Roland Emmerich May Helm WHITE HOUSE DOWN

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Last week, we reported that Sony had acquired the spec script White House Down from The Amazing Spider-Man scribe, James Vanderbilt.  Now it looks like doomsday director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) is in talks to helm the studio’s $3 million purchase.  The action/drama picture focuses on a paramilitary hijacking of the White House and has been compared to Die Hard and Air Force One in equal measure. Emmerich, famous for his disaster films like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, will make White House Down his next project with production scheduled to start this fall. Hit to see where Emmerich’s other projects stand.

Deadline reportedroland_emmerich that Emmerich was in talks to helm White House Down.  I’d be curious to see how Emmerich handles a script that, presumably, tries to prevent the destruction of the White House rather than calls for the outright obliteration of it. As Emmerich and production partner Harald Kloser are making this their next priority, their sci-fi flick Singularity will have to wait. Emmerich had previously delayed the project to work on the script, so White House Down seems to fit into his schedule rather well.  However, the sequels to Independence Day still loom over his head at Fox like a hovering alien mothership, so we’ll see how this all shakes down.  For an update on all of his upcoming projects, take a look at Steve’s interview with Emmerich for the director’s release of Anonymous.

Meanwhile, screenwriter Vanderbilt is currently drafting up a sequel to Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man as well as an adaptation of Red Riding and a polish on the script for the RoboCop reboot.

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  • Mr_Skyfish

    Roland Emmerich needs to just stop making films period, everything he does eventually sucks in the end!

    Just look at his track record to see my point!

  • Bethesdacamel

    Wait, what? Two weeks ago, Gerard Butler signed on to “Olympus Has Fallen” – which was described as “Die Hard in the White House.”

    This sounds like the exact same movie. What gives?

  • zillabeast

    24 did it

    • Beatific

      Yea, really good episode(s) I thought.

  • HSM

    Hayy! Sony What about The Foundation movie project ??

  • Ike

    ^Also seen Cobra flags on the White House in the GI Joe Retaliation teases

    YAWN we get it!

  • Kimian

    Roland Emmerich’s films are pure fun to watch and hoping for a another fun movie from him ……

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