Why We’re Keeping Our Fake BATMAN Story Up

     February 16, 2011


Earlier today, I was forwarded what appeared to be an official press release from Warner Bros. about new casting for The Dark Knight Rises.  In my haste, I simply looked at the casting of the roles, posted the “story”, and didn’t think critically about the source or the wording of the release itself.  Had I done so, I would have realized it was false, and not posted the news.

This error is entirely my fault.  I don’t consider myself a journalist, because A) I have no journalism degree; B) no professional journalism training; C) it’s kind of an insult to actual journalists who worked hard at both A and B.  However, just because I don’t count myself as a journalist, that doesn’t make me exempt from their ethics or practices.  I write about movies, but I always aim to do so with the highest amount of integrity and intelligence.  We’re keeping the Batman story up because of our commitment to that integrity and the intelligence of our readers.  Hit the jump for more.

the_dark_knight_movie_image_01As Rooney Mara’s character notes in The Social Network, “The Internet’s not written in pencil Mark, it’s written in ink.”  To take down the article and pretend it never happened would not only be unethical, but an insult to your intelligence.  I made a mistake.  I was careless.   And I can live with that because I’ll be far more cautious in the future.

So why was I careless?  Why didn’t I take the extra minute to glance at the source?  Because speed matters online.  We want our readers to know the latest news as soon as it happens.  But we also want you to be well-informed and it is in that cause that I failed.  That’s another reason we’re leaving the story up: because now, because of our error, other sites have picked up the fake story, and we now need to explain it’s false and hope that our correction will disseminate like our erroneous original story.

But most importantly, we’re leaving the story up because we respect our readers.  You have a wide selection of movie news websites to choose from and we want to make Collider your number one choice for exclusives and up-to-the-minute reporting when it comes to movie and TV news.  We do our best to not only bring you news, but to do so with insight, analysis, and perhaps a little humor.  We can only do that if you know you can trust the news we post.

If my error today is enough to make you stop coming to Collider, then I understand and I’m deeply sorry that my mistake turned you off this site.  However, I hope that you’ll forgive me and continue to visit Collider and do so with the knowledge that we work to correct our mistakes and when we screw up, we’ll always be up front with you about it.


Matt Goldberg

Managing Editor


  • Mmccloskey11

    Dude no worries it happens.

  • Jason Campbell

    Kudos for your handling of the situation.
    I’ll still be visiting the site daily to stay informed.

  • ryan

    all good bro we all make mistakes, was in broadcast for 4 years and i made my share of mistakes, just learn from em, collider is still the ish ;)

  • Jeff

    Sorry, but Buttertits told me I had to delete you from my RSS feed.

  • Alex

    Super classy response to the situation.

  • Artisin

    If anyone stopped reading Collider because of one bad story that was quickly updated to point out the error, then they have some deep-seeded issues. That’s like breaking up with a girl because her elbows are too pointy. Terrible metaphor aside, you get the point.

  • broski

    Cool story bro

  • David

    Mistakes happen. No worries at all!

  • ChrstopherS

    no problem at all, still a fan

  • jamais

    Don’t freak out Matt, it’s no biggie. After all it’s just entertainment news not the cure for cancer ;-)

    What Alex has written above – very classy response.

    Chin up man, we still love you! :-)

  • westmanca

    I will be expecting your resignation on my desk by 3pm. :P

  • Will

    You may not have a journalistic degree, but that’s not excuses not to act with the same integrity, you’re reporting news, it is your job to ensure it is correct before posting it and in your haste to be ‘FIRST!’ you overlooked checking to see if it was accurate. You said it yourself what the problem is, speed matters on the internet, but it also breeds laziness as was shown here, it fact your posting of that ‘press release’ is the epitome of that. You at least had the balls to apologize which is something most sites won’t do, so kudos for that. I strongly suggest you be more careful next time.

    • Judson

      Shut up, Will.

    • Rachel

      Dude, what do you think this entire post was about? Him admitting he made a mistake, rectifying it and guaranteeing he will make strides to prevent it from happening again. He doesn’t need you telling him what he already knows. Back off and show support for humans who make mistakes. We all do it.


