Welcome to the New Collider.com!

     May 21, 2009

scanners_head_explode_01.jpgYes, we look a little different.  No, we didn’t get a haircut.

As you can see, we’ve massively revamped the site.  Be not afraid.  We’re really happy with the way we’ve updated Collider into a handy blog format.  Not only will it allow us to bring you more news and exclusive stories every day, but we finally have a comments section that people might actually use.  We want your feedback on our stories.  Just know that if you post “First!” “F1RST!!1!” or “Frist” I will ban you from the Internet.  The entire Internet.  You’ll be banned from it.

We’ve got great new features like a list of our latest posts, tagging to help you easily find related news items, and our lovable featured items section which doesn’t automatically scroll anymore and force you to wait for the story you wanted to see to swing by again.  We’ve also added two easy Twitter buttons to the sidebar in case you want to follow Steve or myself on Twitter.  Whatever.  It’s no big deal.  (PLEASE FOLLOW ME.  I NEED ATTENTION.)

But as with any new site, there will be some bugs along the way.  If one creeps up on you, let us know!  We want to make Collider.com your one-stop-shop for entertainment news and if the site is crashing your browser or calling your inappropriate ethnic slurs (I hear IE does that from time to time), we want to know about it so we can fix the problem and make this the best site possible.  Either leave us a note in the comments section below or shoot us an e-mail (we have links at the bottom of the page) for a heads up.

We appreciate all our readers (except the “F1RST!” people; seriously, what is wrong with you?) and we hope that you’ll not only stick around as we takes this site to the next level but that you’ll tell your friends.  Just try to nudge it into conversation.  Like if a friend tells you he’s getting married, just say “You know who’s not getting married?  Collider.com. That site is a swinging bachelor.  You should totally check it out.”  Easy at that.


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