Find Out What David Said to the Engineer in PROMETHEUS

     June 20, 2012


Yet another interesting tidbit from that sci-fi film that people are still debating has come to light.  We recently got a look at an unseen alien from Prometheus courtesy of some behind-the-scenes images, and we also shared a couple of featurettes that reveal how the opening sequence of Ridley Scott’s thriller was created.  Now some information has come to light that answers one of the more pressing questions audiences were left with when the film ended: what exactly did David say to the Engineer towards the end of the film?

Hit the jump to find out.  Obviously spoilers for Prometheus follow.

prometheus-engineer-imageYou may recall a pivotal scene towards the end of Prometheus in which David (Michael Fassbender), a very old Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace) and a few goons decide it’s a great idea to wake up the last surviving Engineer for a father/son chat.  He comes out of hypersleep, David says something to him in the Engineer’s language, and the Engineer proceeds to rip everyone to pieces.  The dialogue between David and the Engineer isn’t subtitled, but now Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London, who served as the Linguist Teacher on Prometheus, has revealed exactly what it was that David said in an interview with The Bioscopist (via Ropes of Silicon):

“This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.”

Most people figured that David must have said something incredibly offensive that triggered said Engineer’s rage, but this interaction was actually a small part of a larger conversation between David and the Engineer that was cut from the film.  My interpretation of the scene in the context of the film was that it didn’t matter what David said to the Engineer, he was going to kill the humans anyway.  He had just been awoken from a super long nap by this pesky little offspring that he and his people had already deemed worthy of extermination, so why wouldn’t he murder them and get the hell out of there?

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof admitted that the film originally had subtitles for the scene, but Scott felt strongly about not including them (Lindelof says he speaks at length about this on the DVD commentary).  The director told Steve that the Blu-ray of Prometheus will include 20 – 30 minutes of deleted scenes, so hopefully we’ll get to see the extended David/Engineer conversation subtitles and all when the disc is released.  Until then, hit the comments to discuss how the revelation of David’s words might impact your interpretation (if at all) of why the Engineer’s Rampage was initiated.


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  • junierizzle

    If only this movie was worthy of all this discussion. Its such a shame it sucks.

    • drod

      In your opinion it may suck however there is a vast majority that would disagree.

      • Edward Lee

        A “vast majority” voted for Obama, too. Don’t make it right.

      • jcho

        I come to movie websites for the political discourse. Thanks, Edward!

      • Romney invented Weyland

        My theory was that David told the engineer something to enrage him so he would kill Weyland because he wasnt programmed to do it directly. The engineer wasnt going back to earth to destroy earth but was really going back to his homeland to alert his fellow engineers of human contact in thier star system. David told the crew the engineer was going to earth to destroy it so they would stop the engineer from alerting the other engineers.

        i think im overthinking it all lol

        PS Romney sucks

      • Obamination sux

        Romney may suck but Barry swallows.

      • Joshua Wilburn

        Who the f*** is barry?

      • Marky

        sorry you are wrong. more people hate this filnm and digusted with the poor script. even Fassbender has said on camera is not good… therewont be another film so shut up

      • Austin

        @Marky – Yeah, I’m gonna have to call your bluff. Fassbender has never said the film was bad on camera

      • corgi

        Romney invented Weyland: nice construct, however there is no reason in going back home with space ship contaminated by leaking bioweapon of mass destruction… is it…

    • Frenzy

      If this movie isn’t worth all of this discussion, then it wouldn’t be discussed. Even you’re discussing it by offering your opinion. Maybe you’d better serve your cause by visiting pages that discuss movies you think do not suck, and discuss those. Or not. Do as you please.

      • Livy

        More thought is put into these discussions about the plot than went into writing of said plot.

      • kj

        reply to Livy: ….said the guy with zero credentials in screenwriting, directing, producing, or any aspect of film making, period.

      • Aaron

        Maybe our Macho’ Humanoid Engineer Uncle Gilbert did not like Fassbender’s feminine hair cut ??? And maybe he watched enough “Gay Parades” from his home planet to make him sick enough to rip off his head and shove it up his boss man’s ass. I am just saying……..the old man had to go because he hated his father and his gay ass hair cut too. We will never know until the sequel…….

    • Shaun

      Why are you even in the discussion? Just to pour some hate on it? Well done. Now go and watch something more to your liking, like Twilight I’m guessing.

