What Is PAUL? The Official Website Has the Answer

     June 25, 2009

paul_set_photo_greg_mottola_simon_pegg_nick_frost_01.jpgLaunched a couple days ago, the official website for Greg Mottola’s upcoming film “Paul” written and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, is now up and running and Pegg and Frost would like to let you know what to expect.  First thing, snuff porn.  They didn’t say that, but it’s heavily implied.  They want to kill Jason Bateman for your sick pleasure and I have to applaud them on their commitment to giving fans what they want (I think Bateman’s great but I can’t get an erection unless I see him murdered).

In all honesty, it’s more of an introduction to what you’ll be seeing on the site in various video blogs as they go behind the scenes of the production in New Mexico.  So add the site to your RSS and strap in for the adventures of two geeks going on a pilgrimage to the fabled Area 51 and joining up with an alien fugitive along the way named “Paul”.  So there’s your answer.

“Paul” is both the name of a movie and one of that film’s central characters.  Well that was an easy Alternate Reality Game. Take a look at the first production blog after the jump:

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