. If it had been beaten by X-Men I’d say stick a fork in it, but I think it can slide past Maleficent next week.

  • XenoChron

    Perhaps Edge of Tomorrow is doing poorly because the theaters aren’t giving you any choice but to see it in 3D (for $16 in our area) since there are NO evening showings of non-3D. None! Zip! I’m not a 3D fan and there is easily three times as many showings each day of Fault vs Edge and what there is of Edge is inconvenient. I love it when the studios and theaters are sour grapes about a movie not doing well but then not paying attention to why.

    • Doug_101

      Agreed. The screening I saw early last week was in 3D and added nothing to the experience. Didn’t detract either, but why should folks have to pay extra to see the film when the 3D is useless?

  • Max Rockatansky

    Don’t worry about Edge of Tomorrow. I think it will make another 20mil next week. It’s too loaded with new movies right now.

    • 80sRobot

      Next weekend is the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street — both high-profile sequels. I liked Edge of Tomorrow, too, but it looks like it will get buried fast in the U.S. box office after next weekend. It will be forgotten by the middle of this month.

      • The Flobbit

        Not in China. It’s set to make at least a hundred million here.
        (Yes, I live in China. I know how it goes.)

  • Person

    I just hope America wakes up and gives Edge of Tomorrow the legs it deserves. And I hope Hollywood doesn’t look at this and think that Tom Cruise is done, cuz that’d be bad news for everyone.

    • MJ

      It’s pulled in $110M in international box office in its first weekend. This reminds me of Pacific Rim — a great movie with great reviews and great word of mouth that inexplicably didn’t do well domestically, but still made a ton of money overseas.

  • YodaRocks

    Ugh. This YA thing is so off-putting. This is the same audience which made Justin Beiber and One Direction, a “sensation” and the same audience because of whom Kim Kardashian has a job, whatever that is.

    • MJ

      Yea, why can’t we get back to quality adult movies like ASM2 and Thor 2.

  • Captain

    What a shame. TV says Tom is crazy because he has a different religion and everyone buy it. TV says that Michael is a pedophile and everyone buy it. Also what have to do art in all of these? i dont know. Sorry for my english

  • MJ


    See, I told you so, dude. XM-DOFP made less than $15M this weekend, just as I predicted, and will obviously not even come close to the $225M to $250M domestic that you predicted. In fact, you recall that I predicted that it would only make between $195M and $205M domestic, and that is looking dead-on right now. I was also within $2M of my $30M prediction from Weekend 2 last week.

    By contrast, here is what you said last Sunday:

    “We’ll see next week, the competition is lighter and it will have a smaller drop. 15M for the third weekend is low”

    So much for that. I’ll be interested to hear your excuse this week? :-)

    I have been nearly PERFECT on my estimates of XM-DOFP domestic box office to date. You have been consistently overestimating it.

    • Aquartertoseven

      Aren’t you up your own arse.

      • MJ

        This from the Mensa who claims The Magnificent Seven is better than The Seven Samurai??? WTF??? Really???

        That ranks right up there with the dumbest things I have ever read on the internet.

        Sheesh, what an airhead! Now I understand why so many people here consistently disagree with your posts.

      • Aquartertoseven

        If you’re being mindlessly pretentious, you’d say the opposite, despite Seven Samurai, by today’s standards, not holding up very well at all. It was okay at best. Direction, acting, dialogue, action (what little there was), tension, stakes, it was by a country mile inferior to Magnificent Seven.

        People love my posts, I’m amazing. I assure you, they like a guy who’s honest and true to himself yet humble (the above was a joke, they love that about me too), much more than the guy that calls himself perfect.

      • MJ

        “it was by a country mile inferior to Magnificent Seven.”

        Wow!!! For the vast majority of us here, with that moronic statement, you’ve pretty much just crapped away any credibility you may have had left here.

        I ain’t perfect, but neither am I a dumb-ass who says ridiculous shit just to get reactions out of people.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Again MJ, you’re being a mindless drone; what was good half a century or so ago may not hold up well today, and in this case that holds true. If you watch that film today whilst being objective, it is by no means a masterpiece. Having watched it a few months ago, I can attest to that. Apart from Toshiro Mifune it was a bit meh.