    • sense 11

      Compared to what?

    • jetblac

      Why cant I reply?

    • vallor

      When the engineer is woken 2000 years have past and being in cryosleep he would not of known this, when Vickers woke from cryosleep at te begining of the film it was David that told her how long she had been in there for. Also he did regain his faculties much quicker then the human crew did.
      Alot has been said regards the moment the engineer and David shared befor his decapitation and the engineers reason for killing everyone ( exspet Elizabeth Shaw!!) So after the engineer is woken he dose not seemed troubled there are humans in the room with him. Now they created us in there image but it would be the same if we awoke to find six or seven toddlers in our room, puzzled but threat level nil and being twice our size helps.
      I think he pulls Davids head off in a maner not to alert him in what he is about to do because being a synthetic poses the only real threat, David has superior strenght and Elizabeth Shaw questioned him in English were as David spoke in his natuve tonuge, If David got away some how knowing there operating systems could throw a spanner in the works so off with his head leaving him inert.
      The engineer then attacked the others, he saw Shaw running away but did not give chase! but chose to power up the ship and take off.
      So we move onto his ship being destroyed, after leaving his ship he must of noticed the life boat pod and chose to investigate, he would not of known what it was or who was in there, why would he? yes he was pissed off, wouldnt you be if someone just prevented you from leaving, he would have only been out of cryo less then 20mins, still not knowing 2000 yrs had past, in his mind the things that were killing off his crew could be anywere. When he dose come across Shaw in the life boat pod he did grab her but befor he could say or do anything she let lose the creature on him. Now he let her escape back on his ship, so who’s to say he was going to harm her and not just give her a right talking down to or intergate why they are even there on that planet.

      • Michael

        You spelled does wrong literally every time you used it.

  • michael

    A Stunning Sci Fi Vision – this is the first film in years that i will see more than once in the theater- i saw Alien when it first came out 5 times in the theater – Thank You again Ridley

  • mrperfect

    Totally agree, it pretty much sucked. There were just too many wtf moments that destroyed any sense of reality to the film. Plus, the space jockey was completely ruined – an albino bodybuilder in a suit – so f**king lazy.

  • blarv

    How does David know how to speak a language he has never heard?

    • Justin

      He used other Earth languages and use that knowledge to form a basis for the language, which I would imagine is because they are the progenitor to the human race and also possibly lead to the development of most human civilization.

    • jetblac

      When he discovered the control room, he heard them speak during the Hologram recording. A couple of words should have been sufficient.

  • Lance

    What was interesting to me about that scene is the way the Engineer was originally fascinated by David. My guess is his original reaction was, “Holy crap! Those pesky humans have already started to create synthetic duplicates of themselves! Kind of like what we did to them!”

    And then of course David was the first being he ripped to shreds. This leads me to suspect the reason the Engineers wanted to destroy humans is because they didn’t want humans to create artificial life forms of their own. Maybe the Engineers know that it’s beings like David that will wipe out and replace all organic life in the universe.

    • Danny

      So what you’re saying is that they can make Aliens vs. Terminators now?

      • Gumby

        David: “When’s the last time you saw the sun? I need a pair of shades just look at you without being blinded… What? You made bro?”
        Choke and decapitation scene ensues.

    • Guns Of Navarone

      I also thought the very same thing! It was almost as if he knew that David was a synthetic and was angry that he wasn’t a pure creation, more an abomination. Almost like a flaw in their design and that’s why he snapped.

      • Lance

        Yeah, he really hated the idea of an artificial life form. Which is why it’s interesting Shaw brings David with her to the Engineers’ home planet. I kind of think when all is said and done in the sequel, David’s going to be the only one left standing.

  • jcho

    That sounds very possible. I like the cut of your jib, Lance.

    • Guns Of Navarone

      That expression is amazing. lmao. I’ve nearly just choked laughing.

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  • oaktreeradar

    If anybody wants to know why the engineers are acing everybody, just watch fight club. All the answers are there.

  • D

    I took the violence as disdain that the inferior species had the nerve to communicate with him in his language.

    • El Alto


  • Obamination sux

    My take is this. Humans did something to piss off the Engineers so they created this creature to wipe us out. In the process the creatures kill most of this engineers crew and he is awakened 2000 years later by HUMANS. Naturally he was a little pissed and guess what, he ripped David a new one.

