Weekend Box Office Winner Revealed – TRANSFOMERS 2 Narrowly Beats ICE AGE 3D

     July 6, 2009


When last we met the weekend box office race was too close to call.  Both Paramount and Fox reported weekend estimates of $43.5 million for their top contenders, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Ice Age 3D: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”.  Estimates are usually a bit off come Monday morning, but in the case of a tie involving two inexplicably popular franchises I thought it best to set the record straight.  Therefore let me announce that the number one film in America – for the second week in a row – is “Transformers 2” with $42.3 million.  “Ice Age 3D” was not far behind with $41.6 million but a win is a win, right?  Check back on Saturday to see how both films fare against the arrival “Bruno”.

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