NBC Gives Full-Season Orders to WHITNEY and UP ALL NIGHT; Cancels THE PLAYBOY CLUB

     October 4, 2011


Now that a couple weeks have gone by, the orders for cancellation or pick-ups are coming through to determine which new series will stick around for a full season. Fox already ordered New Girl after a stellar performance in the ratings, and now NBC has chimed in by showing faith in two of their new comedies. The network announced today that they have given full season orders to both Whitney, the sitcom from comedian Whitney Cummings and Up All Night with Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. Frankly, I don’t think Whitney deserves the order with its mediocre jokes, distracting laugh track and painfully artificial performances. And this is coming from someone who enjoys the comedic exploits of Whitney Cummings’ stand-up. As for Up All Night, while it hasn’t been the most hilarious new comedy, it delivers plenty of great moments, has far superior writing and much more charm. Guest stars like Will Forte and Jorma Taccone have certainly helped out, and it has the potential to really take off with a whole season at its disposal. The fate of NBC’s other new comedy Free Agents remains to be seen though, but I’m not sure it’s going to last.

However, along with new life on NBC also comes death as TV Line reports the network has canceled The Playboy Club after just three episodes. The drama series starring Amber Heard just hasn’t delivered in the ratings department, and couldn’t live up to the Mad Men quality it was clearly trying to emulate with Eddie Cibrian doing his best Don Draper impression at every turn. Stay tuned as more orders and cancellations come rolling in very soon.


  • james

    Wow, I can’t believe Whitney got the full season order. I thought for sure that it would get canceled. It’s just plain awful. Up All Night, on the other hand, definitely deserved to get the order. It’s one of the funniest new comedies of the season.

    • Markus

      Agreed. I’d be less upset about Whitney if it didn’t mean that Community is once again fighting for its life. If I’m denied my Community while NBC dicks around with shows like Perfect Couples trying to fill out a “comedy block,” I’ll be very upset.

      • TheTrickster

        It’s a bizarre world this one, where a show like Community has to struggle to keep going.

  • MC ATTAck

    The playboy club was a good opportunity for NBC to make good stylish television show it had the advantage that it really was cultural phenomenon in history, but the “conservative thought” did again what it always does, make things grey. I am the first one to admit that it wasn’t the best show of the fall, the writing was a little corny and cliche and the similitude of the character Nick Dalton with Don Draper was obvious maybe not intentional but it was there, the third episode prove me that it could be a good drama maybe for the writhing of Lesli Linka Glatter or because i finally understand that what it really have on its favor was, the iconic, the dream of aspiration, the illusion, women changing ideals and the never ending game of social approval. I am not that sorry because of what the show was i am sorry for what it could have been and also because (besides ratings) again “the conservative” attack the wrong target there are plenty of garbage in television starting with more than half of the reality shows on air that are far more offensive and are really messing with our ability to think. Like i said if anyone ever read this “This was a good opportunity to make good TV” but someone chicken out and someone blew it.

  • Marlcoroliteman

    NBC should’ve moved The Playboy Club starring the sensational Amber Heard from Monday to Sunday nights instead of flat out canceling it. The P.C. had the potential of being a weekend guilty pleasure type show.

  • Marlboroliteman

    Yea the more I think about it The Playboy Club starring the gorgeous Amber Heard should have been given more time on a different night.

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