  • Attila Kovacs

    First of all, sry for bad english. AND LISTEN THE SMARTS guys… or RIDLEY didnt.

    2nd.: The lil human group find a head nd a body what was “about 2000 years old” means… that awaken big white boss… has been in stasis since two thousand years too. So the plan means “Destroy the mankind is about 2000 years old too. So, David’s die was like

    “Fck u, arriving here travelling a lot of time and dont spend time for learning a languge by ur own, using a robot… come on guys than…”

    Or not. Who knows… OR lol the crucify of JESUS (alien spy) was the sign about take a rid and check the fail of their experiments.

    So than here comes the monkey and asks: What does Rid. planning about… i would be happy to watching more prose, intellectual and/or verbal posts by the screenvriters…. They should reading Fukoyama and Pascal at the same time to make some paralel scientific conculsion hehe… i dont know but the prose and the dramatic length is missing. These are happening with the acts, hey moviemakers XP … dont need to make plus scenes cuz of prosic taste…thats a visual and story-, and actordriving question.

    I hope you understand about …”my english”.


    • Griz

      Your post makes about as much sense as the movie we are currently discussing.

  • Griz

    Before anyone attacks me for commenting on a movie i didn’t like very much . . . .let me just say that i’m actually appreciating the discussion this film has generated more so than any of the questions / pseudo answers it postulates. For one, i like that everyone is assuming that the engineer had a logical reason for doing ANYTHING . . . . cause i did NOT get that from the movie.

    All i got from the alien holograms that appeared after David’s tinkering with the ship’s tech as well as Idris Alba’s very valid analysis: The Engineers were heading to earth with a huge payload of killer goo. . . obviously to kill everyone. (if they wanted to mutate humanity into a new species, the lone survivor wouldn’t have lunged at everyone’s throat like he was pissed at their continued existence). And if all the lone survivor wanted was to return to his planet, then after his own ship went down he would’ve simply used one of the other ships rather than risk his life to hunt down Noomi’s character.

    The ONLY reason they didn’t destroy earth back then was that their payload somehow turned loose on them, hence all the dead engineers & holographic panic. . . . The few that made it only did so by placing themselves in stasis pods which either hid or protected them. By the time Prometheus came along, the threat was all gone. Heck, Idris Alba even postulated that they were on a weapons depot that turned into an alien chernobyl. So it made sense that as soon as the lone engineer woke up, and realized he was safe to continue the original mission that got stalled thousands of years ago, he tried to do just that.

    The funny thing is, Noomi heard/saw all this . . . .which is why she told Idris Alba at the end to stop the engineer at all costs. THEN she went on this whole “They were going to destroy us, but changed their minds . . .. i want to ask them why” . . . . .WTF? Nobody decided to spare the humans. They’re very much interested, even to the point of foregoing their own survival (again, not escaping in other ship but choosing to come after Noomi’s character).

    And if David being a synthetic human really have THAT much of a role in pissing the engineer off, then he wouldn’t have tried to kill David by decapitating him like a human and then leave him alone. He’s seen multiple species across the universe . . . .and yet he treated David like a human? Cause he thought he was human.

    I’m sure that just like in the aftermath of Matrix trilogy when the Wachowski’s released 8-9 DVD box sets discussing what it all “meant” . . . . Ridley scott will do something similar. I just think that regardless of whatever the hell is going on in the filmmaker’s head, if you can’t express that to film in a logical and cohesive manner and instead leave so much out that the audience that waited to see it for months and then paid to view your finished product have to then fill in plot points themselves . . . MAYBE you shouldn’t have made that film in the first place. For example: I didn’t need any supplemental material to understand the questions / possible answers postulated by either Matrix 1 or Inception. . . . and i find them both to be some the most enjoyable / well though out movies i’ve ever seen.

    • El Alto

      As Ridley’s other character Maximus said “are you not entertained?!” -Yes, it appears we all are. Even if it’s not for the movie alone.

    • Erebus

      No Shaw said something more like “They created us, now they want to destroy us. Something made them change their minds.” IS referring to that transition from their plan A (creation) to plan B (destruction).

  • wtff

    “In your opinion it may suck however there is a vast majority that would disagree.”

    Really? So far I’ve observed that most people think the movie kinda sucks..