    • Lame Duck

      As if you don’t make mistakes. Even after the disclaimer that the author so professionally wrote you still want to criticize. This is Collider not CNN…please get a life and shut the hell up.

  • Nikhil

    No probs keep up the good work!!!!

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  • Tim

    k whatevs.

  • MrCristal

    Oh crap, i just reported the news a few minutes ago on my blog.. oh well..

  • Duke Arlington

    Dude, IDK why you’re apologizing. Smart people already know this is NOT the 12 o clock news. We make mistakes. Just people get sensitive because its the goddamned Batman.

    But had I not dilly-dallyed I wouldn’t have noticed that the story was fake. Would I have apologized to the 7 people on MY blog? Naw.

  • Junierizzle

    ITs all good dude. What site hasnt posted a bogus story? This is still my favorite movie site.
    I know everyone wants to be first but each site has their own readers, and first or not each reader will read the news on whatever their favorite site is. If that makes any sense. So people who read COLLIDER were going to read it here first anyway.
    Stay up playa!

  • LAME

    You just needed an erratum, not a long apologize.

  • Jason Rey

    Very classy. Thanks for admitting when you’re wrong. It’s journalism (YES, journalism) like this that keeps me coming back. Keep it up!

  • ColliderKicksA@#

    Collider still rocks! Your response to the issue alone shows the quality of this sight and how serious you are in providing your readers with what they want. Day after day you and your team report movie news with complete professionalism and go out of your way to provide us with other articles that are not only great reads but prove to us that you guys have the same passion for movies as we do! I visit this site multiple times a day and you guys never let me down (and still haven’t). This is, in my opinion, one of the best sites for movie news, so please just keep up the fantastic work! Thanks.

  • LanceVance

    It’s was only a small mistake – nothing more. ;)

    Don’t worry Matt!

  • M][KE


  • Mike

    I check this website daily, and will continue to. No big deal.

    Keep up the good work you guys!

  • Totich

    Dude, you have gone beyond the call of duty with your apology. You’re totally right, though: you have to get news like this out as fast as you can, or you get burnt. Had you not posted it, and Knowles beat you to it, it would have been much worse. If anyone drops Collider as thier news source because of this, they’re making a bad judgement call. Res ipsa loquitor.

  • battleangel

    I’m a fairly recent reader of the site but in the past several months it’s become my go-to daily source. I’m just enjoying the site more and more, Matt- definitely a cut above. You handled this mess up in a really classy way and it just makes me want to dig in deeper. Kudos.

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  • Nolanisor

    mad respect just for writing this article
    Collider rules!

  • The Guy

    There’s no need to apologise! It was a mistake and you corrected it. We’re all human. All these douchebags who are hating on you for one mistake have problems and sad lives. You didn’t need to post this article apologising to anyone but doing so has made me respect you even more. Keep up the fantastic work and I for one will not stop reading collider.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    No worries, it happens.

    Collider will remain on my homepage as it is, it’s my daily go-to source of entertainment news.

    I’m a fan of Matt’s writing style in his reviews since we also share similar tastes and it’s a good way to keep informed on what’s worth keeping watching.

    Congratulations on how you handled this, classy.

    Keep up the good work, fellas!

  • bronson

    and that’s why I come here first. Good on ya.

  • ASDF

    Very classy response. A good example of why Collider is such a great site.

  • truthinessman

    Peter Jennings didn’t even have a HIGH School degree and he was one of the preeminent journalists of all time…and would have been proud of your speedy and honest retraction.
    Going a step further and leaving the story up with said retraction is icing on the cake. That shows an awareness of how the tubes of the Interwebs really work and you are being responsible in owning your story and its retraction through the natural lifecycle of it, not just pulling it down as if it never happened.
    kudos…and if I lived in LA I might apply for that internship…heck I still might. Reputable employers, even when they don’t pay, are hard to come by.