        “I ain’t perfect, but neither am I a dumb-ass who says ridiculous shit just to get reactions out of people.”

        *Directs you back to your original comment where you smeared your superiority in the Collider writer’s face.*

      • MJ

        I’m unimpressed.

        FYI — I have watched both movies again in the past 6 months, and not on its best day, does The Magnificent Seven approach AK’s Seven Samurai…and not in the vast majority of people’s wildest fracking dreams. It’s like comparing Star Wars to Battle Beyond the Stars. It is asinine and insulting to movie history, and people that understand movies, to even suggest this.

        Now if you want to call Yojimbo and Fistfull of Dollars a draw, I will listen. That is a better comparison. I’ll take Yojimbo, but I will acknowledge that a debate is at least worthy on that case.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Watch it again, put aside what people say and see it for what it is. Hype should never affect your opinion on a film.

      • MJ

        Dude, I have the Criterion Blu-Ray 2K Remastered 2010 Special Edition, and I’ve watched it three times in the last 4 years, the last viewing being around February of this year. It’s a mesmerizing experience every time. You are the only person I have ever run into that was not blown away by it. I pity you.

      • Aquartertoseven

        I pity your lack of standards. I enjoyed it for the most part but the 3rd act was completely underwhelming, it wasn’t these 7 guys fighting insurmountable odds, it was 20 bamboo spear wielding villagers fighting 2 raiders at a time. Clever and practical yes, but for the climax of a 3 hour+ film, it was lacking. And the romance was shoddily done and ended.

      • MJ

        I’ll give you this — you do stick up for the bad taste and poor judgment that you have on movies. So props to you for not backing down at least…

        ….We all remember how you tried to tell us IM3 was so good (“better than Cap2″), and we know how you got bored with Game of Thrones and think that it is overrated.

        But again, props for not backing down on your right to be piss-poor wrong on judging so many movies, etc. Congrats on this achievement!

      • Aquartertoseven

        IM3 IS a lot better than Cap 2, to a rational mind at least (story and character development>half baked story and no character development) and I didn’t get bored with Thrones (I’m surprised you remember all of this, you have a good memory). I still thought that the episodes were great, but lacking. Too expositional and featuring weak scenes, like Sansa needing to eat her fruit.

        The 2nd half of the season has been a real improvement though, and that last episode…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msQPHxTUgzI

      • Aquartertoseven

        IM3 IS a lot better than Cap 2, to a rational mind at least (story and character development>half baked story and no character development) and I didn’t get bored with Thrones (I’m surprised you remember all of this, you have a good memory). I still thought that the episodes were great, but lacking. Too expositional and featuring weak scenes, like Sansa needing to eat her fruit.

        The 2nd half of the season has been a real improvement though, and that last episode…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msQPHxTUgzI

    • milo

      Actually more than 15M this weekend but close enough that I’ll give it to you. Cheers, now you’re one for three on your predictions. You predicted 195 total and it’s at 191 million…you really still think it won’t make 4 million in the rest of its run?

      And you’re confused about that 225 to 250 million, that’s what *box office mojo* predicted, not what I predicted. It will make more than 195, even more than 205M. We’ll see if it ends up closer to that 205 or BOM’s 225, time will tell. Overall it’s having a solid run, it’s already ahead of Godzilla and will pass Spidey domestically this weekend, out of all the movies released so far this year it will only be behind Cap 2. 619M worldwide so far and still doing well.

      And great call on this past weekend: “the surprisingly greatly reviewed Edge of Tomorrow will dominate”. Nicely done, I wonder why you’re not reminding everyone of that?

  • Neo Racer

    Edge of Tom was f***ing great. Screw idiots.

  • Suave

    At least Edge of Tomorrow made 111 million overseas

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  • Jamie Teller

    Still haven’t seen FIOS. I really liked Edge, and am sorry it’s not doing well. But I also liked Maleficent (I think it’s really pretty underrated), so I do not begrudge it its success.