    • Nick

      I would say the 74% it has on rotten tomatoes disagrees with you… I would also like to say that you’re counter point just as little evidence as the point you are arguing against. There is actually evidence that a larger number of people have liked this movie. It is not enough to make it fact, but there is far more evidence to support that argument than their is in saying, me and my friends disliked it so we must be the majority…

      Nothing bugs me more than people assuming that their opinion must be the one most people secretly hold.

      Again I am not saying you are incorrect necessarily, however you took an argument and your counter point was equivalent to ” Na uh!” Awesome.

      There is almost no way the question of did more people like it or not? can be answered realistically. However, what little evidence that exists (things like rotten tomatoes etc) seem to suggest the opposite of what you are arguing.

  • Slice

    There are far bigger problems with Prometheus than wondering whether or not to include subtitles on this scene. The main one being, who thought this script was worth $150 million dollars and two hours of somebody’s life?

  • mattinacan

    love this movie, can’t wait to get the bluray with the extended scenes and bring on the sequel!

  • Attila Kovacs

    (if they wanted to mutate humanity into a new species, the lone survivor wouldn’t have lunged at everyone’s throat like he was pissed at their continued existence)

    Was my perverted ide…btw there r haplotypes, smps, caspases, and a lot of mocrobiological stuff to make spieces if u “HAVE the technology”. But its looks like simplier… engineers have a method to de-re combining the whole chain of DNS (amm… brb…) any other industrial tech there seems… casual etc…

    The basic idea….is ok btw… there is a fact.
    We are Somewhere, in an universe (this is that fact btw… X), what is some-where… and question is… do we realy fckd up and we are the first charbone-schovinist playing of material or not… and there r a diasporic human genom, or lots of types of genoms… riding across the universe or is that controlled by sy… fully…. partly…..?
    Even i can understand the feeling about Ridley. He is a Rich man in a Stagnating society, naturally wanna search a reason for unifying, like spieces with its own colors and patterns.

    So the meaning is a simple feeling on the surface for the next 500 years… after the humanity can do something… Technologically… so the film ala basic idea is ok and the Big white boss like GenomDaddy is ok just PRECISIOUSLY next time RIDLEY plspls…

  • josheli

    The biggest shame is that people have to keep digging to justify serious interest in this movie.

    The movie looks amazing. Most people just want something that looks cool. So it’s understandable why this movie is so successful. But as a narrative, it’s a disaster.

    I wasn’t looking for an Alien prequel. If it was (which is kinda was/kinda wasn’t) then I would have been fine with that.

    I recently watched the original Alien again. The brilliance of that movie is…once again…Ridley Scott’s visual genius. THAT, mixed with the fact that they nailed a REALLY SIMPLE STORY but REALLY DYNAMIC CHARACTERS. The characters make sense in Alien. They are characters you can relate to. The motivations of the characters in Alien make sense.

    With Prometheus, the only thing that works is the visual. The irony is they took the opposite approach. Big story. Complex ideas! Ridiculous characters, and absurd character motivations.

    I have put this challenge out there before, and no one took the bait. If this movie makes any sense (for all those that LOVE this film) please explain to me how you can honestly look past the part of the movie where a BIOLOGIST and GEOLOGIST who were hired for TRILLION DOLLAR FUNDED MISSION get lost in the caves WHEN THERE ARE SENSORS EVERYWHERE AND ARE BEING MONITORED BY THE CREW ON THE SHIP!!!!

    So when they get lost….oh wait, lost after they RUN FROM A DEAD DECAPITATED ALIEN….after they get lost they decide to TOUCH THE FIRST LIVING ALIEN THEY SEE….EVEN THOUGH THIS ALIEN LOOKS LIKE A SNAKE AND IS HISSING AT THEM!

    Really? This is the thought provoking amazing movie that you like??? You must have thought that Transformers: Dark of the Moon was a Kubrickian masterpiece.

    Explain how that scene works? What genius thought of that scene? How does that not ruin the logic of the movie for you? They obviously had that scene to please the morons. And the second they put scenes like that in a movie that is SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS GRAND EPIC SCOPE WITH MIND EXPANDING IDEAS you have to realize that it’s a big pile of bullshit!

    I mean, seriously…What does the main character think is going to happen when she gets to the home planet? The one engineer they interacted with RIPPED THEM APART AND TRIED TO KILL HER! Even the cliffhanger set-up for the sequel doesn’t make any damn sense!