  • Robin

    I usually don’t read this site but as a Nolan fan I obviously had to check this news out. The fact that it was proven false dosn’t matter much (so many rumors about this film anyways…) in the big scheme of things..

    Even though I see no need for apologizing, this was a very classy move indeed. Count me in as a new reader sir.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Nick

    This was a very classy move. Don’t feel too bad!

  • Django9000

    Of course, this could just be a case of adding another headline that stood out as so bizarre, we just had to read further …
    But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Way to keep it classy , Matt.
    That, in my eyes, is what sets this site apart from the rest.

  • Mike

    I want my subscription fee back.

    Oh wait.

  • joker47

    No worries, dude!!! The mistake just shows us how much you guys care about us getting up-to-the-minute news first!!! I know I’m a Collider man!!!!!

  • Mr. Monkey


    Everybody makes mistakes but it requires balls of steel to admit making a mistake AND even more not to erase that mistake. As a fellow movie news writer I totally understand how this bussiness demands speed from us.

    I’m a Collider man and I will remain one

    Cheers from México

  • Migz13

    Was it about the casting news about Marion Cottilard?
    anyway.. I think that’s a pretty small mistake. A lot of professionals themselves commit mistakes what more those who aren’t.

    oh and don’t worry.. I’m still a collider follower through and through.

  • carla

    this is all rumours about marion and joseph proof that they will maybe be not in the cast. and the people who will be in the cast will be a surprise.
    i bet that kate winslet will be in this movie, I have a feeling that will be her like i had for anne hathaway

  • dealy

    i remember many rumours said that rachel weisz will be catwoman and they confirmed it many times, but at the end it wasn’t her, chrisopher confirmed himself that it was anne hathaway the futur catwoman

  • Brandon



    It’s no big deal dude. Stuff happens! You guys are on point 99.9% of the time so no worries.

  • Batweasel

    Batweasel never used the site before, but because of this post, you have a new reader!

  • Juan

    Dont worry… its a human miztake! keep up the good work

  • Sloane

    anyone who stops coming to this site because of that post needs to chill out and go for a run (outside… virtual treadmills and exercising wii games don’t count). It’s a movie… we’ll all get to know in time who is playing who.

    keep doing what you’re doing Matt.

  • Sloane

    p.s- watch… they’re both in the movie afterall

  • Justin

    it’s all good, I didn’t believe it anyways.. the wording of everything was waayyyy off like.. chris nolan doesn’t talk like that and not to mention.. that is just a rediculous combination of villains foreal lol

  • Josh

    Four major villains, two of them being love interests…that should have given it away as a fake :-P

  • Sorabh

    Dude ,
    No worry.these things happens with every one. No 1 is perfect.

    1 thing i know… Collider rocks and will always rocks…

  • TheBatmanUniverse.net

    Props to you guys for not burying this mistake. So many other sites want to pretend they never reported it.


  • Karlos

    No worries! Thanks for being caring and posting this up! Collider is still where I go to get my news for movies!

  • Cypher7373

    It’s really not that serious. LOVE COLLIDER!

  • GerryA

    No worries mate. Collider is my #1 for all things movie related and that won’t change any time soon.

    Support and best wishes from Ireland.

  • Hannah B

    This is the exact reason I love collider. So honest! No worries over spilled milk Matt! If I saw the article I would probably have posted it without a second thought. By I do think it would be awesome if it turned out to be true.

  • Giovanni

    The true test of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of conflict and great strife. -Martin Luther King Jr

    good on you mate :)

  • Giovanni

    The true test of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of conflict and great strife- Martin Luther King Jr

    Good on you mate :)

  • Trik2000

    No worries…Collider is still my daily read.

  • d.a. garabedian

    Definitely not a big deal. Props on owning up to it, though.

  • KC

    You fixed the issue pretty quick – I had forwarded the link to my friend and by the time she read it, only a few hours later, it had already been updated to explain it was not a real press release. One mistake that was so quickly fixed!! No issue at all. Anyone who’s actually going to stop coming over this is ridiculous. Collider is my fav entertainment source ever and I check it almost every day for new scoop. Keep being awesome!! <3