    Can someone please use their brain and explain this to me!

    • El Alto

      You’re right. I also found it odd that everyone was so keen to open up the ship door for the “Zombie” guy.

      And why (this also happened in Alien) do people feel that the charitable way to kill someone is with a flame thrower!?

      BTW as much as I love Alien (I really do) it has similar “Why the Eff would you do that!?” moments that Prometheus has. I enjoyed Prometheus and like the discussion.

      Still, at the end of the day it’s just a movie. I think getting this negatively worked up is unnecessary. If the movie bothers you this much, stop reading articles and posting about it. It’s just going to give you hemorrhoids.

      • Bill Bob T.

        “Still, at the end of the day it’s just a movie. I think getting this negatively worked up is unnecessary. If the movie bothers you this much, stop reading articles and posting about it. It’s just going to give you hemorrhoids.”

        Just speaking for myself here, I like getting worked up about movies because movies are something I’m passionate about. Some people get “negatively” or “positively” worked up over sports. I personally think that’s weird but I’m not going to tell the sports fan who’s screaming at the TV, “hey turn off the game if it bothers you so much and please try to only comment on games that make you happy.” This is something we do… we get worked up about silly shit… because it’s fun. Telling someone who’s passionate about something not to be passionate about it? Never works.

    • TwoCentsTooMuch

      I concur! Thank you for actually being one of the few on here to provide a valid example of why the movies was or wasn’t sound from a narrative perspective! The movie had so many plot-holes and it amazes me that people that want to deny the flaws of a solid 3/5 star film would devolve to denigrating those that are willing to admit the flaws as simply being “unable to grasp the complexities”.

      Let’s be honest, the film looked gorgeous, but the first half of the movie was far, far stronger then everything post the highest paid (and apparently most qualified) geologist and biologist in the human race getting lost in a cave they just mapped; which happens to be a very simply structured spaceship…

      The script just absolutely dissolved before my eyes after that point. It looked great on the screen, but on paper it was absolutely horrendous. A friend of mine were just discussing this exact example of the script’s weaknesses yesterday.

      So, yes, the script sucked. Then again… my friend and I were just talking about the movie yesterday… so score 1 more for Ridley. Great director, just not his best story.

  • Zachrifice

    If anyone is curious as to why the engineers were motivated to kill off humanity all they have to do is read the comments above from all the morons complaining about plot holes in this film. There really weren’t any plot holes if you paid close enough attention to the film being displayed right in front of your eyes.

    • TwoCentsTooMuch

      Excellent point, good sir! While we’re on the subject, have you seen the Emperor’s new clothes? I hear they’re resplendent!

    • josheli

      I never said there were plot holes.

      I just said this movie is illogical. If you can prove me wrong, then do it. I realize that the entire premise of the movie is based around a fictional idea…and so really, it could all be illogical and you must have a suspension of disbelief to enjoy movies in general…but can’t the movie at least have characters that act in accordance to some semblance of reality????

      “Hey, it’s so-and-so…he’s hunched over like a crab and not moving…and he was just lost in that cave….he’s not using his radio….let’s open up the door and see what he has to say for himself…we’re only on an alien planet after all. Oh, shit…he’s a crazy zombie killer now…didn’t see that one comin’.”


      I could spend hours ripping this movie a new one.

      Even though in the original Alien someone touches the scary egg and gets attacked by the facehugger – at least that character was a blue-collar non-scientist on a mining mission before he encountered that egg. And even though you’d have to be smarter than our average or maybe even smartest person (in this era) to operate a spaceship that size, they are still in the future when maybe that’s not such a big deal. Point being, it’s understandable why that guy would reach out and touch that scary egg. And even when he does get attacked for being dumb, Ripley does NOT LET HIM ON BOARD THE SHIP. She actually refuses an order from the Captain of the ship to let him onboard…

      See what I’m getting at here. That makes sense.

      Prometheus is a beautiful piece of illogical shit. And I’m mad because I love movies and I’m sick and tired of the great directors (yeah, I’m talking to you Spielberg, Scott and (yes…) Lucas) rehashing their old glory days on screen and making a total fucking mess of it.

      Shouldn’t art be about more than just money? These things are obviously made just for the fucking money.


      “Yeah, I know that big scary albino alien just ripped apart those guys, and yeah…he tried to kill me too, but shit…I really want to see their home planet, and I want to ask them some really important questions. They owe me that much after all. And hey, since you (David) were so successful the first time you talked to one of those sons-of-bitches, why don’t you come along too? You can help me pilot the ship. Shit, you knew where the albino alien was going EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE A HEAD ON THE GROUND. How did you know he was coming after me and could warn me? Oh, never mind…that doesn’t matter! It’s going to make a great (and logical) sequel! Off we go!!”

      • GOD

        That’s total nitpicking right there tho, dude. Truth is no one has any clue how they would act in that scenario or any other scenario along those lines that took place in the film. Humans aren’t known to make the best decisions in moments of panic however I digress, point is – that sounds like nitpicking on something that wasn’t really relevant IMO. I went and saw the film a second time and liked it even more. It seems like everyone is up in arms about this film STILL and with that being said, most films are old news days after they’re released so obviously this film warrants discussion for one reason or another.

        On a sidenote – look up the reviews from the original Alien release in 1977. You’ll be shocked to see the same exact reviews and criticisms were handed down like they are for this film.

      • Zachrifice

        Btw – that response was from me ^ haha

  • Dean

    Has anyone waited around to the end credits of Prometheus? Well there is an advertisement by Weyland Industries that says 10-11-12 anyone know what is coming on that date?

  • Voc007

    Taking out the subtitles is just one example of how removing information isn’t mysterious and cool or good film making, it’s just frustrating to the audience. It’s so nuts I don’t have the words.

    This whole scene is ineffective. The engineer kills everyone with a few seconds in a most unsatisfying manner.

    You can have aspirations for big themes and stunning visuals, but you can’t have a great movie without plot and character. Very sadly, this was lacking both.

  • David B

    Oh dear, the over-thinking internet generation!

    I loved this and didn’t need to know what David said to the Engineer, or why the Engineers seemed to hate humanity, or who made the Engineers.

    It’s a film about the search for answers, not about the answers. As a epecies, we’re obsessed with finding out why we are here, if there is a god who made us and cares about us, if we are alone in the universe, if we can be immortal, what happens when we die, etc.

    For me, this was a film in which man tries to answer those questions and finds that it’s impossible to understand the mysteries of all creation. We are not meant to be gods, we will never know all the answers.

    As viewers, we found out what they found out. This wasn’t a Discovery Channel documentary where scientific facts were laid out for everyone, it’s an exploration of ideas and man’s quest for answers.

    The fact we are a race searching desperately for answers and meaning is shown in all this online fuss wanting precise information about everything.

    We are not omniscient and we never will be. It would be far too ridiculous for this film to state ‘The Engineers made us in xxxx and the Engineers were made by xxx and the whole universe was created by xxx using material called xxx made out of xxxx.’ Ridley Scott would never be so arrogant as to lay all that out on the table as if he has the definitive answers to the cosmos.

    Stop being so literal about everything.

    • josheli


      In my defense. I never attacked the “big ideas” nor did I need “the big answers”. The best movies don’t give you the end-all answers. Case-in-point, Bladerunner (the director’s cut) happens to be my favorite movie of all time…

      It’s not an easy movie to watch if you’re looking for easy answers, and it’s not a flawless movie, either.

      I just wanted a movie that MADE SENSE! This movie’s characters are totally illogical.

      Like I said in a previous statement, no one has been able to read my challenge and answer it. No one.

      The people who form some weird rebuttal here online, just say “oh gosh…all you people that need it spelled out for you…”

      No…no….no NOOOO.



      I know it’s just me. But I care about the “writing” of a movie. Not just how cool it looks and what ideas it purposes.

      Just because you do a fancy dive in the air…none of that matters if the landing doesn’t stick.

      Sure… this movie is generating a lot of debate. And people wanna’ say, “oh, score for Ridley,” but really…if you need to make a movie this illogical to create a debate then you have just wasted the 250 million dollars it cost to make this movie instead of feed a starving village in Africa or South America.

      • David B

        This wasn’t some high-level NASA mission though, was it? It was one bonkers industry tycoon (who was pretending to be dead) spending his wealth on a voyage that seemed to be secretive enough that the scientists didn’t get woken up to find out why they were there until they were in orbit of the moon.

        On that basis, Vickers must have been forced to recruit who she should get. Poeple would need to be a bit loopy to volunteer for a space mission that meant being asleep for two years and not knowing what they were actually going to see/investigate.

        It was a motley crew with a few no-hopers on board and it also illustrated how flawed humanity is. A lot of people have asked questions about the character portrayals, and it’s a fair point for discussion. But – in whatever profession you are in – does everyone in that profession always behave perfectly with no mistakes, flaws, bad attitudes, no moments of madness? I would say that would be impossible. People often give in to fears, insecurities and failing to think properly before they act. i see it all the time!

        Whatever the explanation for what we saw, when you know that Ridley deliberately removed the subtitles for the scene with David and the Engineer, then it’s obvious that he has his reasons for things.

      • Josheli_is_a_douche

        I think the answer is plain and simple: You’re a douche.

  • Kanwar

    Maybe he was just cranky over being woken up from a nice nap. And then these midgets come and speak gibberish to him.

    I’d be pretty pissed.

  • peej

    The Engineer woke up on the nth day, saw it was NOT good, and said “Doh!” (face-palm). He needn’t have worried. They were all too stupid to live anyway. (Vickers forgets to run perpendicular to a straight line?)

    If you disliked this film at least place equal blame with the writers, Spaihts and particularly Lindelof. A bad script is a bad script and no amount of money is going to hide that fact.

    10.11.12 could be the release date for the DVD/Bluray?

  • peej

    Did you expect something more creative from the writer of LOST? A bad script is a bad script no matter how much money is spent to dress it up.

    And on the nth day the Engineer looked around, saw it was NOT good and said, “DOH!” (Huge face-palm.)

    I liked the film overall.

    10.11.12 could be the home video release date.

  • rickytariq

    I find it HILARIOUS tht everyone who went to see this movie actually thought tht all of their questions about Alien wouLd be answered in ONE 2-HOUR MOVIE!!! I also find it funny that the people that hated the movie are the ones mostly bringing up the discussions about it, the movie was Excellent!! OF course it had its flaws, what sci-fi/horror movie doesnt? Every horror movie especially always has an unlogical white guy with NO common sense whatsoever, who messes with the very thing that is about to kill him!!! The movie got a B+ for a reason, at the end of the day, good movies like these usually have u debating and arguing about it for a longtime so i gueass the Prequel served its purpose.

  • Engineer

    David: “…and he think you can give him more life. Further more he believes Rebecca Blacks song Friday IS hillarious…dont you agree?…”

    Engineer: “…no…”

  • Adam

    I think the Alien’s (the ugly ones) created the engineers. It makes perfect sense. They find a planet that is habitable, send an engineer to the planet whose DNA creates intelligent life (engineers, us) on that planet so that the Aliens which are a more intelligent and advanced species than we are can take over the planet by using the black goo stuff. Creepy but it kind of makes sense. That was why the engineers were waiting for us to arrive because it signals that the planet is filled with human hosts to invade. As David said, ‘sometimes to create something, you have to first destroy’ or something like that. They were going to destroy mankind so that the Alien master species could take over Earth and the engineers in the movie were just servants of the Aliens. That was why the first engineer sacrificed himself because he is a servant.

  • Marsmom

    Before I start I just want to state that I really loved this movie. The ideas of the Engineers was just though provoking to me. There are a lot of questions, but i like that in this movie. It wasn’t like “Here, everything you need to know and all questions answered.” Rocket Scott fixed what Alien vs Predator Requiem slaughtered. That’s the alien franchise. He brought it home in more ways than one. I’m so glad for that, for some reason I’ve liked the alien thing since I was a kid. I know very strange, but I digress.

    Okay I just wanna point out that going to the alien home planet is a really bad idea for a few reasons. To begin, let me point out that they made that weapons of mass destruction away from their home planet for a reason. They didn’t want that shit there. So Shaw decides she wants answers and she’s going to take this ship to their home planet to get those answers…. Uhm well I wanna say that’s an even better reason to enrage the Engineers. The audacity is probably going to get her brutally murdered. I don’t understand the logic in that plan.

    Another thing that a couple others have stated, they kind of hate us. That last Engineer was determined to rip her head off too. Why would she think landing on a hostile planet full of them would end with the answers she is looking for? Unless she doesn’t really care if she dies anymore, which I’m thinking is the case here. She could always try the whole “I’M brought your weapon to your planet instead of earth, now answer my questions or the planet gets it.” That or threaten to blow the ship if they try to hurt her…however I’m not feeling like that’s what’s going to happen…just thinking in writing.

    David knew the Engineers were evil and he brought his maker there to die. He chose to withhold that little tidbit. He stated to Shaw before they even went, “Who doesn’t want their parents dead?” Then when Weyland was badger in the head with David’s head (Which by the way i found that ironic that David was his physical cause of death) he said there was nothing. David replied, “I know.”

    I’d also like to say how glad I am that Weyland was killed. He had David do horrible things in efforts to keep himself alive. The entire crew payed for his selfish agenda. Why not make a clone? Or I don’t know, maybe treat your kid like they mattered so you could trust leaving them with his legacy.

    There’s a few things that made me wonder, as I’m sure so many others have. This is the first time I’ve ever gone to a discussion post so I’m sorry if my post is unorganized. :)

  • Aya

    If at the beginning of the movie the Alien is on Earth and drinks the goo to break down his body to create new life on Earth then I think they want to kill the Humans because they became too much like them.

    Perhaps they aren’t use to their experiments evolving the way Humans did and becoming sentient. If the Aliens think they are the highest forms of life then something could be said for them creating a life form that turned out very much like themselves. That thought could be scary and Humans could be seen as threatening and/or a mistake.

    A theory, but one I like.

    • ash3990

      this ideat really made me sit back and think wow, that kinda makes sense. what would happen if we made beings like us accidently, wouldn’t we fear what they would do to us. Skynet and the robots in the Matrix both turned on their masters and creators. Maybe the Engineers were planning a pre-emptive strike before we developed the means of destroying them.

      Great theory.

  • Aaron

    Maybe our Macho\’ Humanoid Engineer Uncle Gilbert did not like Fassbender\’s feminine hair cut ??? And maybe he watched enough \"Gay Parades\" from his home planet to make him sick enough to rip off his head and shove it up his boss man\’s ass. I am just saying……..the old man had to go because he hated his father and his gay ass hair cut too. We will never know until the sequel…….

  • Aaron

    Maybe our Macho Humanoid Engineer Uncle Gilbert did not like Fassbender’s feminine hair cut ??? And maybe he watched enough Gay Pride Parades from his home planet to make him sick enough to rip off Fassbender’s head and shove it up his boss’s ass. I am just saying……..the old man had to go because he hated his father remember and for his father making him feminine. We will never know until the sequel…….

  • aua

    The aliens hated the human race for our greed and selfishness.

    The selfish question, \"How do we make this rich man live longer,\" just served to underscore all the reasons they were disappointed in us and hated us.

  • Jim

    It was one engineer. Talk about jumping to conclusions. For all we know the other engineers are fine with the human race. Did I miss a part of the movie where there was an engineer waving a sign saying “WE ALL HATE HUMANS”? How do you know they’re not at war with each other? I mean seriously if they wanted to trash humans why they heck is it taking them so long to get around to it? Wake up, people. I’ve actually seen the movie twice and most of these “speculations” aren’t even based on anything that was in the movie.

  • somethoughts

    David asked if the engineer can grant eternal life and the engineer did.

    The engineer understand that to live forever in the universe one has to die.
    Transforming from physical body/realm to the spiritual energy realm!

  • Tom W.

    Wanting to live longer is a worse thing than say, killing someone?

  • Tom W.

    Wanting to live longer is a worse thing than say, killing someone?

  • David Lizewski

    Prometheus made Alien redundant. In 1979 we were introduced to two creatures that were truly “alien” to what humans are familiar with. We met these two amazing, but terrifying creatures that defied all logic and convention (thanks, Giger), for 40 years, we pondered over these two cinema menaces, our curiosity piqued, our fascination, stoked.

    Then when Prometheus was released, we learned that these two impossibly Alien creatures are not really that alien at all, in fact, both of them are direct descendants of humans, in a round about way. The SJ’s were the progenitor of man, instead of them being “otherworldly” beings that grew with their equally alien ships, they turned out be tall WWE rejects, painted white. Suffering from hair loss. Then we learned that the dreaded “perfect creature, it’s structural perfection matched only by it’s hostility” turned out to be the offspring of a shitty religious zealot, quasi scientist.

  • David Lizewski

    Popularity does not equate quality.

  • David Lizewski

    Except this was trying to be 2001, and ended up being 2001 maniacs, without the good parts.